Krowe Award Winners


The Smith School established the Krowe Teaching Excellence Awards to recognize those who have demonstrated superior teaching skills.  The Smith School Teaching Enhancement Committee appoints an Ad Hoc Committee to recommend awardees to the Dean based on nominations from students, faculty, and alumni.   

The awardees for 2013-2014 are as follows:

Wilbur Chung (LBPP): Recognized for his “passion about the course, his engaging lectures, and his willingness to help students understand important issues pertaining to today’s world.” 

Rebecca Hann (AIA): Recognized for her “excellence and innovation as a teacher/mentor in the MBA, EMBA, and PhD programs setting high standards for all students.” 

Elinda Kiss (FIN): Recognized for going above and beyond for all of her students. “I had her for only one course, but she left a lasting impression.” 

Charles Olson (LBPP): Recognized for his innovative manner of teaching introductory MBA courses.  “He challenged his students to communicate with confidence and prepare themselves for the MBA program and job interviews.” 

J. Gerald Suarez (M&O): Recognized for his ability to have students see that their choices and actions in life are interrelated.  “He had a deep and profound impact on my life.” 

Tunay Tunca (DO&IT): Recognized for his “dedication to teaching difficult information in a very understandable way and providing real life examples concerning the use of the material.” 

The Teaching Enhancement Committee wishes to congratulate this year’s winners. 

Teaching Enhancement Committee:

  • Joseph Bailey,  Chairperson
  • Gary Bulmash
  • Wendy Moe
  • Rachelle Sampson
  • Oliver Schlake 

Ad Hoc Committee:

  • Gary Bulmash
  • Gary Cohen
  • David Godes
  • Russ Wermers