Start Up Successes

Cupid’s Cup Business Competition Winners

The companies below, all founded by alumni, received the grand prize in Cupid’s Cup: the Univeristy of Maryland Business Competition, sponsored by Kevin Plank ’96, founder and CEO of Under Armour.

Disease Diagnostic Group (2014) has produced a rapid, accurate and inexpensive handheld device that can diagnose Malaria within one minute with one drop of blood, similar to a diabetes test. Existing alternatives include blood drops that must be tested in a lab and have slower turnaround and pregnancy-test like strips that are unreliable due to unstable storage conditions. John is a graduate student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

DDG Logo

Earth Starter (2013) was formed to solve what the founders believe will be the world's most pressing issue in upcoming years: sustainable healthy food supplies. Our goal is to help people reduce their dependency on global food markets while focusing on creating a more nourishing Earth.

Reed Street Productions (2012) operates 'Run for Your Lives', a zombie apocalypse-themed 5K race in which participants navigate an obstacle course and rugged terrain - all while being chased by "zombies". Reed Street Productions (2011) is a dorm size refrigerator rental service, currently serving schools in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and DC. Logo

Social Growth Technologies (2010) has created Social Ingot, a platform to help social games and online worlds generate revenue through their virtual economies.

Social Growth Technologies Logo

College Magazine (2009) is the ultimate and uncensored guide to college. Written entirely by students, they cover real issues that affect the campus community: class, parties, sex, internships, music and more.

College Magazine Logo

Anaptyx (2008) provides WiFi Internet access to entire apartment communities and municipalities through energy-efficient technology

Anaptyx Logo
Goozex (2007) (short for "Goods Exchange") is a trading community for video games and movies providing the most advanced, feature-rich, and customer-acclaimed platform to trade products for other products. Goozex Logo
North Star Games (2006) makes innovative board games including the award-winning Wits & Wagers, Say Anything and Cluzzle, available at Borders, Barnes & Noble and Target. North Star Games Logo

UMD Community Companies

Companies formed and operated by University of Maryland alumni, students, faculty or staff receiving a variety of assistance and support from the Dingman Center.

AlertUS Enterprise Emergency Alert System utilizes a proprietary wireless transmission platform to offer real-time, uninterrupted, secure communication with employees, tenants, and residents. AlertUS Logo
Arcxis Biotechnologies is a start-up biotechnology company that is developing state of the art portable biological diagnostic tools with the ability to rapidly analyze, detect, and characterize infectious disease agents in a multiplexed format. Arcxis Biotechnologies Logo
Baby Fans is a one-stop online shop for officially licensed baby sports clothing, accessories and toys. Baby Fans Logo
Biodiesel University is a mobile renewable energy education lab touring schools, universities, and public events providing hands-on demonstrations. Biodiesel University Logo
Clean City specializes in developing and implementing facility maintenance solutions for facility owners and managers committed to environmental sustainability and efficient life cycle management. Clean City Logo
Crooked Monkey produces branded t-shirts for the 16-24 guy and girl and has amassed an A-list of retailers carrying its line—Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Kitson and Fred Segal—and has been worn by celebrities, including Ryan Seacrest and Miley Cyrus. Crooked Monkey Logo
Dayna Designs, LLC is a leading jewelry design and production firm, specializing in custom logo jewelry made from sterling silver and all-natural materials. Dayna Designs Logo
Geocentric is a specialty software and services company dedicated to improving internet mapping and local search by enabling Destination Marketing Organizations. Geocentric Logo
Hook & Ladder an award winning beer marketing company best known for its mission of donating proceeds from each beer to local burn centers. The company produces three original brews: Hook & Ladder Golden Ale®, Hook & Ladder Backdraft Brown®and Hook & Ladder Flashpoint Pale Ale™. Hook & Ladder Logo
Mom Made products are all-natural without any additives or preservatives, offering three product lines, Mom Made for Baby, Mom Made Meals and Mom Made Munchies, available at Whole Foods, Wegmans, Target and others. Mom Made Logo
SHOP DC is an up-scale, glamorous magazine which serves the 4 star hotel client, showcasing the high-end retail shops, spas and galleries and was sold to The Washington Post in 2006. Shop DC Logo
Serenity Now is a lifestyle management company offering concierge and personal assistant services with a wide range of benefits. Serenity Now Logo
The Smith Store is a student-run enterprise at the Smith School of Business selling Smith-branded products online and in our retail store and custom bulk products to UMD organizations. The Smith Store Logo
Sunscreen Mist was inspired by the potential to turn the lengthy, unpleasant, and often inadequate process of applying sunscreen into a quick, easy, and fun experience for all ages. Sunscreen Mist Logo

Regional & International Companies

Companies founded and operated by entrepreneurs in the US and internationally. These companies have received assistance through a variety of the Dingman Center’s programs.

CreditEase connects lenders with creditworthy borrowers through a P2P (peer-to-peer) platform and was a winner of the 2008 China Business Plan Competition. CreditEase Logo
Exponential Storage develops simple and affordable data storage systems for dependable, secure, “always on” access to large and growing volumes of mission critical data. Exponential Storage Logo
XTS is the leading provider of enterprise management analytics software for Citrix and other virtualization platforms XTS Logo