Portfolio Companies


SurveySnap - 2014

SurveySnap is a smarter, more efficient and more profitable system for collecting, reporting and communicating around site-survey information. This is done through the use of our intuitive mobile application and site-survey technology that is specifically designed for maximum efficiency.


GOPOP.TV - 2014

With the proliferation of 'second screen' devices, TV, movie, and Internet video activities are primed for disruption. Gopop plans to exploit this disruption by engaging viewers through dynamic social interactions while offering a wider monetization model.


DivvyCloud - 2014

DivvyCloud reduces the overall complexity of a company’s cloud environment to allow engineers to spend more time developing the core business and less time managing cloud assets.


Zoobean - 2014

Zoobean delights kids with books curated just for them. Personalize a subscription, give a gift, and explore our catalog.


Cobrain - 2014

Cobrain is one of the fastest growing shopping apps today. Imagine walking into a virtual mall, except you only see the items you’re going to want to buy!

Pendo - 2014

Pendo brings the data, the insight, and the tools to Product Managers that will enable them to make the decisions that until now they were unable to make.

Wheel Shields - 2013

Wheel Shields makes a longboard skateboarding device that improves safety, keeps riders dry, and lets skaters perform new tricks. 

Astrapi Logo

Astrapi Corporation– 2013

Astrapi’s patented Compound Channel Coding™ (cCc™) allows for dramatic improvements in communication performance by smoothly integrating periodic and exponential signal parameters.

ZeroFox Logo

ZeroFOX – 2013

ZeroFOX provides enterprise grade security technology dedicated to identifying, monitoring and preventing risk across the socially connected enterprise.

Naaya Logo

Naaya – 2013

Naaya is a game-based social learning platform for Elementary Schools (K-5) focused on global and social studies and 21st Century Skills - Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Character.

Distil Networks Logo

Distil Networks – 2012

Distil Networks protects websites against web scraping, content theft and competitive data mining.

YaSabe Logo

YaSabe – 2012

YaSabe connects businesses, Latino culture and community by allowing users to be “in the know” and confidently make choices about how and where to spend their time and money.

E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC Logo

E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC – 2012

E-ISG Asset Intelligence delivers cost efficient solutions to help customers manage and track their assets so they can reduce costs and improve operation efficiency.

Mobile Systems 7 Logo

Mobile Systems 7 - 2012

Mobile Systems 7 allows enterprises to securely deploy smartphones and tablets by monitoring deployed systems, securing sensitive data and enforce corporate policies without relying on software agents.

Brain Sentry Logo

Brain Sentry - 2012

Brain Sentry's helmet-mounted sensor detects impacts that could cause a concussion - helping prevent further injury or death.

Ringio Logo

Ringio - 2012

Ringio is a cloud-based Communication Software for SMBs focused on real-time data and customer intelligence.

Tista Games Logo

Tista Games - 2012

Tista Games is a platform for regularly scheduled episodic games that keeps players engaged and monetizing for years, not just weeks.

Lemur Technologies Logo

Lemur Technologies - 2012

Lemur Technologies is a software company that brings together experts in retail, programming, and social media marketing to develop innovative solutions for common retail problems by leveraging smart phone technology and social networking.

Social Toaster Logo

Social Toaster - 2012

socialtoaster.com Social Toaster is a social marketing platform that engages supporters to promote content directly to social networks while driving website traffic and providing comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness of efforts.

Social Tables Logo

Social Tables - 2012

socialtables.com Social Tables has created the world's first social seating chart through its event planning and community-building platform.

SpydrSafe Logo

SpydrSafe - 2012

spydrsafe.com SpydrSafe’s mobile security platform prevents corporate data breaches due to intentional or inadvertent misuse of mobile apps, thus enabling the use of employee-owned devices in the workplace and providing IT departments the tools necessary to safeguard corporate data.

Eco Armour Logo

Eco Armour - 2012

eco-armour.com Eco Armour produces shaving and skin-care products using all natural and organic renewable resource ingredients.

LearnZillion Logo

LearnZillion - 2012

learnzillion.com LearnZillion is a learning platform that combines video lessons, assessments, and progress reporting. Each lesson highlights a Common Core standard, starting with math in grades 3-9.

6th Street Commerce Logo

6th Street Commerce - 2012

6thstreetcommerce.com 6th Street Commerce focuses on simplifying and streamlining the critical business processes associated with managing a successful E-commerce business.

Target Entertainment Properties Logo

Target Entertainment Properties - 2012

tepgames.com Target Entertainment Properties (TEP) is a Maryland based company dedicated to developing a suite of celebrity branded games across multiple platforms.

Cirrus Works Logo

Cirrus Works - 2011

cirrusworks.net CirrusWorks is a scalable integrated infrastructure solution that forms the basis of efficient technology management in commercial networking environments.

Spotflux Logo

Spotflux - 2011

spotflux.com Spotflux has developed several unique technologies that bypass censoring technologies, protect privacy, and allow users all over the world to browse an open and free internet.

Spinnakr Logo

Spinnakr - 2011

spinnakr.com Increase click-throughs and conversions by automatically displaying the right message to the right visitor.

Veenome Logo

Veenome - 2011

veenome.com Veenome translates video content into data for superior organization, publishing, sharing, searching and monetization.

SevaCall Logo

SevaCall - 2011

sevacall.com Seva Call is the next-generation request aggregator and filtering search engine. It goes beyond traditional search engines by eliminating the inefficiency caused by the “guess and check” method of matching consumers to service providers.

YouEye Logo

YouEye - 2011

youeye.com YouEye is dedicated to creating the best services and tools for improving the user experience of the web.

Nexercise Logo

Nexercise - 2011

nexercise.com A free mobile application that rewards users with virtual medals, discounts and free merchandise for good health.

Brazen Careerist Logo

Brazen Careerist - 2011

brazencareerist.com A growing community of connectors, coaches, job-seekers, recruiters and entrepreneurs to help you find your next great opportunity

uKnow Logo

uKnow - 2010

uknow.com uKnow enables parents to “have their child’s back” without constantly looking over their shoulder. By giving parents the information they need to educate and engage their children about staying safe online and smarter tools to supervise their children in a digital world, uKnow helps make technology safer for kids and less intimidating for parents.

Seguro Surgical Logo

Seguro Surgical - 2010

segurosurgical.com An innovative medical device company specializing in the development and commercialization of quality surgical devices that will benefit both medical professionals and patient populations. Seguro has established links with leading Educational Institutions to enable it to access, assess and license new technologies that match our mission - to reduce health care costs, while improving patient safety.

Gold Lasso Logo

Gold Lasso - 2010

goldlasso.com A provider of sophisticated multi-channel marketing technologies and services that help companies easily interact with their customers in a more relevant and personalized way. In an ever-changing marketing environment, long-term client success is our mission, therefore we provide every client with a dedicated and knowledgeable Account Manager who delivers strategic guidance.

MeMeMe Logo

MeMeMe - 2010

memememobile.com Provides the world' s most advanced speech recognition platform by enabling real-time voice control of any mobile application or automated phone service, and the most accurate transcription of any audio content.

SitScape Logo

SitScape - 2010

sitscape.com Provides award-winning, Web-based, situational User-Defined-Operating-Picture (UDOP) software. It enables ops and mission users to easily aggregate and visualize disparate application and information sources into collaborative Common- Operating-Picture (COP) for situational awareness, live monitoring, executive briefing, visual contextual collaboration and information sharing.

B4Health Logo

B4Health - 2008

b4-health.com Through B4Health, hospitals and healthcare facilities have an opportunity to realize short term benefits both in cost and time efficiency while applying long term solutions to build flexible business models around staffing acquisition and retention.

mySBX Logo

mySBX- 2008

Operates an online network for businesses and professionals to exchange opportunities, resources, and information. A Web-based tool that enables government contractors to find qualified partners, form contract teams, and create winning bids on GWAC and IDIQ task orders from their own Web portal. Sold to Deltek.

Interaction Labs Logo

Interaction Labs - 2008

ia-labs.com Developer of computer interface technologies for immersive physical interactions that people usually only experience in the real world. The focus is on adding resistance and mass to virtual objects in video games, military simulations and other digital content.

Zymetis Logo

Zymetis - 2007

zymetis.com Develops innovative biotechnologies which enable the economical production of sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel.

Max Endoscopy Logo

MAX Endoscopy - 2007

maxendoscopy.com Develops medical devices used in gastrointestinal endoscopy and related specialties. One product currently in development has applications in the treatment of hemorrhoids; assists a physician in performing a colonoscopy.

Goozex Logo

Goozex - 2006

goozex.com An award winning peer-to-multi-peer video game and movie trading company headquartered in College Park, Maryland. The company has designed and developed an innovative online system that connects members to build a community across North America, and allows them to trade games with each other.

Hook & Ladder Logo

Hook & Ladder Brewing Company - 2006

hookandladderbeer.com An award winning microbrewery founded by a firefighter from Bethesda, MD. Hook and Ladder is currently available in 27 states and has donated over $60,000 to burn treatment centers in local communities.

Sensics Logo

Sensics - 2005

sensics.com The panoramic virtual reality display company. Based on patented technology developed over nearly a decade of research, Sensics delivers upgradeable, lightweight, panoramic head-mounted displays that combine ultra-wide field of view and high resolution.