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Accounting and Information Assurance faculty members publish regularly in the leading journals, and have written a number of influential books. They have consistently won outstanding teaching awards by presenting the latest concepts in clear and interesting ways.

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Tyser Teaching Fellow

(301) 405-4042

Tyser Teaching Fellow & Associate Chair, Accounting & Information Assurance Department

(301) 405-0570

Distinguished Tyser Teaching Fellow

(301) 405-8928

Associate Professor

(301) 405-5481

Tyser Teaching Fellow

(301) 405-0563

EY Alumni Professor of Managerial Accounting and Information Assurance

(301) 405-2255

Associate Professor & KPMG Faculty Fellow

(301) 405-7132

Tyser Teaching Fellow



(301) 405-2243

Associate Professor

(301) 405-8522