Pitch Dingman Competition

 Pitch Dingman Competition

Twice annually, students can compete for $3,500 in start-up funding at the Pitch Dingman Competition. Five finalists will pitch to a panel of all-star judges including regional entrepreneurs and members of the Smith School community. Interested in competing? Start with a Pitch Dingman session to discuss your business idea. 

Upcoming Competitions

December 3, 2015 | Location TBD


All applicants must be a current student at the University of Maryland who has attended at lease one Pitch Dingman session. 

Prize Breakdown

  • First Place: $2,000
  • Second Place: $1,000
  • Audience Choice: $500

Preparing Your Presentation

For the Pitch Dingman Competition, your pitch should be a six-minute presentation providing a brief overview of your business idea. It is meant to help you—as an entrepreneur—to practice and hone your ability to verbalize and sell the idea to early stage investors such as friends and family, angel investors and venture capital firms. The key is to share your passion and enthusiasm for your idea.

Topics to include in your pitch are:

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. How big is your problem? Talk about addressable market size.
  3. What is your solution to the problem? What is the value proposition for the customer?
  4. Who are your competitors and why is your solution better?
  5. How will you make money? What are your revenue stream(s)? Marketing and distribution strategy?
  6. Management team—who? What backgrounds and experiences do they bring?
  7. Use of funds—how will you use the $3,500 prize money should you win the competition?

Keep in mind that every business is unique and so should be your presentation. Please practice your presentation several times.