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The Economist Ranks Smith Faculty No. 1 in World

Professors at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business placed No. 1 in the world for "faculty quality" in The Economist's 2016 full-time MBA rankings, marking the third consecutive year atop the category. Prior to the current run, the school finished No. 2 for faculty quality in 2013. Overall, the Smith School finished No. 47 globally and No. 32 in the United States in the latest rankings, released Oct. 13.

How New Baggage Rules Will Affect Travelers, Airlines

Air passengers are poised for improved baggage handling as a result of a broader set of forthcoming rule changes from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Smith School professor Martin Dresner says the new rules won't significantly hurt airlines, which already do a pretty good job of delivering bags reliably and on time. He says one possible winner might be Southwest Airlines. Read more...

The Science of Contracts Behind the 2016 Economics Nobel

Contracts help human beings do what at times seems impossible. They help us cooperate and trust each other. It’s not that we fundamentally don’t trust one another. It’s just that trust is a freer-flowing currency when agreements are backed by a contract. And that’s why contract theory became the premise for the 2016 Nobel prize for economics on Monday. Smith School professors Kislaya Prasad and Michael Faulkender help explain why the theory is so important. Read more...

Hao Su

Hao began the program in Fall 2016. His research interests include supply chain cooperation, supply chain risks, and transportation and logistics management. 

Trump Is Winning Twitter: Does It Matter?

Retweets aren't necessarily endorsements, and they definitely aren’t votes. So what can Twitter tell us about the 2016 presidential election? Maybe more than you think, new research from the University of Maryland suggests. For starters, Republican nominee Donald Trump is winning — at Twitter anyway — over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. The authors of a working paper focused on presidential campaign media coverage and tweeting analyze the effects of Trump's frequent tweeting. Read more...

Southwest Fights Off Online Travel Agencies

Southwest Airlines eschews online travel agencies. But a trio of U.S. senators is pushing for a forced marriage of sorts between the industries in the name of consumer protection. The lawmakers recently issued a news release urging pressure on airlines to share fares and fees with online travel agencies. Smith School professors Martin Dresner and P.K. Kannan share insights. Read more...

Counterintuitive Ways to Close the Gender Pay Gap

On Women’s Equality Day last week at the White House, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, General Motors and other big U.S. companies signed an “Equal Pay Pledge” to close the gender pay gap for their employees. But methods of measuring success include many unintended consequences. The most efficient approach, based on the current standard of "equal pay for equal work," is sometimes counterintuitive, new Smith School research shows. Read more...


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