Will the Fed Raise Interest Rates? William Longbrake

What is the likelihood that the Fed will raise interest rates in September? William Longbrake, Smith School Executive in Residence and senior policy advisor at the school’s Center for Financial Policy, shares insights and assesses the risks of the various policy options. "The odds (of a rate hike) have fallen further in recent days as turmoil has engulfed global financial markets," he says. Read more...

Anne Duquerroy

Anne Duquerroy began the program in Fall 2011. Her research interests are in empirical corporate finance, specifically in the areas of investment, capital structure and SME finance as well as in banking and political economy. Prior to joining the Smith PhD Program, Anne worked as an economist in the Financial Stability Directorate of the French Central Bank. 

Xiaoyuan Hu

Xiaoyuan Hu began the program in Fall 2011. Her research interests include corporate finance, corporate governance, product markets, financial markets, financial institutions, law and finance, and international finance.

Wen Chen

Wen began the program in Fall 2011. Her research interests include market microstructure, asset pricing and information economics.

Donald Bowen

Donald Bowen began the program in Fall 2012. He studies empirical corporate finance. His specific interests include investment, innovation, corporate governance, and international corporate finance. He has an article forthcoming in Management Science on technology adoption within corporate finance. His dissertation examines the role of the market for innovation on corporate investment and won the Best Paper in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Ed Snider Center for Entrepreneurship and Markets. His work in 2014 was supported by a Graduate All S.T.A.R.

Stefano Collina

Stefano Collina began the program in Fall 2013. His research interests include empirical asset pricing, empirical markt microstructure, and financial regulation. Stefano's working paper explores commodity futures speculation and spot volatility: a conditional analysis. 

Jinming Xue

Jinming Xue began the program in Fall 2014. His researach interests include empirical asset pricing. Jinming's working paper explores market return predictability and industry linkages. 

Bo Hu

Bo Hu began the program in Fall 2014. His research interests include asset pricing and market microstructure.


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