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Nov 01, 2012

Rick Clinton, associate director of knowledge management for Verizon Wireless, has a big job. And he’s part of a big team—over 1,000 people manage the business of customer service, building tools and offering content that supports call centers on the company’s 800 line and technical support line, as well as on Verizon’s website.

Nov 01, 2012

The research program at the Smith School of Business is excellent across many different fields. This issue of Research@Smith deals with topics as disparate as healthcare management, capital controls and enhancing service productivity.

Nov 01, 2012

Research by Kislaya Prasad

Capital controls spur black markets and murder rates

Manipulating the flow of capital can lead to the mafia culture expanding and contaminating their economies.

Nov 01, 2012

Research by Roland Rust

Lower productivity can often lead to a better bottom line.

All other things being equal, productivity is good. The problem is, all other things are not equal. Companies want to show productivity gains, but that is not always a good strategy.

Nov 01, 2012

Research by Rellie Derfler-Rozin

Managers can mitigate the effects that verbally abusive customers have on employees


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