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The Smith School Redefines the MBA Experience with New Business Plan Course

The Smith School’s new Business Plan Course is not just for entrepreneurs – it’s for everyone. BUSI 691 is a capstone course for the full-time MBA program that offers a great example of how the school is progressively pushing boundaries on the traditional MBA experience.

The ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions – an essential skill for global business leaders – also demands high levels of flexibility and creativity. The Business Plan Course is a unique course that cultivates innovative thinking, while integrating the knowledge from the MBA program and principles from core courses into one final project.

During the course students will form three-person teams that will create a business plan to commercialize an innovation. The plan can involve creation of independent ventures or ventures within an established business and Baum estimates that about 50 percent will be within an established company. Other essential course components include real-life case studies taken from the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship and an analysis that will test the feasibility of the proposed business plan.