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     The objective of this book is to provide a conceptual treatment, supported by empirical evidence, of managerial accounting.  The book is intended for first year MBA/MS level, and executive level, managerial accounting courses.  In addition, the book is appropriate for undergraduate managerial accounting courses, where the focus is on using, rather than preparing, managerial accounting data.

     The writing of this book has evolved over several years of teaching managerial accounting courses to a large variety of university and executive level students.  Many of these students have had either a direct or indirect influence on the material chosen for coverage, and the approach taken in this book.  My deep appreciation is extended to all of those individuals who have influenced the writing of this book.

      A unique feature of this book is that it includes a supplement that has an Executive Summary for each Chapter in both English and Chinese.  The supplement also includes the solutions to all of the problems at the end of the text.

-- Lawrence A. Gordon


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