Entrepreneurship Courses

Listed below are entrepreneurship courses offered through the Smith School of Business. Check Testudo for current semester offerings.

Graduate Entrepreneurship Courses

BUSI 647: Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity 
An advanced topics course in Corporate Finance. The major emphasis is how financiers help firms plan for growth and finance firms using different types of securities at different points in the industry's and firm's life. Securities will include private financings and placements, Venture Capital (VC), Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Private Equity and Leveraged Buyouts.

BUSI 660 - Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
Introduction to important tools and skills necessary to create and grow a successful new venture. The course integrates research findings from a range of different practical and intellectual perspectives into practical, hands on lessons for an entrepreneur.

BUSI 661 - Creativity for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Examines the concept of creativity as it applies in today's and tomorrow's complex business environment. An overview of the cognitive foundations of creativity, examines many of the preconceived notions about creativity in business and discusses multiple ways in which creativity can help business leaders and entrepreneurs to succeed.

BUSI 771: New Venture Financing 
Development of skills for financing new ventures (both small and potentially large). Exploration of various funding sources. Criteria used in evaluation and decision process, including commercial banks, venture capital companies, small business investment companies, underwriters, private placement-financial consultants, mortgage bankers, and small business innovative research grants (U.S. Government).

BUMO 730: Corporate Venturing
Explores the skills, techniques, and strategies that are required to instill entrepreneurial behavior in large complex organizations. Students study presentations from real executives and business cases wherein creativity, innovation, fast decision-making, and trial and error implementation have been applied successfully.

BUMO 752: Strategic Growth for Emerging Companies 
Explores the key elements of mastering the move from being a successful small company to achieving industry significance. Supplemented by readings, video and guest speakers, the course highlights the application of practical lessons leading to strategic growth and subsequent emergence as a player.

BUMO 753: Emerging Business Formation 
Business formation issues, legal obligations that affect entrepreneurial activities, the spectrum of financing methods available to emerging businesses, creating management and organization and a practical application of the tools through practical projects.

BUMO 758: Entrepreneurial Exit Strategies
Focuses on research and practice on how an entrepreneur exits the business. Topics will include management practices in preparing the business, the options available to the entrepreneur (acquisitions, IPO, and LBO), transition and post-exit options including social entrepreneurship, angel investing, and serial entrepreneurship.

BUMO 758: International Entrepreneurship
Introduces new international developments that have greatly expanded the entrepreneurial opportunities for the global market. Topics include: methods and process of entry, joint ventures and strategic alliances, financing international ventures, flows of people, goods, services and capital, insurance, nationality and culture, and the analysis of foreign markets.

BUMO 758: Social Entrepreneurship
Examines the characteristics of a social enterprise and explores the challenges of managing a successful social enterprise. The course prepares the student for a career in social entrepreneurship through understanding the vision, mission, strategies, goals, and organizational structures of successful and failed social enterprises.

BUMO 758F: Special Topics in Management and Organization: Entrepreneurial Issues in Family and Closely-Held Businesses
Provides students with the practical tools to be effective working in and advising these unique businesses. Topics addressed will include: the unique aspects of family-owned businesses, legal and financial issues, generational conflict and resolution, transitions, corporate governance, use of outside advisors and specific growth strategies.

BUMO 777: Technology Commercialization
Students will build commercialization plans for University of Maryland technologies protected by the Office of Technology Commercialization. Students will learn different mechanisms for successful technology transfer and work closely with the instructor, the Dingman Center managing director and affiliated professionals.

BUSI 758: Business Plan Writing and China Business Plan Competition Training
This practical two-credit course is about writing and presenting new venture business plans. It involves presenting (pitching) your business plan in the US (December) and, if you choose, in Beijing, China (January). The course is required for participation in the China Business Plan Competition and builds upon fundamental knowledge about business venturing that is offered in BUSI 660.

Undergraduate Courses

Entrepreneurship Fellows Program
In your junior and senior years, you will have the opportunity to participate in a Fellows track that allows you to specialize in a specific area of business. Fellows programs will provide a broad range of opportunities to specialize and integrate knowledge gained in the classroom with real-world activities and hands-on applications in laboratories, internships and other action-based learning.

BMGT 289E: Entrepreneurial Thinking for Non-Business Major
A focus on how entrepreneurial thinking can improve you day to day life. Students will have a chance to glimpse into the visionaries’ minds and understand how the process of creating “the next big thing” works.

BMGT 361: Starting and Managing the Entrepreneurial Venture
Focuses on the early development of a new venture. Topics include: idea-getting, opportunity recognition, feasibility studies, new venture financing and startup. Guest speakers and practicing entrepreneurs offer real world guidance. Restricted to students admitted to the Smith Entrepreneurship Fellows Program.

BMGT 365: Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity
Studies venture capital and private equity using a combination of cases, lectures and guest speakers. Addresses how venture capitalists provide capital to start-up firms in growing industries and how private equity markets provide capital to help established medium-sized firms (often family businesses) grow and restructure.

BMGT 461: Entrepreneurship
Process of creating new ventures, including evaluating the entrepreneurial team, the opportunity and the financing requirements. Skills, concepts, mental attitudes and knowledge relevant for starting a new business.

BMGT 465: Business Plan For The New Venture
Students focus on the production of a business plan that will be accepted for an annual business plan competition. Business plans of sufficient quality may be submitted to attract financing. Topics include a deep review of business plan construction and its derivative short forms.

BMGT 828E: Independent Work Study in Business Management
Cross Disciplinary Workshop in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.