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Fearless Ideas Courses Inspire Innovation

The University of Maryland offers a set of “Fearless Ideas” courses through its Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (AIE), a signature initiative to infuse the university with a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across all colleges, building on the institution's excellence as a research university.

The Robert H. Smith School of Business will offer four Fearless Ideas courses in fall 2014:

Smith School Business Summit Addresses Innovation

On March 28, 2014, at the North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Bethesda, Md., students, faculty and business professionals met for the third annual Smith School Business Summit. This year’s theme looked at innovation as an essential building block for the prosperity and survival of corporations. With more than 600 registered attendants, it was the largest Summit yet.

Congratulations to Top Graduating Seniors

Congratulations to the Top Graduating Seniors in each major for 2013-14! We will honor these seniors at our 14th Annual Robert H. Smith School of Business Undergraduate Awards Dinner later this semester.

Dean's Leadership Award: Stephanie Graf

Accounting: Kristen Ballou

Finance: Hrach Kelejian

Information Systems: Miles Dickinson

International Business: Claire Moriarty

Management: Sara Ali

Marketing: Lindsay Djuhadi

Smith School Business Summit March 28

Successful businesses thrive on innovation. It’s the key to a competitive advantage and should be part of every business strategy and strategic vision. 

Discover ways to jumpstart your innovation strategy in 2014 and beyond. Join us for the third annual Smith School Business Summit, presented by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business on Friday, March 28 at the Marriott North Bethesda. 

Elijah Wee

PhD Student


Elijah Wee

Major: Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

University of Maryland, College Park
Ph.D., Strategy, Expected May 2016

National University of Singapore, Singapore, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Bachelor of Social Sciences (First Class Honors), 2000-2004

Research Interests:
My research examines the role of followers in the workplace, and the dynamic processes in which their behaviors influence important outcomes in organizations.

Working collaboration with Smith Faculty and students:
Currently, I am working with several faculty members, including Susan Taylor, Hui Liao, Myeong-Gu Seo, and Vijaya Venkataramani.

Working Papers and Work Under Review:
Wee. X. M. E., Taylor, M. S. (In preparation). Does change flow upwards? Translating the psychological mechanism and processes explaining why and how work unit’s routine changes lead to continuous organizational change. Writing Stage. Target: Academy of Management Review.

Wee. X. M. E., Liao, H., &, Liu, D. (In preparation). The challenges of being leader-dependent – Unraveling the art of follower’s balancing strategies in the context of abusive supervision. Data Collection. Target: Academy of Management Journal.

Wee. X. M. E., Venkataramani, V. (In preparation). The missing link? Translating employees’ creativity to implementation through supervisor’s sponsorship. Data Collection. Target: Academy of Management Journal.

Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division, “Diamond in the Rough” Award - Best Faculty Proposal with Hui Liao. Academy of Management Meeting, Boston, MA. 2012.

Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship, 2011.

Lee Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship, 2011.

Special Book Prize, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore – Best Student, 2004


PhD Student


"Bryan will be in China on a Fulbright fellowship from early July 2012 through late August 2013."


Bryan Stroube

Major: Strategic management and entrepreneurship

• PhD Student – University of Maryland, 2009-present
• Master of Science in Economics – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2007
• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – Purdue University, 2006
• Bachelor of Arts in English – Purdue University, 2006

Professional Experience
ZS Associates (management consulting), 2007-2009
University of Maryland, Research Assistant, 2009-present

Elad Sherf

PhD Student

Elad Sherf

Major: OB & HR

University of Maryland, College Park, Robert H. Smith School of Business
Doctor of Philosophy, Organizational Behavior, expected May 2016

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, AGSM MBA Program
MBA, 2009-2010

Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Herzliya, Israel, Radzyner School of Law
LLM, Business Law, 2005-2006, Summa Cum Laude

Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Herzliya, Israel, Radzyner School of Law, Arison School of Business
LL.B & B.A (Business Administration), 2001-2005, Summa Cum Laude

Research Interests:
Elad studies how intra and inter-personal processes in professional environments affect individual and team outcomes such as performance (e.g., creativity, decision making) and socio-emotional outcomes (e.g., satisfaction, commitment). Specifically, his research focuses on how reflection processes can improve performance feedback, how teams resolve relationally oriented conflicts, how relational ties affect justice perceptions and the effect of factors such as emotional intelligence and emotional regulation on creativity and conflict.

Working collaboration with Smith Faculty and students:
Elad is currently working with a number of faculty members, including Debra Shapiro, Vijaya Venkataramani, and Susan Taylor.

Elad is also involved in a number of collaborations with fellow Smith students, including working projects with Brady Firth and Michael Parke.

Working Papers and Work Under Review:
Sherf, E. N., Shapiro D. L. (In Preparation). To Discuss or not to Discuss? An Integrative Model of the Optimistic and Pessimistic Approaches to Discussing Relationship Conflict in Teams. Writing Stage. Target: Academy of Management Review.

Venkataramani, V., Sherf, E. N. (In Preparation). I Don’t Like You, So it Isn’t Fair: The Role of Social Relationships in Determining Inequity Judgments. Writing Stage. Target: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Sherf, E. N., Taylor, M. S., Firth, B.M., Anseel, F. (In Preparation). Can You Help Me Elaborate? The Construction of After Event Reviews for Improvement of Performance Feedback Effectiveness. Data Collection. Target: Journal of Applied Psychology.

Parke, M. R., Seo, M., Sherf, E. N. (In Preparation). How EI facilitates employee creativity in complex and creativity-required jobs. Data Collection Stage. Target: Academy of Management Journal.

Shapiro D. L., Bies, R. J., Tripp, T., Sherf, E. N. (In Preparation). When are Leaders “Abusive” versus “Performance-Driving”? Towards a Contingency Model of Perceived Abusiveness. Data Collection. Target: Academy of Management Journal.


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