Marko Pitesa

Assistant Professor

Management & Organization
4508 Van Munching Hall

I study how social stratification (in terms of money, power, and status characteristics) shapes social dynamics in the workplace. My current research draws on large-scale archival data and experiments to understand the challenges that poorer employees, immigrants, and physically unattractive people face in organizations.

Key Publications [Click here to download publications]

2015      Lee, S.Y., Pitesa, M., Pillutla, M.M., Thau, S. When beauty helps and when it hurts: An organizational context theory of attractiveness discrimination in selection decisions. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

2015      Lee, S.Y., Pitesa, M., Thau, S., Pillutla, M.M. Discrimination in selection decisions: Integrating stereotype fit and interdependence theories. Academy of Management Journal

2015      Thau, S., Derfler-Rozin, R., Pitesa, M., Mitchell, M.S., Pillutla, M.M. Unethical for the sake of the group: Risk of social exclusion and pro-group unethical behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology

2014      Pitesa, M., Thau, S. A Lack of material resources causes harsher moral judgments. Psychological Science

2013      Pitesa, M., Thau, S., Pillutla, M.M. Cognitive control and socially desirable behavior: The role of interpersonal impact. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

2013      Pitesa, M., Thau, S. Compliant sinners, obstinate saints: How power and self-focus determine the effectiveness of (un)ethical social influences. Academy of Management Journal

2013      Pitesa, M., Thau, S. Masters of the universe: How power and accountability influence self-serving decisions under moral hazard. Journal of Applied Psychology