Publication Outlets Related to Cybersecurity Risk Management

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Below is a list of various journals that seem appropriate for research on issues related to Cybersecurity Risk Management.  Each journal has its own focus and set of requirements for publication.  Hence, it is important to read the material related to the journal before submitting a paper.  This list is intended to be representative, rather than comprehensive, of the various outlets that exist for such research. 

  1. Accounting, Organizations and Society

  2. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems

  3. ACM Transactions on Information and System Security

  4. ACM Transactions on Information Systems

  5. American Economic Review

  6. Communications of the ACM

  7. Computers and Operations Research

  8. Computers and Security

  9. Decision Sciences

  10. Decision Support Systems

  11. Finance India  

  12. IBM Systems Journal

  13. IEEE Software

  14. IEEE Transactions on Computers

  15. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

  16. Information & Management: The International Journal of Information Systems Applications

  17. Information Management and Computer Security

  18. Information Management Journal

  19. Information Systems Journal

  20. Information Systems Management

  21. Information Systems Research

  22. Information Systems Security

  23. INFORMS Journal on Computing

  24. Interfaces

  25. International Journal of Information Security

  26. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy

  27. Journal of Computer Security

  28. Journal of Management Information Systems

  29. Journal of Systems & Software

  30. Journal of the Association for Information Systems

  31. Management Science

  32. MIS Quarterly

  33. The Accounting Review

  34. The Australian Journal of Information System


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