Mark A. Chen

Assistant Professor of Finance

Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park



BMGT 440 Advanced Financial Management

BUFN 716 Financial Restructuring and Strategy

BMGT 840 Seminar in Financial Theory



Refereed Publications

Agrawal, A., S. Chadha, and M. Chen, 2005, "Who is Afraid of Reg FD? The Behavior and Performance of Sell-Side Analysts Following the SEC's Fair Disclosure Rules," Journal of Business, forthcoming.

Chen, M., 2004, "Executive Option Repricing, Incentives, and Retention," Journal of Finance 59 (3): 1167-1199.

Chen, M., 2000, "Individual Monotonicity and the Leximin Solution," Economic Theory 15 (2): 353-365.

Chen, M. and E. Maskin, 1999, "Bargaining, Production, and Monotonicity in Economic Environments," Journal of Economic Theory 89 (1): 140-147.


Working Papers and Papers Under Review

Chen, M. and R. Marquez, 2005, "Regulating Securities Analysts," invitation to revise and resubmit, Journal of Financial Intermediation.

Agrawal, A. and M. Chen, 2005, "Analyst Conflicts and Research Quality."

Agrawal, A. and M. Chen, 2005, "Do Analyst Conflicts Matter? Evidence from Stock Recommendations."

Chen, M., 2002, "Cross-Holdings, Firm Valuation, and the Relevance of Financial Policy."


Research in Progress

Chen, M. "Reputation and Competition Among Credit Rating Agencies: Theory and Evidence."

Agrawal, A. and M. Chen, "Are Fairness Opinions Fair? Evidence from Mergers."