The Behavioral Lab offers opportunities for both Smith School students and individuals not affiliated with the University to participate in research studies.  Studies may take place in the lab, at an off-site location or online through the Smith eLab.

Smith Students (course-related)

Students enrolled in select courses have the opportunity to participate in research sessions and may be eligible to receive credit for their participation (consult your professor for details).  For additional information click here.

Studies for Pay

Some lab studies offer cash payment for participation.  Individuals do not need to be affiliated with the University to participate in pay studies.  For additional information click here.

Smith eLab Studies

The Smith eLab allows individuals from all over the world to participate in web-based studies.  Participants are eligible to earn points to use toward redeeming prizes each time they complete aneLab study.  For more information or to sign up visit the eLab website.