Decision, Operations & Information Technologies

Yang Pan

Yang Pan began the program in Fall 2012. Her research interests include data analytics. Yang's working paper explores the implications of product market threats and corporate governance for innovation in the high-tec sector and risk preference and portfolio returns in emerging markets. 

Dongwon Lee

Dongwon Lee began the program in Fall 2012. HIs research interests include online consumer behavior, health IT, user experience, human capital interaction, IT based service innovation, strategic IT alignment, information and knowledge sharing, and social network services. 

Jorge Mejia

Jorge Mejia began the program in Fall 2011. Jorge's research interests include media, big data, and unstructured data. His working papers explore physician online reviews, the role of pre-entry experience, incubation process, and incubation outcomes in new venture survival, the effects of online deals, how electronic medical alerts regain physician's trust. In addition, Jorge received a grant to participate in Start-Up Chile Incubator and received a grant from Smith's Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). 

Weiguang Wang

Weiguang Wang began the program in Fall 2014. His research interests are healthcare information technologies and big data. Weiguang's work has been featured by Computers in Human Behavior and Journal of Informatics.

Smith & IBM Host Cybersecurity Analytics Workshop

Cybersecurity analytics was the theme of the Fifth Annual Business Analytics Workshop, held in College Park, Md., on Monday, May 18, 2015. Co-sponsored by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and IBM, the day-long workshop consisted of topics ranging from calculating cybersecurity investments to applying machine learning to cyber defense. The workshop provided ample time for questions from the audience and speakers delivered real-time solutions to some of the attendees.


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