UMD-Smith Experts Comment on Ebola Social Media, Supply Chain Implications

Officials are applying social media, such as the CDC Emergency Twitter handle, to disseminate Ebola-related information and using wireless networks to track and predict outbreak patterns and locate individuals exposed to the virus. Companies concurrently are monitoring for threats to their supply chains, such as the Ivory Coast cocoa supply.

Kalinda Ukanwa

Kalinda Ukanwa started the program in Fall 2013.  Prior to that, Kalinda was an industrial engineer, financial analyst, and executive at digital, entertainment, and leisure firms such as Walt Disney, Citigroup, Viacom, and Kaplan.  Her research interests are in the quantification of fun--developing quantitative marketing models to gain insight into the consumption of digital, entertainment, and leisure activities. Kalinda is a recipient of the University of Maryland Graduate School University Fellowship. 

We Are Smith: Roland Rust

Roland is well-read – as in, everyone has read Roland’s research. Roland Rust’s publications could fill an entire bookcase in McKeldin Library. His hundreds of peer- reviewed articles, the research citing his work, and his books, including Driving Customer Equity: How Customer Lifetime Value is Reshaping Corporate Strategy, have changed the world of marketing.

Smith School Hosts INFORMS 25th Annual Marketing Science Conference

More than 500 marketing experts from around the world attended the INFORMS 25th Annual Marketing Science Conference hosted by the Robert H. Smith School of Business, June 12-15, 2003. With 12 concurrent sessions and more than 400 presentations, the conference was the largest ever held at the school, and the largest Marketing Science Conference ever organized.

Smith Schools Netcentric Behavioral Lab Enables Technology-Driven Behavioral Research

The Smith School has opened a new behavioral research laboratory that combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional resources to conduct advanced behavioral research in business. The Netcentric Behavioral Laboratory enables Smith School faculty and doctoral students to conduct research in a dedicated workspace, which features 18 networked computer workstations; leading behavioral research software applications; and video and audio taping capabilities. Four team rooms, also outfitted with computer workstations and software, complement the main lab space.

Over 1,500 Sign Smith's Tag Line Banner

Robert H. Smith '50 signed it in green directly below a logo that bears his name. University of Maryland President C. D. Mote Jr. signed it simply Dan Mote. Dean Howard Frank was the first to sign it; Justin Silbert, senior decision and information sciences major, was the last. Some, like John Hoss Cartwright, made it a work of careful deliberation. Others offered a bold, undecipherable, highly stylized scrawl.


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