Eye Tracking Lab

Eye Tracking Lab

eye tracking lab-  behaviorThe Tobii eye tracker allows researchers to study consumer behavior by analyzing head and eye movements. Its sophisticated technology supplies very accurate data based on input from infrared sensors. The Tobii eye tracker looks like a regular flat panel computer monitor and permits unobtrusive data collection once the participant’s eye movements have been calibrated. Using the eye tracker, researchers can study how participants process information presented to them via sources such as websites, print advertisements, and even dynamic formats such as video clips or TV ads.

Demonstration Using the Robert H. Smith School of Business Web site
For purposes of illustration, three subjects viewed the Robert H. Smith School of Business homepage and Research at Smith Web page for approximately 10 seconds each while their eye-movements were recorded with the Tobii equipment. The eye tracker generated the following reports (the data and images can be used for academic purposes, referring to the Robert H. Smith School of Business Behavioral Lab):

1) Excel Data File (XLS)

2) Gaze replay - visualization of gaze recording

3) Gaze plot - a static view of the gaze data for each image of the stimuli:

Click to enlarge- eye tracking         Click to enlarge- eye tracking 2

4) Hot spot - hot spot mask that consists of a black background, with highlighted area around points where subject has been focusing his or her attention:

Click to enlarge- hot spot eye tracking

If you have any questions about the eye tracker, please contact Professor Michel Wedel