Anastasiya Pocheptsova

Assistant Professor

3313 Van Munching Hall
(301) 405-8342
Ph.D., Yale School of Management

Joined University of Maryland in 2008.

Anastasiya Pocheptsova joined University of Maryland in 2008 after receiving her Ph.D. in Marketing from the Yale School of Management. Dr. Pocheptsova’s work focuses on the areas of self-control, motivation and emotion. She examines how these factors affect consumer decision-making processes and outcomes. Her work has been published in leading marketing journals, including the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Consumer Psychology.  Her work was awarded SCP-Sheth Doctoral Dissertation Award. She is also actively collaborating with the industry to apply her research to the issues of consumer welfare. She teaches marketing communications in the undergraduate program and in the MBA program and is leading the behavioral group weekly seminar series.

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Awards & Honors:

Faculty Fellow at the AMA-Sheth Consortium, Northwestern University, June 2014

Yale Center for Consumer Insights 2014 Conference, May 2014

Invited participant at Decision Making Symposium, 2011-2014

European School of Management Visiting Faculty, Berlin, Germany, November 2011

Kilts Visiting Faculty Fellow, University of Chicago, May-June 2011

Winner SCP-Sheth Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2006


Labroo, Aparna and Anastasiya Pocheptsova (2015), “Interplay of Consumer Preferences Between Temptations and Long-Term Benefits,” International Handbook of Consumer Psychology, Eds. C. Jansson-Boyd & M. Zawisza, Taylor & Francis, London, UK, forthcoming.

Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Francine Petersen, and Jordan Etkin (2014), “Using Products to Pursue Multiple Goals: The Effect of Positive Mood on Perceived Means Instrumentality.” Journal of Consumer Psychology, forthcoming. 

Pocheptsova, Anastasiya (2012), “Cellphish Effects of Cell Phone Use,Rotman Magazine, 12(Fall), 111-113 (Invited article) 

Pocheptsova, Anastasiya and Nathan Novemsky (2010), “When Do Incidental Mood Effects Last? Lay Beliefs versus Actual Effects”, Journal of Consumer Research, 36 (April), 992-1001 

Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Aparna A. Labroo and Ravi Dhar (2010), “Making Products Feel Special: When Metacognitive Difficulty Improves Product Evaluation”, Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (6), 1059-1069 

Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Amir, On, Dhar, Ravi, and Roy F. Baumeister (2009), “Deciding without Resources: Psychological Depletion and Choice in Context”, Journal of Marketing Research, 46(3), 344-355 

Papers under review: 

Yogesh Joshi and Anastasiya Pocheptsova (2015), “Too Attractive to Pass: A Peculiar Appeal of Short Redemption Windows,“ under review at Journal of Marketing Research.

Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Ran Kivetz and Ravi Dhar (2014), “Consumer Decision to Rent vs. Buy.” Invited 3rd round revision at Journal of Marketing Research.