Past Winners

2012-13 Krowe Award Winners

Ritu Agarwal (DO&IT) Recognized for excellent teaching ratings in various classes including MBA, PhD, EMBA, and Gemstone courses.

Gary Cohen (LBPP) Recognized for bringing in real world experiences. “He went above and beyond the classroom to help students especially in regards to finding a job or internship.”

David Godes (MKT) Recognized for the “energy and enthusiasm he embodied for the subject and very deftly integrated the case studies and the requisite take home points.”

Lawrence Gordon (AIA) Recognized for his courses “highlighting many of the topics that were covered in the core classes and helping connect the dots between financial accounting, managerial accounting, corporate finance, microeconomics, and strategy.”

Russell Wermers (FIN) Recognized for providing “late-breaking, cutting-edge topics for quantitative financial strategies and assigning a project that adds to one’s portfolio when job searching.”

Karen Wouters (M&O) Recognized for stimulating learning of “life and business skills that I will use to become a better leader and manager.”

Legg-Mason Award

The Legg-Mason Award for Teaching Innovation recognizes such innovation. The awardee is:

Hank Lucas (DO&IT) Recognized for his work in blended and on-line learning. “Hank plays a pioneering role in the online/blended teaching initiatives of the Smith School and the University.”

The Teaching Enhancement Committee wishes to congratulate this year’s winners.

Teaching Enhancement Committee:

  • Joseph Bailey, Chairperson
  • Gary Bulmash
  • Wendy Moe
  • Oliver Schlake
  • Alex Triantis

Ad Hoc Committee:

  • Gary Bulmash
  • Alex Triantis
  • Mark Wellman
  • Jie Zhang

2011–12 Krowe Award Winners

The Teaching Enhancement Committee members are Haluk Unal, Chairperson, Frank Alt, Leigh Anenson, Gary Bulmash, Oliver Schlake, and Jie Zhang.

The Krowe and Legg-Mason Awards Committee members were Kislaya Prasad, Paulo Prochno, and Rebecca Ratner.

Krowe Awards

The Krowe Teaching Excellence Awards were established in 1986 to recognize those who have shown superior teaching skills. This year the Smith School’s Teaching Enhancement Committee received nominations from students, faculty, and alumni.

The following faculty are this year’s recipients:

Progyan Basu (AIA) Recognized for his contributions to the undergraduate and EMBA programs. “He genuinely exudes his love for teaching; and he is a great ambassador for the EMBA Program.”

Cristian Dezso (LBPP) Recognized for his outstanding core MBA teaching. “Students have been uniformly positive about the MBA courses he teaches.”

Hassan Ibrahim (DO&IT) Recognized for his ability to create a fine learning atmosphere in his classroom. “He taught with a sense of purpose and with humor.”

Oliver Schlake (M&O) Recognized for his ability to teach and be a role model. “He is the perfect embodiment of the ideas and principles we are meant to learn and a fine role model for a manager/entrepreneur.”

Michel Wedel (MKT) Recognized for his contribution to the quality of teaching at the Smith School. “He has provided excellent teaching at the MBA and PhD levels and has been an invaluable mentor to students and faculty alike.”

Susan White (FIN) Recognized for her welcoming teaching style. “She connected class material with current events and provided ample opportunity for students to seek her help.”

Legg-Mason Award

The Legg-Mason Award in Teaching Innovation recognizes innovation in instruction in the classroom and other instructional means. This year’s recipient is:

Mark Wellman (M&O) Recognized for innovation in teaching through domestic and foreign travel. “He scheduled 18 visits with top executives, and I learned a great deal in 10 days.”

The Teaching Enhancement Committee congratulates the winners and thanks the members of the Krowe and Legg-Mason Awards Committee for their excellent work. 

2010–2011 Krowe Award Winners

The Teaching Enhancement Committee included Gordon Phillips, Chairperson, Gary Bulmash, James Spina, and Jie Zhang. The Krowe Award Committee, Charles Olson, Gordon Phillips, and Rebecca Ratner, selected the following winners:

Krowe Award: Faculty

Frank Alt -- (DO&IT) Recognized for genuinely caring about students. “He encouraged students to ask questions and answer his questions, devoting time to ensuring that each student fully understood each concept.”

Curt Grimm -- (LBPP) Recognized for providing true encouragement to students. “He provided guidance, probing questions, and encouragement when needed, while insisting that students think.”

Colin Linsley -- (AIA) Recognized for taking education beyond traditional classroom learning. “He gave important advice regarding success not only in his class, but also in the professional world.”

Paulo Prochno -- (M&O) Recognized for helping students really understand difficult concepts. “The extra material he would regularly dig up about our course subjects was extremely helpful in understanding difficult concepts.”

Haluk Unal -- (FIN) Recognized for his caring treatment of students. “He explained in great detail even the most complicated matters and really cares about his students.”

Jie Zhang -- (MKTG) Recognized for her passion for teaching. “She is very approachable, makes learning fun and interesting, and has a true passion for teaching.”

2009–2010 Krowe/Legg-Mason Award Winners

2010 Krowe Awards

The Teaching Enhancement Committee comprised of Galit Shmueli, Chairperson, Gary Bulmash, James Spina, and Jie Zhang. The Krowe Award Committee, comprised of Debra Shapiro, Hank Boyd, and Gary Cohen, selected the following winners:

Krowe Award - Faculty, PhD Students, Adjuncts

Louis Gattis - Finance Recognized for integrating current issues and previous experience into the class: “Professor Gattis is able to draw on his practical experience and industry knowledge to better relate difficult concepts.”

Mary Harms - Marketing Recognized for providing a unique learning experience: “I have never had a professor assign a project that I could genuinely use as part of my portfolio for work; nor has a professor ever been as genuinely interested in my learning experience and success as Professor Harms has been.”

Jeffrey Kudisch - M&O Recognized for providing an engaging and exciting class experience: “I have never been so excited about a class before; I have never been as engaged in a class before; and I have never gotten so much out of a class as with Dr. Kudisch.”

Stephen Loeb - AIA Recognized for being the consummate role model: “I remember Dr. Loeb as an example of what a professor should be; he has had a major impact on my life.”

Charles Olson - LBPP Recognized for helping students think beyond the classroom: “Professor Olson focuses on all of the requisites of his respective courses and, in addition, teaches students to think.”

Kislaya Prasad - DO&IT Recognized for providing an engaging class: “Professor Prasad deserves this award because of his thoroughness, attention to detail, and ability to keep our entire class engaged.”

Rebecca Ratner - Marketing Recognized for innovative teaching: “Professor Ratner excited me about the course, which made me work even harder in the course.”

Dina Ribbink - LBPP Recognized for commitment to students: “Professor Ribbink is an excellent professor, and I believe her commitment to her students goes beyond just the classroom.”

Xiang Wan - LBPP Recognized for dedication to students: “Professor Wan cares deeply about each and every student in the class, and teaches with a purpose to educate every individual to the fullest.”

Legg-Mason Award

Joseph Bailey - DO&IT Recognized for innovative teaching materials: “One particular innovation from Professor Bailey is the in-class games based on a spreadsheet.” 

2008-2009 Krowe/Legg Mason Award Winners

2009 Krowe Awards

The Krowe award committee, comprised of Gary Bulmash, Rachelle Sampson, Mark Wellman and Curt Grimm, selected the following winners and finalists: 

Krowe Award - Faculty, Ph.D. Students and Adjuncts 

Jahangir Boroumand (LBPP) - Recognized for excellent lectures integrating current issues and previous experience: “His teaching style though simple is very effective and he ALWAYS finds time for his students”

Hank Boyd (MKTG) – Recognized for outstanding teaching in a large lecture section: “The first day of Prof. Boyd’s lecture blew me away, and I never missed a single lecture.”

Gary Cohen (LBPP) - Recognized for informing and inspiring his students: “He gives us real-world advice and helps us see the applications of what we’re learning.”

Michael Lawless (M&O) – Recognized for providing a unique learning experience: “Professor Lawless was hands down the finest professor that I encountered at the Smith School.”

Scott Livengood (M&O) – Recognized for helping students to think beyond the class, described as “extremely well-prepared.”

Jim McKinney (AIA) – Recognized for dedication to students and ability to clarify difficult concepts: “An excellent professor… I was very inspired by him this semester.”

Jie Mien (DO&IT) - Recognized for exceptional qualities: “Jie Mien had a wonderful sense of enthusiasm for teaching that made the experience wonderful for all.”

Gordon Phillips (FIN) – Recognized for teaching well a highly complex subject: “His approachable and conversational teaching style helped to de-mystify concepts that otherwise would have been impenetrable and intimidating.”

Rhonda Reger (M&O) – Recognized for challenging the class: “ Dr. Reger is the most organized teacher I have ever had.”

Legg-Mason Award

Hugh Turner (LBPP) - Recognized for strong support of innovation approaches to learning, including inter-university case competitions.

Susan White (FIN) – Recognized for teaching innovation, including development of an extensive and resourceful student website.

2007-2008 Krowe/Legg Mason Award Winners

2008 Krowe Awards

The Krowe award committee, comprised of Jim Spina, Erich Studer-Ellis and Curt Grimm, selected the following winners and finalists:

Krowe Award Faculty Category 

Gary Bulmash (AIA) - Recognized for excellent teaching performance along with a passion for the subject and a sense of humor: “He makes accounting an enjoyable subject to learn”. “It is a rare case for a professor to be able to joke around and keep students smiling while getting the job done well.”

Larry Gordon (AIA) – Recognized for determination and success in teaching Ph.D. students and providing leadership as Ph.D. program director. Commended as an excellent “teacher, mentor and advisor.”

Rachelle Sampson (LBPP) - Recognized for outstanding teaching along with high concern for students: “She succeeded in learning the names of all of her students (over 120) by the second week of class.” Noted for “incredible enthusiasm, amazing intellect and participatory and hands-on teaching approaches.”

Debra Shapiro (M&O) – Recognized for excellent teaching and strong support of students as they pursue their careers. “Extremely energetic, friendly and a good-natured person who shows a passion for international business.”

Gerald Suarez (DO&IT) – Recognized for his ability to promote teamwork through his leadership of and teaching in the Quest program: “Single most-influential person I’ve met since coming to Maryland.” His students have applied for and received patents for their course projects.

Mark Wellman (M&O) – Recognized as a selfless professor with a caring attitude towards students, even in a large lecture format: “I have never seen a professor garner so much respect from students in a large lecture class.” “Almost every week I was able to share something interesting with my Dad, which made him very happy.”

Krowe faculty finalists

Gordon Phillips (FIN)

Susan White (FIN)

Legg-Mason Award

Philip Evers (LBPP): Recognized for cutting-edge application of games, simulations and other tools in his supply chain courses.

Oliver Schlake (M&O): Recognized for innovation in developing an Entrepreneurship Conference and Expo, which has “made a positive difference in the lives of those he teaches.”

Legg-Mason finalist

Wolfgang Jank (DO&IT)

Krowe Award PhD/Adjunct Category

Ayson Alp (FIN) - Recognized for making finance understandable for all students: “Loves interacting with young people, loves finance, and loves talking to students about finance.”

John MacDonald (LBPP) - Recognized for genuinely caring about students, taking initiative in improving software in supply chain applications, and a “great job of lecturing supply chain design”

Carol Miu (MKTG) - Recognized for outstanding undergraduate teaching and establishing respect of the class through kindness and openness. “Always well-prepared and challenged students to understand concepts through discussion and creative projects.”

Sandra Lee Rose (AIA) – Recognized for challenging students in a supportive way, such that even a student who found the course very challenging praised the effort.

David Sites (AIA) – Recognized collectively by students for his enthusiasm for IT applications in accounting and his wealth of knowledge. Ensures that “all students enjoy and understand the material.” “Succeeded spectacularly.”

Andrew Sherman (FIN) – Recognized for his wealth of practical experience in venture creation and financing. “Has the ability to inspire students and get them excited about entrepreneurship.”


Alan Boss (M&O)

Tanakorn Makaew (FIN)

2006-2007 Winners

2005-2006 Winners

2004-2005 Winners

Anand Anandalingam

William DeWitt

J. Robert Baum

Elinda Kiss

Hassan Ibrahim

Judy Frels

Joyce Russell

Jeff Kudisch

James Peters

Erich Studer-Ellis

Kazim Ruhi

Galit Shmueli

Raghu Raghavan

Simon Bensimon

Carl Ullrich

Eugene Cantor

Mary Harms

Corey Angst

Bruce Michelson

Yun Liu

Nevena Koukova

Mike Pfarrer

Jeffrey Miller

Kathy Boyle

James Spina

Merv Yeagle

William McClenahan


Charles Olson

Rebecca Hamilton