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Hassan A. Ibrahim, D.Sc.

e-mail: hibrahim@umd.edu


•  Doctor of Science in Engineering Management, G.P.A. 4.00

The George Washington University , Washington , D.C. , 1988

•  Master of Engineering Management, G.P.A. 3.82

The George Washington University , Washington , D.C. , 1984

•  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Riyad University , Riyad , Saudi Arabia , 1980




I have taught several graduate and undergraduate courses as well as executive MBA classes in business and technology management including:

•  Project Management

•  Business Telecommunications

•  Systems Analysis and Design

•  Information Economics

•  Operations Management


My teaching experience includes:

•  9/1998 - Present University of Maryland College Park

Tyser Teaching Fellow of Decision, Operations and Information Technologies

•  9/1997 - 8/1998 George Mason University , Virginia

Visiting Professor of Business Administration

•  9/1992 - 9/1997 Marymount University , Virginia

Professor of Business Administration

•  9/1990 - 8/1992 George Washington University , Washington , DC

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration

•  5/1985 - 9/1990 George Washington University , Washington , DC

Associate Professorial Lecturer of Engineering Management


Academic Experiences :

•  New Course Development:

•  Project Management; an undergraduate course in information systems

•  Information Economics; a graduate course in information management.

•  Global Operation Management ; a graduate course in operations management.


Academic Advising /Administrative Experiences

•  Served on several doctoral committees at the George Washington University 's Engineering Management Department.

•  Served as the Faculty Advisor for MBA consulting projects at the University of Maryland , which included:


•  The World Bank ( Washington , DC )

Advised the office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) on:

•  Medium external web services strategy

•  Benchmarking their capabilities against similar development organizations

•  Identified key new technologies to be considered in their future technology plans.


•  The National Academy of Sciences ( Washington , DC )

•  Conducted an organization wide business processes analysis and provided recommendations for work flow improvements to streamline the work between different services.

•  Designed a secure electronic transaction system throughout its different divisions and across all branches.


•  Hughes Network Systems ( Germantown , Maryland )

Analyzed the supply chain system and developed comprehensive recommendations for reengineering the client's business processes.

•  Faculty Advisor to the Business and Information Technology Society ( BITS ), the undergraduate students' organizations at the University of Maryland College Park . Under my supervision. BITS was named student organization of the year for 2004.

•  Served as a textbook reviewer for McGraw Hill/Irwin, Prentice Hall, and Sage Publishing companies of in the areas of business telecommunications and Systems Analysis and Design.

•  Served on several accreditation committees at the George Washington University and the University of Maryland

•  Served on the curriculum committee at the George Washington University , the University of Maryland , and M arymount University .

•  Served as the Faculty Advisor (2004 – 2005) to the Smith Technology Council (STC). The committee conducted a school-wide study of the technology needs and utilization of the technology in the curriculum as well as the delivery of instruction. The STC provided comprehensive recommendations on improvements in the curriculum, infrastructure, and delivery mechanisms.


•  Ibrahim H. A., Voice Communications Systems, in The Handbook of Computer Networks , editor H. Bidgoli, John Wiley & Sons, 2006

•  Ibrahim H. A., “The Rise and Fall of Dot.coms”, Proceedings to the INFORMS' Hawaii Conference, Hawaii , June 2001

•  Snyder R. and Hassan Ibrahim, “Capacity Planning and Operational Assessment of Bulk Storage Systems”, Production and Inventory Management Journal, American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), 4 th Quarter, 1996.

•  Ibrahim H.A and A. Botticelli, “Trade Barrier Implications of Europe's Quality Standard (ISO9000)”, presented at the Production and Operations Management Society's Meeting, Wollongong , Australia , July 1996.

•  Ibrahim H.A and R. Uppuluri, “A Multi-Criteria Decision Support System for Maximizing Warehouse Capacity Utilization”, presented at the Production and Operations Management Society's Meeting, Wollongong , Australia , July 1996.

•  Ibrahim H.A and R. Snyder, “A Cost Effectiveness Model of the Defense Fuel Supply System”, Proceedings to the 33 rd International Conference of INFORMS, Singapore , June 1995.

•  Ibrahim, H. A.; Hayes, Robert; Feltham, Steve; “Atlantic Circuits Corporation”; a factual case study on Global Operations Strategy, published by the Harvard Business School .

•  Ibrahim H. A., “Benchmarking in the Health Care Industry”, Proceedings to the 4 th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society, Boston , MA , October 1993.

•  Ibrahim, H. A. and A.D Kirsch, “A Study of Selected Cost Measures of Clinical Engineering Service Effectiveness” in Allan Pacella, editor, Cost-Effective Financial Management of Clinical Engineering Departments, Quest Publishing Company, 1991.

•  Ibrahim, H. A. and A.D. Kirsch, “A Study of Selected Cost Measures of Clinical Engineering Service Effectiveness”, The Journal of Clinical Engineering, Quest Publishing Company, CA, January 1989.

•  Ibrahim, H. A., “A Generic Analytical Model for Maintenance Management of Non-Revenue Generating Equipment”, Proceedings to the 19 th Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management, Knoxville , TN , 1988.

•  Ibrahim, H. A. et al, “A Management Engineering Approach to Clinical Engineering”, Proceedings to the 22 nd Meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation”, Los Angeles, CA, June, 1987.



-- McDonnell Douglas Systems Integration Company

4/1990 - 9/1990 Management Consultant

Participated in a Business Process Re-engineering project for the West Virginia 's Division of Energy to streamline and integrate the operations of the various departments, including:

•  Analysis of the client's organizational and functional requirements of all departments and regional offices through structured interviews with client's representatives.

•  Redesigning client's business processes to achieve performance improvements, using Computer Aided Systems Engineering (CASE) tools.

•  Helping the client manage the changes brought by new business processes, policies and procedures, organizational structures, and technologies.

•  Developing strategies for strengthening client's information technology capabilities and evaluating alternative solutions in order to identify the best way to maximize benefits given cost, schedule, and risk constraints.


-- Electrofab Corporation

1/1989 - 4/1990 Assistant General Manager for Operations

•  Managed the various operations of manufacturing circuit boards and electronics assembly for commercial and military applications, including electronic systems for the F-16 program.

•  Negotiated with the Department of Defense's Contract Administration Services terms of several defense contracts and supervised their completion.

•  Supervised the development of a shop floor scheduling/control system, which improved capacity utilization and provided timely information on the status of work in process.


-- CHAMMP International Inc.,

2/1988 - 4/1990 Management Consultant

•  Participated in developing operation strategies for different international projects, based on economic conditions and political stability in countries considered for investment.

•  Evaluated the technical, financial, and economic feasibility of industrial and engineering projects and investment, and presented recommendations to senior executives.

•  Performed sensitivity analysis and risk assessment of proposed products and services based on analysis of marketing studies.

•  Monitored the performance of on-going projects and provided recommendation on areas of potential savings and performance improvement.


-- Science Applications Inc./A.F.M.

4/1980-5/1981 Management Consultant

Participated in the development of proposals for implementing management information systems at several public and private organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , including:

•  The Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

•  Union Carbide/Hashim Industries Inc.

•  Water Desalination Authority.

•  Riyad Electric Company.