Management & Organization

Alena Marand

Alena Marand began the program in Fall 2015. Her research interests include labor markets, knowledge innovation and entrepreneurship. Alena joins the Smith School of Business from doctoral training at Ohio State University via the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) with the Big 10.

Tianyu He

Tianyu He began the program in Fall 2015. Her research interests includes antecedents and consequences of individual interactions in the workplace and how status, power, and culture shape workplace interactions and how these interactions influence individual decision-making, performance and group/team/organization dynamics. She is especially interested in irrational decision-making.

Insiya Hussain

Insiya Hussain began the program in Fall 2014. Her research interests include work-related identity, meaning, and sensemaking; perception and attribution; employee voice, deviance, and challenging extra-role behaviors; and gender and leadership.

Alex Ning Li

Alex Ning Li began the program in Fall 2012. His research interests include teams, leadership, voice, and multilevel phenomena in organizations. Alex's work has been published in Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Michael Parke

Michael began the program in Fall 2011. His research interests include employee proactivity, creativity, and voice as well as affect climate, affect processes, and emotional intelligence abilities. Michael's research has been published in Journal of Applied Psychology.

Heejung Byun

Heejung Byun began the program in Fall 2012. Heejung's research interest grounds on sociological approach to study inter-organizational networks. For example, in a recent working paper, he looked at the pattern of transactions in inter-organizational network and how it may be influenced by a social movement. His research interest extends to strategic management, particularly, industry evolution. Currently, he is working with Professor Rajshree Agarwal on a project that applies relational perspectives in industry evolution. 


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