Working Papers

What Do I Take With Me?: The Mediating Effect of Spin-out Team Size and Tenure on the Founder-Firm Performance Relationship with Ben Campbell, Martin Ganco and April Franco

Executive Experience and Firm Performance: The Origins of Rookie Top Management Team Members and the Effect of Firm Performance with Charles Williams and Pao-Lien Chen

A Two-sided Matching Approach for Partner Selection and Assessing Complementarities in Inter-firm Alliances with Denisa Mindruta and Mahka Moeen

Physician Heal Thyself: Competency Traps, Expertise and Decision Making After Information Shocks, with Ritu Agarwal, Anand Gopal and Brad Greenwood

Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together? Impact of Firm Evolution on Employee Age Dispersion with Ben Campbell, Seth Carnahan, and April Franco, Winner, Best Paper Award, DRUID 2011

Non Golden Handcuffs? Immigration Status and Mobility of Scientists and Engineers with Shweta Gaonkar and Martin Ganco

Incubation of an Industry and Heterogeneous Modes of Value Capture: Evidence from Agricultural Biotechnology, with Mahka Moeen