BUDT 758O: Operations Management for Health Service Organizations (2 credits)

Terms: Winter 2013, Spring 2013 (C)

Healthcare costs continue to increase rapidly in the U.S. At nearly $2.6 trillion in 2010, they represented almost 18% of the GDP! Approximately 31% ($814 billion) of all healthcare spending in 2010 involved hospital spending. Therefore, we will focus most of our attention on how to improve the operation of hospitals.

In this course, we will introduce a variety of tools that have been used to minimize waste and create value in the healthcare sector. These tools can also be applied to organizations outside of the healthcare sector.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand the institutional and cultural challenges to improving operations in hospitals
  2. Characterize and analyze hospital processes
  3. Identify, prioritize, and propose potential improvements to hospital operations

The course is intended to be very practical. Guest speakers with experience in healthcare operations management will be invited to speak with the class. We will also discuss numerous examples of continuous improvement efforts from hospitals around the U.S.

BUDT 758K: Computer Simulation for Business Applications (2 credits)

Terms: Spring 2013 (C)

This course covers the basic techniques for computer simulation modeling and analysis of discrete-event systems. Course emphasis is on conceptualizing abstract models of real-world systems (for example, inventory or queuing systems), implementing simulations in special purpose software, planning simulation studies, and analyzing simulation output.