Keynote Speakers

Myron Scholes

Myron Scholes

Conference Keynote Speaker
Frank E. Buck Professor of Finance, Emeritus
Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Myron Scholes’s research has focused on taxation on asset prices and incentives. He studied the effects of the taxation of dividends on the prices of securities, the interaction of incentives and taxes in executive compensation, capital structure issues with taxation, and the effects of taxes on the optimal liquidation of assets. He wrote several articles on investment banking and incentives and developed a new theory of tax planning under uncertainty and information asymmetry which led to a book with Mark A. Wolfson called Taxes and Business Strategies: A Planning Approach (Prentice Hall, 1991).

Myron Scholes is the Frank E. Buck Professor of Finance, Emeritus, at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences, and co-originator of the Black-Scholes options pricing model. Scholes was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1997 for his new method of determining the value of derivatives. Scholes serves as the Chairman of Platinum Grove Asset Management and on the board of directors of Dimensional Fund Advisors. He was a principal and Limited Partner at Long-Term Capital Management, L.P. and a Managing Director at Salomon Brothers, where he was instrumental in building Salomon Swapco. Other positions Scholes held include the Edward Eagle Brown Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago, Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Director of the Center for Research in Security Prices, and Professor of Finance at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Scholes earned his PhD at the University of Chicago.

Micheal Greenberger

Michael Greenberger

Luncheon Keynote Speaker
Law School Professor
Director, Center for Health and Homeland Security
University of Maryland School of Law

Michael Greenberger is the Founder and Director of the Center for Health and Homeland Security (CHHS) at the University of Maryland and a professor at the School of Law. Professor Greenberger designed and teaches two courses focused on counterterrorism and emergency response and also teaches a seminar on Futures, Options and Derivatives at the School of Law.

Professor Greenberger currently serves as the Chair of the Maryland Governor's Emergency Management Advisory Council (GEMAC). He was recently appointed by President of the American Bar Association to the Advisory Committee of the Standing Committee on Law and National Security.

In 1997, Professor Greenberger left private practice to become the Director of the Division of Trading and Markets at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) where he served under CFTC Chairperson Brooksley Born. In that capacity, he was responsible for supervising exchange traded futures and derivatives. He also served on the Steering Committee of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets, and as a member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions' Hedge Fund Task Force. Professor Greenberger has frequently been asked to testify before Congressional committees on issues pertaining to dysfunctions within the United States economy caused by complex and unregulated financial derivatives.

Professor Greenberger has recently served as the Technical Advisor to the United Nations Commission of Experts on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System and the International Energy Forum's Independent Expert Group on reducing world-wide energy price volatility.