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Aug 06, 2009
World Class Faculty & Research

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Health care reform is a hot issue in Washington and primary to reforms is figuring out how to cut costs. But what is the best way to contain costs and still provide quality care?

Aug 05, 2009
Entrepreneurial Spirit

Herndon, VA – August 5, 2009 – There is a silver lining to the continuing recession for the majority of small businesses, with two-thirds of owners reporting they are finding new ways to operate more efficiently. This finding is revealed in the latestSmall Business Success Index™, an ongoing measurement of the overall health of U.S.

Jul 23, 2009
World Class Faculty & Research

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Entrepreneurs begin their ventures lacking a lot of things—employees, funding, customers, technology. A large part of their success relies on their ability to get these things, and that depends in large part on the entrepreneur’s ability to network with people and organizations that can provide them with everything from further connections to equipment to good advice.

Jul 23, 2009

GLIn the 10 years that Lawrence Gordon, Ernst & Young Alumni Professor of Managerial Accounting and Information Assurance, has spent pondering the economic issues related to cybersecurity, the risks have changed significantly. Businesses and government agencies no longer have to worry about teen hackers taking a shot at their organizations for bragging rights.

Jul 22, 2009


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