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Executives Discuss IT Trends & Investment Opportunities in Japan

Japanese and American business people met at the Robert H. Smith School of Business on November 20 to discuss IT trends and investment opportunities in Japan. The luncheon was part of the State of Maryland's sister state program with the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. Kanagawa is a prefecture located in the southern Kantō region of Honshū, Japan. The capital is Yokohama. Kanagawa is part of the Greater Tokyo Area. Officials from both governments attended the luncheon.

BusinessWeek Names Erich Studer-Ellis One of Nation's Favorite Business School Professors

Erich Studer-Ellis, Tyser Teaching Fellow of management science and statistics at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, has been named byBusinessWeek as one of the nation's favorite undergraduate business school professors. Studer-Ellis is one of 22 U.S. faculty members undergraduate students mentioned most frequently when surveyed by BusinessWeek in 2006.

"I was unbelievably impressed," says recent grad and teaching assistant Erin Olshever of Studer-Ellis in the BusinessWeek story. "In a class of 250 students, he could call on anyone by name."

Smith Faculty Headline Management Conference in Zrich

Smith faculty members brought the Smith Schools thought leadership to Europe in a series of workshops Tuesday, October 3 at the 16th Zrich MBA Congress. Rhonda Reger, professor of management and organization, Gurdip Bakshi, professor of finance, Judy Frels, senior director of custom programs, and Rob Sheehan, academic director for executive MBA and executive degree programs, were among thought leaders presenting at the conference, which focused on leading management issues.

The New New Internet: Web 2.0 for Business

Our friends at ExecutiveBiz present The New New Internet: Web 2.0 for Business, an interactive conference on Web 2.0 applications that includes discussion from high-level experts about the future of IT, adaptive Web technologies and how they apply to business. This one-day event is the first of its kind on the east coast, and will feature a series of keynotes, panel discussions and presentations for senior executives and IT professionals on the growing relevance of Web 2.0 for business and government.

University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business 10th Annual Top-10 Summer Reading List for Business Leaders

The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business is excited to announce some favorite books in the "10th Annual Top-10 Summer Reading List for Business Leaders" for 2013, as recommended by members of its faculty and staff.

Smith to Co-sponsor Third Annual Forum on Financial Information Systems & Cybersecurity

The information revolution has not only introduced new technologies, but has changed the way business is conducted. Economic transactions increasingly take place via digital electronic activities focused primarily on the interconnectivity obtained via the Internet. A critical part of this interconnectivity is the way organizations have integrated their accounting and financial management systems with Internet based applications. The importance of the Internet to private and public organizations is well known.

The New, New Internet IPv6: Technology's Next Big Step

Date: Thursday, March 30, 2006
Time: 7:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Location: Fairview Park Marriott (Falls Church just off the Beltway)

The Smith School has teamed up with ExecutiveBiz for this half-day conference, designed to bring you up-to-speed on the NEW super information highway and give you access to local experts. Short for Internet Protocol Version 6, IPv6 is the next generation Internet and if your company isn't familiar with it yet, 2006 will be the year you become acquainted with this new technology.

Smith School Co-Sponsors eLeadership Conference with World Bank

In June, the University of Maryland/Smith School and co-sponsors (the World Bank Institute, the U.S. Agency For International Development, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Cisco, and Avaya) welcomed leaders from around the globe to a workshop focused on identifying the intellectual and conceptual underpinnings and skills profile for a new type of development executive, the E-Leader.


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