Krowe Award Winners

The following faculty were awarded the Krowe Excellence Award in teaching for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Joesph Bailey (DOIT) – Recognized for being an outstanding, dedicated teacher and his ability to have students see connections and possibilities. “In all of my time as a student I have never come across a Professor that has given as much to his students as Joe Bailey. It is a true honor to have the opportunity to have him as an instructor.”

Zhi-Long Chen (DOIT) – Recognized for his “ability to engage students with complex technical material and to bring the course content to life.”  Also, “Zhi-Long goes the extra mile to make himself available to students.”

David Kass (FIN) – Recognized for his “contagious enthusiasm for Finance,” “discussing current events in every class’” and for going above and beyond for his students.

Sarah Kroncke (FIN) – Recognized for bringing a wealth of prior investment analysis experience to the classroom. “After taking her class, I feel empowered to pursue my dream and this is due to Prof. Kroncke's ability to present and teach this material.”

Rachelle Sampson (LBPP)  - Recognized for her ability to maintain rigor while making the material accessible to all students. “She break down the material for many students that were not great with math and incorporated a lot of new technology to help students.”

Nick Seybert  (ACCT) – Recognized for his passion for helping students. “He keeps students very engaged in class discussions, and is really responsive to students' questions and concerns.”

Subra Tangirala (M&O) –  Recognized for his innovative method for teaching in the MBA and Ph.D. programs. “His inquisitive case discussion approach was very effective and created a classroom that was engaging, safe, and really created a sense of camaraderie among all the new classmates.”

Teaching Enhancement Committee:

  • Wendy Moe, Chairperson
  • Pamela Armstrong
  • Progyan Basu
  • Rachelle Sampson
  • Gerald Suarez

Ad Hoc Committee:

  • Pamela Armstrong
  • Curt Grimm
  • Gerald Suarez
  • Russell Wermers