2012–13 Krowe Award Winners

The Smith School established the Krowe Teaching Excellence Awards to recognize those who have demonstrated superior teaching skills. The Smith School Teaching Enhancement Committee appoints an Ad Hoc Committee to recommend awardees based on nominations from students, faculty, and alumni. The awardees for 2012-2013 are as follows:

Krowe Awards

Ritu Agarwal (DO&IT) Recognized for excellent teaching ratings in various classes including MBA, PhD, EMBA, and Gemstone courses.

Gary Cohen (LBPP) Recognized for bringing in real world experiences. “He went above and beyond the classroom to help students especially in regards to finding a job or internship.”

David Godes (MKT) Recognized for the “energy and enthusiasm he embodied for the subject and very deftly integrated the case studies and the requisite take home points.”

Lawrence Gordon (AIA) Recognized for his courses “highlighting many of the topics that were covered in the core classes and helping connect the dots between financial accounting, managerial accounting, corporate finance, microeconomics, and strategy.”

Russell Wermers (FIN) Recognized for providing “late-breaking, cutting-edge topics for quantitative financial strategies and assigning a project that adds to one’s portfolio when job searching.”

Karen Wouters (M&O) Recognized for stimulating learning of “life and business skills that I will use to become a better leader and manager.”

Legg-Mason Award

The Legg-Mason Award for Teaching Innovation recognizes such innovation. The awardee is:

Hank Lucas (DO&IT) Recognized for his work in blended and on-line learning. “Hank plays a pioneering role in the online/blended teaching initiatives of the Smith School and the University.”

The Teaching Enhancement Committee wishes to congratulate this year’s winners.

Teaching Enhancement Committee:

  • Joseph Bailey, Chairperson
  • Gary Bulmash
  • Wendy Moe
  • Oliver Schlake
  • Alex Triantis

Ad Hoc Committee:

  • Gary Bulmash
  • Alex Triantis
  • Mark Wellman
  • Jie Zhang