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"Distracted Directors: Does Board Busyness Hurt Shareholder Value?" (with Antonio Falato and Ugur Lel), Journal of Financial Economics, conditionally accepted

"Concentrating on Governance" (with Matthew Rhodes-Kropf), Journal of Finance, October 2011, 66 (5), pp. 16491685

         "Executive Compensation: An Overview of Research on Corporate Practices and Proposed Reforms" (with Michael Faulkender, Nagpurnanand Prabhala, and Lemma Senbet), Journal of Applied  
        Corporate Finance
, Winter 2010, 22 (1), pp. 107-118


Working Papers under Review


"Managerial Entrenchment Waves" (with Kose John, Revise and Resubmit, Review of Financial Studies)

"Corporate Governance and Industry Dynamics" (under review)

"Rising Intangible Capital, Shrinking Debt Capacity, And the US Corporate Savings Glut" (with Antonio Falato and Jae Sim, under review)


Working Papers


"Governing Misvalued Firms" (with Matthew Rhodes-Kropf)

"Optimal CEO Incentives and Industry Dynamics" (with Antonio Falato)

"Agency Costs of Idiosyncratic Volatility, Corporate Governance, and Investment" (with Kose John)

"Relative Governance" (with Kose John)

"Optimal Board Dynamics: Theory and Evidence" (with Antonio Falato)

"CEO Successions and Firm Performance in the US Financial Industry" (with Antonio Falato)