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Jan 29, 2015

Super Bowl advertisers drop $4.5 million per 30-second spot, so why are they showing more and more sneak peeks before kickoff? David Godes, associate professor of marketing at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, says a tradeoff has emerged among companies anxious to win post-game polls such as #HashTag Bowl. The element of surprise is lost when people see an ad in advance, but memorability increases from familiarity.

Jan 28, 2015

Smith School professor Peter Morici tells CBS News that low-wage workers took the economic brunt of the Blizzard of 2015 along the East Coast. “There are numbers beating around that closing the city for a day costs overall about $700 billion," he said. "But remember, a lot  of that lost economic activity gets made up.

Jan 28, 2015
World Class Faculty & Research

Roland Rust, active with research and academic institutions in England and the Netherlands, is one of two people this year to be elected a Fellow of the European Marketing

Jan 27, 2015

From current students, to alumni, to Smith parents, to graduate assistants, to staff members – the Smith community came together to share the photos that they were most proud of.

Jan 26, 2015
World Class Faculty & Research

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