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Finance WWW Sites

Maryland FINANCE Department Home Page.

The Journal of Finance Homepage.
The latest for what is up in the American Finance Association journal.

The Journal of Financial Economics.

The Review of Financial Studies. published in cooperation with the The Society for Financial Studies.

A very extensive resourse for all in finance. A MUST VISIT.

Financial Data Finder at Ohio State
This site provides a number of pointers to financial datasets and other financial information both on and off the Internet. In addition, it lists information about on-line business libraries.

Ibbotson Research and Data
A good source for both finance data and current finance research!

Finance Advice for the Individual. Web site run by one of our own BMGT Shady Grove Students, Scott Nelson.

The Investor's Supersite on the Web. Great Information and Links!

Current Stock Prices and Investment News. Great News on Companies!

JP Morgan
They forecast market risk in more than 300 financial time series using multiple market indices including: commoditity, bond markets, money markets, swaps, foreign exchange, equity indices, spread products, and new markets indices.

Corporate 10Ks, proxies online.

Finance Net Web Server
Financenet provides listings of Government Asset Sales for the general public while providing electronic document Libraries and Mailing Lists and Discussion Forums and Major Related Resources and Best of the "'Net" to link and inform public and private sector financial management professionals in government, Federal, State and Local, academia and industry on issues of fiscal finance.

Olsen & Associates High Frequency Foreign Exchange Data
You can find just about any foreign exchange rate for a given day since January 1, 1990 (including, it seems, rates on the previous day).

McCulloch/Kwon US Term Structure Data Base
This data set, an ftp site, offers U.S. Treasury term structure data for the period 1947-1991. It is an extension of the data in The Handbook of Monetary Economics (McCulloch, 1990), and also provides greater detail. In all, there are about 2 megabytes of data. Be sure to see the "readme" file for additional information. This dataset is also described in "U.S. Term Structure Data, 1947-1991," J. Huston McCulloch and Heon-Chul Kwon, March, 1993, Ohio State University Working Paper # 93-6.

MoneyLine - Real Time Fixed Income Data
MoneyLine obtains their data for the fixed income market from GovPX, which is owned by the 38 Primary Dealers in Treasuries and 5 of the 6 brokers who deal with them. Thus, it is the primary source of real time information in the fixed income market. They list bids, offers, and transactions among the primary dealers, and they cover the following markets: "U.S. Treasury bonds, notes, and bills, money market instruments such as CD's, BA's, Fed Funds Rate, the Prime Rate, U.S. Agency bonds, zero coupon bonds and strips."

"The primary objective of FINWeb is to list Internet resources providing substantive information concerning economics and finance-related topics." To this end, resources are broken up into the following categories: electronic publishing (both journals and working papers), databases, other servers in finance and economics, miscellaneous topics, and highly recommended general resources. It is another good place to look for financial market information.

Wall Street Research Net
This site is devoted to providing the investor with fundamental information. One can research a company on-line, read about the current state of the economy from press releases and links to the major data generators, read extensive information about different markets, and read the current news.

Martin Wong's and George Holt's Market Report
This report briefly describes the day's activities in various financial markets. The former includes the day's major activities in financial markets and releases of key economic data, and has an extensive report on many markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, foreign markets, interest rates, foreign exchange, etc.).

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