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Smith School In the News: 2016

Jul 06, 2016
World Class Faculty & Research


The Smith School's world-class faculty are routinely quoted in leading business and other media, while Smith's innovative programs and research projects also receive attention. Below are some highlights.

July 2016

Washington Post – July 4 – Entrepreneurship lecturer Jonathan Aberman writes piece titled “This July 4th, have a conversation with someone you disagree with.” Read … Previous Aberman-Capital Business columns: “The Real Reason Americans Care about Brexit” (June 27), “Why not a Digital Government?” (June 20), “Postcard from Hawaii with a View of DC” (June 13), “[Greater Washington] really is an Entrepreneurial Hotspot” (June 6)

Washington Post – July 1 – Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell gives business casual summer attire dos and don’ts. Read … Previous Russell-Career Coach column: Online chat with readers transcript (June 8)

June 2016

U.S News & World Report (via Yahoo News) – June 30 – Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass contributes and overviews Kraft Heinz and Anheuser Busch as ‘July 4 holiday stock picks.’ Read … Originating slideshow at U.S. News – June 30 – Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass comments on an ‘unexpected buying opportunity for Berkshire Hathaway (from Brexit)’. Read … Also at ValueWalk, others.

CNBC - June 30 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, says Donald Trump is right about U.S. trade policy. Read … Morici on Fox Business Channel (June 29) discusses why the 'outlook is good’ for the U.S. economy … An earlier (June 21) Morici-Fox Business appearance covers implications of ‘66 million Americans having no emergency savings.’

Washington Post – June 29 – Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine gives strategy for a security startup seeking access to multiple sales channels. Read … Previous Elana Fine-Business Rx columns: ‘Proving you’re as successful as your say you are’ (June 22), ‘How to cross the chasm’ (June 8)

Voice of America – June 29 – Anil K. Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign rhetoric on U.S. free trade agreements: “If he were to do even half of what he has said he would do as president [with regards to trade policies], he would essentially start a trade war. And if you start a trade war, everybody is a loser.” Read

New York Times - June 27 – Associate Professor of Management Evan Starr on the effect of non-compete agreements: “Technical workers in Massachusetts would be paid about 7 percent more if the state’s non-compete practices mirrored California’s.” Read ... Republished by the Boston Globe, Honolulu Star Advertiser, MSN Money, others. Related coverage by CBS Moneywatch.

Reconnomics – June 27 – Adjunct professor Carlos Alvarenga writes column, “Brexit Remorse and the Complex Logic of Failure.” Read

The Atlantic – June 27 – Senior Associate Dean Joyce Russell on ageism (from ‘Millennials balancing their parents’ job searches’): “There’s research that shows older workers are highly dependable. They don't have as much absenteeism and sick days, and [they have] stronger loyalty.” Read … Republished by Government Executive, others.

Wall Street Journal Radio – June 24 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, on implications for U.S. companies from Britons voting to leave the European Union. Listen … Related Washington Times op-ed (June 30) and WMAL radio interview (June 24) … Pre Brexit vote, Morici on CNBC (June 21) argues the UK should leave the European Union ... Earlier (June 17) Morici-CNBC comments addressed Brexit implications … Related Morici op-ed via Deserert News, others

Marketplace Radio – June 24 – Finance professor Albert “Pete” Kyle comments on post-Brexit challenges for U.S. banking interests in London: “You can’t possibly imagine the whole American banking industry moving from New York to Charlotte any more than you can imagine the European banking industry moving from London to Frankfurt… It’s just not a big enough city to absorb it.” Listen/Read … Related: Kyle comments on post-Brexit opportunities for Britain’s economy via ValueWalk (June 24)

U.S. News & World Report – June 24 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, on Donald Trump’s tax plan: “He can't get his tax plan, because [House Speaker and Wisconsin Republican Paul] Ryan can do math as well as the rest of these folks … Trump would have to work with Congress to pass most of his proposals and many of the more extreme stances would likely be scrapped.” Read … Related op-ed: ‘African Americans should vote Republican again’ via Deseret News, others

BBC Radio – June 23 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, discusses movement in parts of Europe toward a cashless society, and more, in a Business Matters episode. Listen … Previous Morici-BBC Business Matters (June 8) commentary addressed the appeal of U.S. presidential candidates Clinton and Trump to U.S. business leaders

London School of Economics Business Review - June 23 - Hui Liao, Smith Dean’s Professor in Leadership and Management, co-writes an overview of her recent study into creating a workplace “culture of self-starters.” Read

Quartz - June 21 - Anil K. Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, on exiting Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan’s loyalty toward India: “Nobody, not even the gadfly Subramanian Swamy, questions the Arvinds’ trustworthiness.” Read

American Banker - June 20 - Professor of the Practice in Finance Cliff Rossi writes column, “Regulators can’t force good risk management.” Read

Beat the GMAT - June 18 – Senior Associate Dean Joyce Russell’s Washington Post Career Coach column addressing workplace communication skills is revisited. Read

Washington Post - June 17 – ‘Summer reading picks for business leaders’ are contributed by Smith professors and experts Curt Grimm, Susan White, Brent Goldfarb, Bill Longbrake, David Kass, Rajshree Agarwal, Kay Bartol, P.K. Kannan, Kislaya Prasad and Elana Fine. Read … Also at Seeking Alpha, others

ValueWalk – June 16 – Adjunct professor David Weber gives insight related to recent cases of public officials in South America caught in money laundering schemes. Read

ValueWalk – June 14 – Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass guest blogs about Berkshire Hathaway adding to its $6 billion Phillips 66 stake. Read (follows a June 7, same-subject update by Kass at ValueWalk) … Previous Kass-ValueWalk piece covers ‘Lunch with Warren Buffett’ (June 13)

Terp Magazine – June 14 – Research into Major League Baseball player statistics by assistant professors Sean Barnes and Margrét Bjarnadóttir is profiled in “UMD Researchers Develop Tool to Spot Free Agent Bargains.” Read

Money Science - June 14 - Sandor Boyson, research professor and Supply Chain Management Center co-director, on his center managing a NIST-initiated cyber risk assessment study: “This research project will focus on ascertaining the effectiveness of information security and cyber supply chain best practices, with an end goal of helping companies and organizations increase their cyber risk assessment and management capability. The targeted beneficiaries include government procurement agencies, insurance and reinsurance underwriting companies, financial institutions and rating agencies.” Read ... Related coverage at Insurance Business America, Maryland Daily Record, others

Baltimore Sun – June 13 – Hank Boyd, clinical professor of marketing, on video gaming evolving to a spectator sport: “A key to eSports' fan attraction is their social nature. You can have a live chat window and talk to other folks and say, 'I'm a gamer, you're a gamer.’ They can share some of the nuanced points with you." Read

Business Monthly -- June 7 – The Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship is highlighted as part of an NSA patent/technology transfer process ecosystem to drive technology. Read

Washington Post - June 5 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass comments for a report on the Carlyle Group’s ‘big returns for investment funds eluding regular shareholders’: “I would find it difficult to value (Carlyle) and therefore determine ‘what’s a fair price to pay for it.’” Read ... Republished by Australian Financial Review, Fort Worth Business, others.

Reuters – June 3 – Professor of International Business Peter Morici is quoted on “poor jobs report” implications: “[Morici said] the numbers reflected trends that have driven voter frustration and fueled the populist campaigns of both Trump and Sanders. He said Trump needed to add detail to his economic policies, such as detailing changes to social programs like Medicaid, which provides healthcare for the poor. ‘We can't just turn around and cut income taxes without doing something about those things.’” Read … Related Morici op-ed at Fox News, others

Washington Post – June 3 – Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine gives startup strategy for the addiction services field. Read … Previous Fine-Business Rx columns:  ‘startup-location strategy’ (May 18) and ‘Tech strategy for a wine startup’ (May 11)

Seeking Alpha – June 1 – David Kass, clinical professor of finance, reviews Berkshire Hathaway’s first quarter portfolio activity. Read … Also at ValueWalk … Related: Kass reports on Berkshire Hathaway’s rising stake in Philips 66 via ValueWalk (May 27)

May 2016

Washington Post – May 31– Entrepreneurship lecturer Jonathan Aberman writes about “when greater Washington businesses should compete and coordinate.” Read  … Previous Aberman-Capital Business columns: ‘Transparent networking’ (May 23),  ‘Greater Washington's Identity Crisis’ (May 13), ‘Dirty little secret about venture capitalists’ (May 9) … Aberman also quoted in Washington Business Journal’s ‘Region’s innovation economy needs boost’ (May 12) and DCInno’s ‘Report on the future of DC Tech’ (May 12)

Fox News – May 31 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, writes about U.S. economic problems. Read

Investment Management Magazine – May 30 – Story recaps finance professor Russell Wermers’ presentation, ‘Active vs Passive Investing and the Efficiency of Individual Stock Prices,’ at a Centre for International Finance and Regulation conference. Read … Wermers gives strategy for ‘picking the right fund manager for the times’ via Sydney Morning Herald

Entrepreneur – May 28 – Anil K. Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, gives an outlook for startups in India. Read

Washington Post – May 27 – Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell writes “Not just another graduation speech.” Read  … Previous Russell-Career Coach columns: ‘Take a day off from work’ (May 20) republished by the Los Angeles Times, Columbia Daily Tribune, Walla Walla Daily Bulletin, Standard-Examiner, Greensboro News & Record, others;  Chat transcript (May 11) … Russell comments for a Forte Foundation-produced profile of 2015 MBA graduate Nadine Payne via Beat the GMAT (May 27)

Fox Business Channel – May 27 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, says a Keystone pipeline deal could help reduce oil imports from 5-6 million to about 1 million barrels per day. Watch … Previous Morici-Fox Business appearances: Fox Business Channel: ‘American debt and government spending’ (May 26), ‘China more vulnerable in a trade war’ (May 24), ‘Small interest rate increases remain justifiable’ (May 19), ‘Retail sales rising’ (May 13),  ‘American consumer tapped out?’ (May 12)

The Globe and Mail – May 26 – Column on Budweiser’s “America” rebrand includes commentary from marketing professors William Rand, Joydeep Srivastava and Mary Harms. Read

BBC Radio – May 26 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, says a proposed 20-percent  European-content quota for Netflix and Amazon isn't onerous, but could work via the market, organically. Listen … Previous Morici-BBC appearance: ‘Google blocking of pay day lender ads sets bad precedent’ (May 12)

CNBC - May 25 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, is quoted on ‘Trump v. Clinton’ in regard to the economy. Read ... Related Morici op-ed at Fox News, Washington Times, others … Related Morici op-eds: ‘Trump a best choice for economy’ via Florida Today (May 29), ‘American workers in digital economy’ via Investor’s Business Daily (May 19) and Fox News, Post and Courier, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Deseret News, others

Business Insider – May 17 – Management and entrepreneurship professors Brent Goldfarb and David Kirsch contribute to ‘How driverless cars change the economy.’ Read

Ed Tech Magazine – May 17 – Henry Lucas, Robert H. Smith Professor of Information Systems, writes about “The Higher Education Technology Paradox.” Read

Wall Street Journal – May 16 – Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass on Berkshire Hathaway’s stake in Apple: “It appears to be a low-risk investment with considerable upside potential…however, I do not think this is an investment that Buffett would make.  Todd Combs and/or Ted Weschler perhaps have a better understanding of the competitive advantages Apple possesses vis a vis the technological challenges it might face in the years ahead.” Read. Republished/related coverage by The Australian Business ReviewComputer Business Review (UK), Benzinga ADVFN (Australia), Morningstar StockInvestor 4-TradersNASDAQ

Fed Scoop – May 16 – Professor of the Practice Cliff Rossi on risk executives: “Not long ago, a chief risk officer might have ‘felt like a salmon swimming upstream.’ Read … Related Rossi comments on risk management via Global Association of Risk Professionals News (May 26)

Washington Post – May 16 – Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass on Berkshire Hathaway’s stake in Apple: “I certainly did not expect this investment. But from a value investor point of view it makes some sense.” Read … Republished by New Zealand Herald, Portland Press, Herald Standard Examiner, Chicago Daily Herald

Quartz – May 16 – Anil K. Gupta, Michael Dingman Chair of Strategy, Globalization and Entrepreneurship, on ‘When is the time for unicorn-founders to step down?’: “The answer depends on whether the founder is able to learn and grow at the same pace as the venture.” Read  … Also at MSN Money

American Marketing Association - May 15 - Marketing professors Roland Rust and William Rand coauthor study, “Brand Buzz in the Echoverse.” Read … Related coverage at Phys,org, others

Washington Post - May 14 – Smith accounting major Menaza Lankeshi Fernando is highlighted as the Universities at Shady Grove is profiled as an “innovative model for higher education.” Read

Bloomberg News – May 12 – Professor of the Practice Cliff Rossi comments in “JPMorgan Trading Risk Rose, Rivals Hit Brakes with Markets Amok”: “And all that risk-avoidance -- whether because of regulatory edict or imposed by internal managers -- means less market-making and reduced market liquidity. Ultimately, it sets the stage for even larger price swings. ... “That can impose costs onto the financial markets and can manifest itself in the form of, basically, a liquidity crisis again like we had coming out of 2008.” Read via ABC News - May 12 – Graduating Smith finance major and UMD lacrosse standout Taylor Cummings is profiled: "She's fastidious about completing her classwork on time; late assignments don't cut it in the Robert H. Smith School of Business, where the finance major is finishing up her bachelor's degree." Read 

Denver Post - May 12 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, is quoted on the degree of America's shrinking middle class. Read ... Related Morici op-ed at Toronto Sun, Richmond Times Dispatch, Breitbart, Winnipeg Sun, Calgary Sun, others

Baltimore CityBizList - May 12 – Smith School Dean Alex Triantis on the Maryland Commerce department and Smith’s Center for International Business Education Research collaboratively launching the Maryland Consulting Program: “[Smith’s} student talent has a strong track record of working with global and local companies engaged in international trade to solve the challenges they face.” Read

Women’s Wear Daily – May 11 – Marketing professor Amna Kirmani on branding: “Brands have more meaning now than they’ve ever had for consumers before. … It used to be that we just got excited about actors and politicians and now it’s specific brands, whether it’s Nike or Under Armour or Zara, they have their fans and advocates. … For many people who are not that religious, brands do occupy some space that previously religion might occupy.” Read (paywall)

Capital News Service via WTOP - May 10 - Research professor Joseph Bailey comments on Uber's viability and future as a ride-share matchmaker (as opposed to a taxi service) in the wake of driver-violence incidents and labor-based lawsuits: "Bailey said it is difficult to measure how bad publicity will affect the company’s worth because Uber is not yet publicly traded and its stock cannot be tracked.” Read

CNN - May 9 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, on Donald Trump's economic policy messaging: "The reality is the United States has more latitude with debt than almost any country in the world, but that latitude is not infinite. And Trump needs to be very careful about what he says.... Read transcript … Related op-ed at Statesman Journal on presidential candidate economic policy positions … Morici quoted in related Capital (Ethiopia) piece  … Morici op-ed in Washington Times (May 10) addresses economic policy factors influencing Paul Ryan to withhold supporting Donald Trump as the GOP presidential nominee. Read … Also at Breitbart

BizEd Magazine - May-June 2016 - The Smith School’s Innovo Scholars Consulting Program is profiled as “having an impact on education through innovations that train teachers, upgrade courses, and deliver new programs to partner universities.” Read ... Smith Brain Trust is separately profiled as an example of business schools finding a “much wider audiences for their research.” Read

Statesman Journal - May 6 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, writes about the economics behind a Trump-Clinton presidential matchup. Read ... Also at Fox News, others

CCR Magazine - May 6 -Gary Cohen, associate dean of executive programs, on the Smith School and American Bankers Association collaborating to launch an enterprise risk management program: “The ERM program takes the best of what Smith and ABA have to offer and creates something very special. Bankers attending this program will learn from academics who also have extensive field experience and know how to put theory into practice.” Read

Washington Post - May 6 - Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell writes that employers should support employees’ continuing education. Read ... Previous Russell-Career Coach column topics: Communication skills (April 29 -- covered by The Wire); ‘Readers chat’ transcript (April 20)

Fox Business Channel - May 5 - Professor of International Business Peter Morici discusses President Obama’s effect on the coal industry. Watch ... Morici op-ed via Boston Herald, others, argues American workers must ‘up their game’ to compete globally.

Washington Post - May 4 - Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine gives advice for building a cloud business. Read ... Previous Fine-Business Rx column topics: ‘Advice for coffee startup’ (April 20); ‘Building a school fund-raising platform’ (April 13)

PowerHomeBiz - May 4 - Small business strategy blog cites research by Rajshree Agarwal, Rudolph P. Lamone Chair and Professor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland and director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets: “According to a 2009 study entitled “Who Leaves, Where to, and Why Worry? Employee Mobility, Employee Entrepreneurship, and Effects on Source Firm Performance,” Agarwal found that employee’s decision to leave a business often had more to with the firm’s pay structure rather than the salary norms for the overall job market on a state or national level...” Read

Washington Post - May 2 - Entrepreneurship lecturer Jonathan Aberman writes "We need to reinvent the narrative and provide a definition for capitalism that can work for all people.” Read ... Previous Aberman-Capital Business column topics: ‘Cvent deal to go private’ (April 25), ‘Workplace technology pitfalls’ (April 18)

WalletHub - May 2 - Anil K. Gupta, Michael Dingman Chair of Strategy, Globalization and Entrepreneurship, contributes to “2016’s Best Large Cities to Start a Business.” Read ... Related coverage by Business News Daily

April 2016

Omaha World Herald - April 30 -- Omaha Herald - April 30 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass weighs in on “Humbler Times: The annual Berkshire meeting wasn't always the extravaganza.” Read ... Kass on April 29 tells Omaha World Herald: “The greatest limiting factor to Berkshire’s rate of growth in per-share book value is its increasing size.” Republished by 4-Traders

Baltimore Sun - April 30 - Marketing Professor Janet Wagner comments on restaurant strategies in response to consumers who do not follow through on their reservations. Read

Deseret News - April 29 - Peter Morici writes op-ed, “Free Trade is Broken.” Read ... Also at Calgary Sun, Toronto Sun, others ... American Economic Alert suggests Morici as a candidate to advise Donald Trump on trade... Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quotes Morici on U.S. election implications for steel-trade issue

Bloomberg Radio - April 29 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass previews the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. Listen

Washington Business Journal - April 29 - The Smith School's Center for International Business and Education Research's Emerging Markets Forum is previewed. Read

BBC Radio - April 28 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, comments on Facebook tripling its quarterly profits and other topics. Listen... Morici on BBC discusses coal giant Peabody’s bankruptcy (April 14)

Crain's New York Business - April 28 - Finance lecturer Mark Grovic co-authors op-ed, “Raise the age of criminal responsibility and save taxpayers a bundle." Read

Washington Post - April 27 - Henry Lucas, Robert H. Smith Professor of Information Systems; Chair, Decision, Operations and Information Technologies, writes guest column, “Professors hate online education. To save colleges, they have to learn to love it.” Read ... Coverage of piece at Education Dive

Nasdaq - April 26 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass is quoted in ‘8 stocks Warren Buffett is buying (or should be)’: What Phillips investors get, though, is in fact a major oil refiner, operating 14 refining facilities. "But it's a company that is more than just a 'downstream' refiner." Read ... Kass guest blogs at about “10 highlights of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.” Also at ValueWalk

Los Angeles Times - April 24 - Career Coach column by Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell, ‘Why ‘rankism’ harms the workplace,’ is republished. Read ... Also at the Chicago Tribune, others.

News Channel 8 - April 24 - Women’s Business Report recaps Smith’s Women Leading Women event. (Segment not available; watch full event here)

Wall Street Journal Radio - April 24 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, says the Fed “should telegraph interest rate hike” immediately. Listen ... Related op-ed at Baltimore Sun, others

Washington Post - April 22 - Anil Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, contributes insight to profile of Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. Read

Deseret News - April 21 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, writes that 'decadence, not Trump, is hurting the GOP. Read ... Also at South Florida Sun Sentinel, others

Big Data and Analytics Hub - April 21 - Assistant Professor of Marketing Bill Rand comments on research into social media data as a tool to broker student-college matches. Read

Transport Topics - April 20 - Phil Evers, associate professor of logistics management, participates in a webinar about online shopping and Amazon “creating a race for logistics on demand.” Watch (begins at 44:52)

Fox Business Channel - April 19 - Peter Morici critiques Obamacare. Watch ... Also on Fox Business Morici discusses concept of free college tuition (April 14) ... Fox News quotes Morici about U.S. unemployment factors.

CCTV - April 18 - Anil K. Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, discusses China's GDP numbers. Watch Daily News - April 15 - Rajshree Agarwal, Rudolph P. Lamone Chair and Professor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Marylandand director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets, writes guest column commemorating Philadelphia Flyers founder, Comcast-Spectacor chairman and Smith School benefactor Ed Snider. Read

Harvard Business Review - April 14 - Study sponsored by Smith’s Center for Excellence in Service examines the on-demand economy. Read

Baltimore Sun – April 11 - Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine on UMD-connected startup Javazen’s Cupid’s Cup victory: "What they've done in a crowded market space shows they're a good fit. They have the passion for it. … It's a very analagous story to Kevin Plank's story." Read

Washington Post – April 11 – Entrepreneurship lecturer Jonathan Aberman writes column calling for “larger [D.C.-area] companies to engage with accelerators in related industries to better foster innovation.” Read … Coverage of piece by Technically D.C. … Previous Aberman-Capital Business column topics: Election 2016 stakes for entrepreneurs (April 4), ‘What is D.C. tech?’ (March 28) and ‘Lessons from ancient Rome’ (March 21)

American Marketing Association - April 8 - P.K. Kannan, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing Science, co-authors study finding firm-generated content has a significant, positive effect on customers’ spending, cross-buying, and profitability. Read

Washington Post – April 8 – Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell gives insight to ‘when someone pulls rank’ in the workplace. Read … Previous Russell-Career Coach column topics: ‘verbal abuse’ (April 1), ‘11 signs of workplace bullying’ (March 25; republished by L.A. Times), ‘dark side of charismatic leaders’ (March 18; republished by L.A. Times)

Marketplace Radio – April 7 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, on U.S. regulators investigating foreign aluminum producers: “If a firm is getting loans it never has to repay, and they’re rolled over and increased year after year, that’s clearly a countervailable subsidy. … That’s the sort of thing that is unfair trade." Listen … Morici op-ed: ‘Fed should establish schedule for raising interest rates’ at Deseret News, others.

Washington Post - April 6 - Elana Fine gives startup strategy for personal chef business WeCook: “… [Identify] potential customers who are already customers having ‘strangers’ in their house, like nannies, housekeepers or dog walkers.” Read  … Previous Elana Fine-Business Rx subjects:  InHerSight (March 31), Zest Tea (March 23)

Providence Journal - April 5 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, writes that the Wisconsin primary will reflect the GOP's economic-policy shortcomings. Read … Also at Breitbart, others … Op-ed on America’s vulnerability to Islamic terrorism at Deseret News, others

Süddeutsche Zeitung - April 4 - Adjunct Professor David Weber comments for Germany's largest national subscription daily news outlet about evidence of crimes related to the Panama Papers: "It would appear that tax evasion, fraud and/or some other predicate act is underlying these transactions for purposes of money laundering.” Read  … Related coverage quoting Weber in Expresso (Portugal)  and Le Matin Dimanche (France).

Cuba Journal – Kislaya Prasad, research professor and CIBER director, gives insight to Cuba’s business climate via Q&A. Read … Related coverage at ValueWalk

Inc. - April 1 – A Smith School-produced infographic "Emotional Intelligence and You" is cited among resources for 'making your emotional intelligence better.' Read

March 2016

BBC Radio - March 31 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, comments on FoxConn buying Sharp, among recent global economic developments in an edition of BBC Business Matters. Listen  … Morici gives optimistic outlook for U.S. economy and markets on Fox Business channel. Watch … Related op-ed at Baltimore Sun

CIO Sweden - March 31 - Research by Smith professors Sunil Mithas (information systems) and Roland Rust (marketing) shows how companies can synchronize digital strategies and investments. Read … Related coverage at Science Newsline, others.

Marketplace Radio - March 28 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, on 'Why 1.4 million prime-age men dropped out of work': “Indolence has become a problem with American men. When I talk about this on the radio, I’ll get email from someone who will say ‘I was a vice president of a PR company, do you really expect me to take a job at a Starbucks?’ My answer to that is yes.” Read/listen ... Morici discusses California's $15 minimum wage on NewsMax TV. Watch

Omaha World-Herald – March 24 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass on how cheap gas fueling car insurance costs affects Berkshire Hathaway: ["Cash from customer-paid premiums through Geico] is a major source of funds for Berkshire to invest both inside the company as well as outside the company through acquisitions and investments in publicly traded companies. The insurance businesses in Berkshire are the engine that drives the company. The float provides the fuel.” Read  .. Related Kass-guest blog at ValueWalk

Wall Street Journal - March 24 – Professor Peter Morici's position regarding consequences of a U.S. hard line toward China concerning trade is cited: "Mr. Morici said it was more likely that China would bend to U.S. threats and allow its currency to rise, rather than risk losing one of its largest markets, especially at a time when the Chinese economy is slowing." Read … Morici op-ed on the economics fueling GOP race at Deseret News, Palm Beach Post, others

Ragan's PR Daily - March 24 - Michel Wedel, Distinguished University Professor and PepsiCo Chair in Consumer Science, on simplicity's significance to online ads (based on his recent research): “A lot of advertising is being tested over fairly long exposures—several seconds, or even 10 to 20 seconds. The problem is that ads that do well in that scenario may not do well in short exposures.” Read … Related coverage at Business News Daily, Hispanic,  and Media Life Magazine (Q&A with Wedel)  

ABA Banking Journal – March 24 – Professor of the Practice Cliff Rossi on ‘Top risks for banks in 2016’: “[Global] markets are realizing that since the crisis, central banks don’t have a lot of policy ammo left to tackle emerging crises as they happen.” Read …Rossi writes Housing Wire Magazine (March issue) column (paywall) explaining that Fed rate hikes should not worry mortgage borrowers: “… At least for the first half of 2016 mortgage rates should remain fairly stable. With the prospect of economic unrest at home and abroad more likely this year than last, there is a more than fair chance mortgage rates will remain about where they ended last year. If that turns out to be true, then fixed-rate 30-year mortgages should stay in a range between 3.9% and 4.2%.” 

Active Cyber - March 22 - Lawrence Gordon, EY Alumni Professor of Managerial Accounting and Information Assurance, details, via a Q&A, the Gordon-Loeb Model for cybersecurity budgeting. Read 

Clear Admit - March 21 - Full-time MBA admissions director Maria Pineda and Smith's full-time MBA admissions activities are profiled through a Q&A. Read

National Procurement Council - March 18 - Sharon Strange Lewis, senior director of women and diversity programs, on Smith’s Women Leading Women forum: "Women Leading Women is about successful leaders sharing their perspectives and revealing lessons they've learned so other women do not limit themselves.” Read 

ValueWalk - March 18 - P.K. Kannan, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing Science, in a piece titled '5 Keys to spur Avon Products Global Growth': “The old model of going door-to-door selling to housewives in the neighborhood is breaking down in the United States. But if you look at many emerging markets, that’s still a viable way of doing things.” Read  

Washington Post - March 15 - Dingman Center managing director Elana Fine gives startup strategy for a backpack designer. Read

PsyPost – March 15 - Michel Wedel, Distinguished University Professor and PepsiCo Chair in Consumer Science, co-authors eye-tracking study showing how clever ads backfire. Read … Related coverage at PromotionWorld, Science Daily, others

BBC Radio - March 15 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, discusses U.S. presidential race economic and foreign policy implications in an edition of Business Matters. Listen … Previous Morici-Business Matters appearances/topics: Korea sanctions (March 3), Apple vs. FBI (Feb. 17)

Washington Post – March 14 – Entrepreneurship lecturer Jonathan Aberman writes that ‘true entrepreneurs never truly fail.’ Read … Previous Aberman-Capital Business columns: ‘electorate discontent rooted in disconnection from entrepreneurial opportunity’ (March 7), ‘knowing the rules a key trait of industry disruptors’ (Feb. 29), ‘venture capital misconceptions’ (Feb. 22)

CNBC – March 11 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, on Donald Trump’s foreign policy: "Trump can't force Mexico City to build a wall along the border, but by taxing remittances, Washington can pressure it to start cleaning up its filthy regime and genuinely cooperate in border control.” Read … Morici on Fox Business discusses whether billionaire hedge fund managers are trying to derail Trump’s campaign … Morici op-ed on Trump’s foreign policy at Dallas Morning News, (Charleston) Post and Courier, others … Separate op-ed: ‘Fed should delay rate hike to after the presidential primaries’ at Deseret News, Washington Times, others … Morici tells Fortune Magazine that restaurant stocks would benefit from a Trump presidency

Washington Post – March 9 - Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell answers Career Coach-reader questions in an online chat. Read … Previous Russell-Career Coach columns: ‘fostering constructive workplace dialogue’ (March 4), ‘empathy can go a long way’ (Feb. 26), online chat (Feb. 17)

Southern Maryland News - March 8 – Assistant Professor of Marketing Yogesh Joshi [as a Pax River Tech Day panelist] explains three classic pitfalls in technological innovations: "failure to account for 'typical' innovation adoption rates; inappropriate 'go-to-market' strategies; and violation of 'customer centric innovation' principles." Read

ValueWalk - March 8 – Charles E. Smith Chair Professor of Finance Albert “Pete” Kyle discusses Brexit roadblocks and potential blowback for the U.K. Read

ShareAmerica - March 8 - Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell gives three steps for bouncing back from a rejection letter.

Vox EU - March 5 - Laurent Fresard, assistant professor of finance, co-authors a piece drawn from his research into how stock markets influence business leaders. Read

Phil Hulett and Friends - March 4 - Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Brent Goldfarb discusses the future of Tesla and electric cars, in a Los Angeles-based radio show and podcast. Listen (54:50, select “You want to tax my what?” in archives)

Washington Post – March 2 – Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine and Associate Director of Social Entrepreneurship Sara Herald give strategy for marketing a startup aimed at teaching kids the importance of giving back.

BizEd Magazine – March/April 2016 – Bookshelf section reviews include “Technology and the Disruption of Higher Education” by Hank Lucas, Robert H. Smith Professor of Information Systems. Read

February 2016

Omaha World-Herald – Feb. 29 – Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass on 3G and Berkshire Hathaway: “Berkshire does things differently than 3G. But Buffett is saying that he is proud to be their financing partner.” Read … Related: Kass quoted in World-Herald review of Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders: “It was an extremely vigorous defense of Clayton Homes.” Read … Kass guest blogs at about Buffett’s letter and “20 highlights from Warren Buffett’s CNBC interview” – both also at ValueWalk.

Fox News Channel – Feb. 29 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, discussed the U.S. economy on Fox and Friends (no clip): “…these regulatory policies that [Obama] imposed, you know, volumes and volumes of regulations, a good example, small banks can't make loans to small businesses. We're actually losing small businesses faster than we're getting new ones started.”

ValueWalk - Feb. 26 – Professor of the Practice Cliff Rossi gives an 'insider's view’ to "The Big Short."

AlterNet - Feb. 26 - Assistant Professor of Management and Organization Evan Starr’s research into noncompete agreements is referenced. Read

Kiplinger – Feb. 25 – Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass weighs in regarding Phillips 66 in “Stocks Warren Buffett is Buying (or Should Be)” Read … Also at Yahoo Finance, MSN Money

MoneyGeek – Feb. 25 – Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell contributes ’10 mistakes when asking for a raise’ to a “Step-by-step guide to negotiating for the pay you deserve.” Read

Baltimore Sun - Feb. 25 - Rajshree Agarwal, Rudolph Lamone Chair and Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and director of The Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets, and Snider Center Managing Director Christine Elson write op-ed “Corporate America gets Makeunder at the Movies.” … Also at Before it's News, Cato Institute

Fox Business Channel – Feb. 24 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, praises parts of presidential contender Bernie Sanders economic plan. Watch … Related Morici op-ed at the Calgary Sun, others

Variety - Feb. 23 – Assistant Professor of Marketing Liye Ma co-authors finding that promotional effects from piracy of movies are outweighed by box office loss. Read ... Also at, others

Omaha World-Herald – Feb. 22 – Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass on Berkshire Hathaway’s approach to energy stocks and its Kinder Morgan stake: “Kinder Morgan fits Warren Buffett’s toll bridge model. The concept of owning a toll is appealing because generally there is no alternative, which forces people to pay the toll. Or, if there is an alternative, it is less appealing.” Read

Tadias Magazine - Feb. 21 – Finance professor Lemma Senbet is profiled in “[Senbet] Leads African Economic Research Consortium to top global index ranking.” Read

(Charleston) Post and Courier – Feb. 20 – Professor of international business Peter Morici writes the ‘Fed could trigger another recession.’ Read … Also at Real Clear Markets, others… Related commentary on Feb. 16 edition of Fox Business’ Varney and Company … Morici-Baltimore Sun op-ed: 'What a Trump Presidency Would Look Like’

New York Times - Feb. 15 - Smith School benefactor Leo Van Munching, Jr.,’50, and his legacy as a business pioneer are memorialized. Read

Washington Post - Feb. 15 - Entrepreneurship lecturer Jonathan Aberman writes that greater-Washington tech entrepreneurs, like their Silicon Valley counterparts, should aggressively look to participate in the federal government's forthcoming $140 billion in R&D spending. Read ... Previous Aberman-Capital Business columns address greater-D.C. economic growth keys (Feb. 8), stock-trading software and market volatility (Feb. 1) and industries significant in 2016 to D.C.-region venture capital (Jan. 25).

City on the Hill Press - Feb. 14 - University of California, Santa Cruz student news op-ed “Table for One. Please!” references assistant dean and marketing professor Rebecca Ratner’s study into solo consumerism. Read

ValueWalk - Feb. 13 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass gives details on Berkshire Hathaway upping its Phillips 66 stake in 2016 by $1.1 billion. Read ... Related Berkshire-Phillips 66 moves reported by Kass at on Feb. 10, Feb. 4 and Jan. 31 (Each also posted at ValueWalk)

Washington Post - Feb. 12 - Senior Associate Dean Joyce Russell points to “learning from adversity” cues from the likes of Cam Newton, Walt Disney and The Dalia Lama. Read ... Previous Russell-Career Coach columns in the Washington Post addressed workplace incivility (Feb. 5) and workplace initiative (Jan. 29)

U.S. News & World Report - Feb. 11 – Assistant Professor of Finance Francesco D’Acunto’s working paper, "Identity, Overconfidence and Investment Decisions," is cited, and he’s quoted on factors in “overly-aggressive” investing: “The salience of male identity – like in the ‘bro’ subculture – increases men's beliefs of experiencing good outcomes in a game of chance. Inducing overconfidence similarly makes men take on more risk and invest more.” Read

Midwest Book Review - Feb. 11 - Professor and DO&IT chair Hank Lucas’s book “Technology and the Disruption of Higher Education: Saving the American University” is “an exceptionally well researched, impressively written, and accessibly organized and presented study.” Read

Corporate Responsibility Magazine - Feb. 11 - The Smith School’s Executive MBA program is cited among “Schools of Sustainability.” Read

Baltimore Sun - Feb. 11 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, writes that electorate discontent with both political parties fuels early Donald Trump-Bernie Sanders presidential campaign momentum and that Trump can be elected with Gov. John Kasich as his running mate. Read … Also at the Boston Herald, Calgary Sun, others. Morici’s related commentary covered by Christian Science Monitor, American Thinker, and Fox News’ Fox and Friends Saturday (Feb. 13)

Washington Post - Feb. 10 - Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine, for Business Rx, gives advice to an online photo branding startup. Read

Deseret News - Feb. 10 - Professor emeritus Edwin Locke says a goal setting model recently tested in Canada represents “a huge discovery.” Read

The Medium - Feb. 9 - Anil K. Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy, Globalization and Entrepreneurship, with Haiyan Wang (MBA ’95), writes piece titled “How smart entrepreneurs manage risk and uncertainty.” Read … Related announcement of Gupta joining the India tech incubator Kstart as a mentor for early stage startups at Your Story blog and Inc42.

New York Times - Feb. 7 - Entrepreneurship lecturer Jonathan Aberman on Delta’s recent $6 fare increase, which was quickly matched by other major carriers: “It’s very straightforward. We’ve allowed the industry to monopolize. As a result, they have enormous pricing power.” Read ... Republished by Dallas Morning News, others

ValueWalk - Feb. 6 - Associate Professor of Finance Michael Faulkender discusses U.S. tax avoidance and other implications of Apple and other U.S. companies amassing cash. Read … Republished-linked by U.S. Tax News, Hot Apple News, others

Statesman Journal – Feb. 5 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, writes that the U.S. economy is likely to dodge a recession but good jobs will remain hard to find. Read … Also at Deseret News, others.

Washington Post - Feb. 5 - Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine, for Business Rx, explains why “startups need to be bear hug their customers.” Read

BBC Radio - Feb. 4 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, says that U.S. regulators should reject deals like ChemChina-Syngenta until China genuinely opens to foreign firms. Listen (6:00) … Related op-ed at the Winnipeg Sun, plus Christian Science Monitor quotes Morici: “Establishment Democrats and Republicans embrace free trade because it puts free markets first with benefits any decently trained economist should extol. Unfortunately, trade with China and many nations is hardly market-driven.”

Mobile Marketing Watch - Feb. 3 – Clinical Professor of Marketing Hank Boyd contributes insight to Super Bowl advertising themes for a Progressive Insurance online bingo game targeting Super Bowl ad-viewers. Read ... Related coverage at ValueWalk, The Next Mob, on WTOP radio (Feb. 5) and others

Wall Street Journal – Feb. 2 – Assistant Professor of Management and Organization Evan Starr and his research into noncompete agreements is referenced: “We find compelling evidence that noncompetes are indeed strong impediments to employee mobility.” Read … Related coverage highlighting Starr’s work at FiveThirtyEightBrookings,Computerworld, others

Mashable - Feb. 2 - Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell on communicating with a grieving work colleague: “The mistake most people make is ignoring it as if it didn’t occur. We are afraid we are going to say the wrong thing or set them off into this tailspin of crying.” Read

January 2016

ValueWalk - Jan. 29 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass explains how and why to “follow the money” on prediction markets, instead of conventional polls, to gauge political races. Read

Marketwatch – Jan. 28 – Peter Morici, professor of international business, is cited for arguing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump “is right” about trade policy. Read … Related op-ed at NewsMax, others.

Phys - Jan. 27 - Associate Professor of Finance Michael Faulkender’s research and findings into high corporate taxes incentivizing corporate debt is profiled. Read

Washington Post - Jan. 22 - Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell gives 10 ways to prevent and reduce interethnic conflict in the workplace. Read

Mining Weekly - Jan. 22 - Anil K. Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, describes how African mining is affected by India’s and China’s economic developments. Read

BBC Radio - Jan. 21 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, discusses China market volatility and other global economic developments in a Business Matters edition. Listen … Related Morici op-ed addressing China market chaos at the Statesman Journal, others.

Washington Post - Jan. 20 - Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine gives strategy for drawing investors to a venture that operates as a 'search engine for recipes.’ Read - Jan. 20 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass guest blogs about Berkshire Hathaway upping its stake in Phillips 66 by $625 million. Read … Also posted at ValueWalk.

Baltimore Business Journal - Jan. 19 - Entrepreneurship Lecturer Jonathan Aberman on prospects for D.C.-Baltimore region cybersecurity companies: “I wouldn’t be surprised to see $500 million to $1 billion in cyber deals over the next 12 months. I just think it’s going to be a big year for cyber.” Read

Washington Post - Jan. 18 - Entrepreneurship lecturer Jonathan Aberman writes that reputational prospecting -- filtered by financial markets, but not social media -- threatens the electoral process. Read … Previous Aberman columns in the Washington Post address the value federal funds supporting D.C startups (Jan. 11) and an outlook for the U.S. economy (Jan. 4)

Real Business - Jan. 18 - A profile of research into teamwork keying spin-out success cites contributors including Rajshree Agarwal, Rudolph P. Lamone Chair and Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets. Read 

Capital Gazette via Baltimore Sun - Jan. 17 - Brent Goldfarb, associate professor of management and entrepreneurship, on brand risk for a Maryland-based painting contractor's goal for 200 nationwide franchisees: "The flip side of that is you have less control over what the franchisee is actually doing. Sometimes there can be some brand risk. What do you do when a (franchisee) is not upholding standards? … You have to make sure the brand quality is not eroded." Read ... Republished by Bloomberg BusinessThe Franchise Mall, others.

Westwood One Radio - Jan. 15 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, discusses global economic developments with Jim Bohannon. Listen (starts at 2:40)

Washington Post - Jan. 13 - Sara Herald, adjunct professor and assistant director of social entrepreneurship, advises startup Hungry Harvest to probe for and answer consumer hesitation about surplus food. Read 

Omaha World-Herald - Jan. 10 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass on potential railroad consolidation: “Warren Buffett believes in the railroad business and sees a bright future for it. He would definitely go for it at the right price.” Read ...  Kass guest blogs at and ValueWalk about Bekshire Hathaway’s Class A decline. Earlier, related comments are referenced in Seeking Alpha's 'Berkshire after a bad year.' … Kass’ guest-blogs at ValueWalk, and give details about Berkshire Hathaway upping its stake in Phillips 66.

Michigan Business Network's globalEDGE Business Beat - Jan. 8 - Roland Rust, Distinguished University Professor and David Bruce Smith Chair in Marketing, discusses his research stream demonstrating companies can profit from investing in service quality. Listen  

CTV (Prince George’s County) – Jan. 7 – Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass discusses implications of the Fed’s interest rate hike (watch) and the trend of giving stock shares as gifts (watch). 

Bloomberg Business - Jan. 6 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass on a Morgan Stanley leadership shakeup: “It appears rather strange that [James] Gorman is appointing someone who is older than he is to be next in line to succeed him, which implies that Gorman is planning to stay.” Read … Republished by International Business Times, others

CBC News - Jan. 6 - Professor Emeritus Edwin Locke on whether CEO pay is disproportionately high: “There's no objective method for determining the correct ratio between the top and the bottom. There's no way to do it. It's just completely subjective, based on emotion." Read 

Washington Post - Jan. 6 - Senior Associate Dean Joyce E.A. Russell answers reader questions in a Career Coach column chat. Read  

The Globe and Mail - Jan. 6 - Peter Morici, professor of international business, writes that workers, broadly, need advanced skills to succeed in, and strengthen, the economy. Read ... Also at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, others. 

Professional Woman's Magazine - Jan. 5 - The Smith School’s “50/50 by 2020” pledge to increase women MBA students is profiled. Read 

Baltimore Sun - Jan. 4 - Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine on the “escape room” group-activity trend. “[Businesses may face challenges in educating potential customers about the concept] … Designing the room to be fun and keep people entertained is probably harder than you think.” Read

NPR Morning Edition - Jan. 4 - Management professor David Kirsch weighs in on whether future historians consider “these days the digital dark ages.” Listen

Washington Post - Jan. 3 - Clinical Professor of Finance David Kass on a New York hedge fund buying stake in Carlyle Group: “[Private equity is increasingly] crowded and competitive, which may also be weighing on stocks. Read ... Republished by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, others

Security Magazine - Jan. 1 - Professors Hank Lucas and Oliver Schlake contribute drones insight to “2016 Technology Report: New Security Solutions and Risks Go Hand-in-Hand.” Schlake: “We are missing out on a commercial opportunity that other countries have already embraced.” … Lucas:  “The impact will be immense as more companies discover commercially viable applications for drones. It’s well beyond our imagination.” Read


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