Accounting & Information Assurance

Yue Zheng

Yue Zheng began the program in Fall 2012. Her research interests include voluntary disclosure, venture capital, the real effects of financial reporting, information transfers and earnings quality. 


Sijing Wei

Sijing Wei began the program in Fall 2012. Sijing's research investigates voluntary disclosure, capital markets, product markets, earnings management and corporate social responsibility. One of her working papers explores information transparency and product market competition. Her second working paper discusses corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting and the GAP between perceived and actual CSR performance.  

Heedong Kim

Heedong Kim began the program in Fall 2013. His research interests include voluntary disclosure, corporate governance, uncertainty around the earnings announcement, and firm's productivity.


Yi Cao

Yi Cao began the program in Fall 2013. His research interests include corporate governance, financial reporting, information security, ethics and disclosure. 

Ruyun Feng

Ruyun began the program in Fall 2014. Her research interests include financial accounting and specifically capital market research including funadmental analysis and valuation as well as tests of capital makret efficiency.

Toshiba's Accounting Scandal: Catching the Fuzzy Math

Toshiba is known for producing televisions, computers and, as of this summer, an epic accounting scandal. Its CEO resigned in July after an outside investigator documented that the Japanese company had overstated earnings by $1.2 billion since 2008. Smith School accounting professor Progyan Basu says detecting the point at which reasonable managerial discretion crosses the line into something more nefarious remains "more of an art than a science." Read more...

Smith Undergrads Take 2nd Place in NABA Case Study Competition

A team of accounting students from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business took home second place and $300 each in the student case study competition at National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) National Convention & Expo, held in Las Vegas, June 10-13, 2015. This is the third year in a row Smith Terps have taken home an award.


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