Working Papers by DIGITS-Affiliated Faculty

Author(s) Title Year Document Type
Galit Shmueli & Wolfgang Jank Profiling Price Dynamics in Online Auctions Using Curve Clustering 2003 Paper
Wolfgang Jank & Galit Shmueli Dynamic Profiling of Online Auctions Using Curve Clustering 2003 Paper
Galit Shmueli, Ralph P. Russo, & Wolfgang Jank Modeling Bid Arrivals in Online Auctions 2003 Paper
D. Agrawal, S. Bharath & S. Viswanathan Technological Change and Stock Return Volatility: Evidence from eCommerce Adoptions 2003 Working Paper
S. Viswanathan Dotcoms versus Notcoms: Competing on Channel-Centric Value Propositions 2003 Working Paper
Wonseok Oh & Henry C. Lucas Jr. A Longitudinal Investigation of Price Dispersion and Price Adjustment in the Electronic Computer Commodity Market 2003 Paper
Neil J. Keon & G. Anandalingam Optimal Pricing for Multiple Services in Telecommunications Networks Offering Quality of Services Guarantees 2002 Paper
Henry C. Lucas, Jr. & Richard Sylla The Global Impact of the Internet: Widening the Economic Gap between Wealthy and Poor Nations? 2002 Paper
Shin-yi Wu & G. Anandalingam Optimal Customized Bundle Pricing for Information Goods 2002 Paper
Lucas, Henry C., Jr., Wonseok Oh, Gary Simon, & Bruce Weber Information Technology and the New York Stock Exchange's Strategic Resources from 1982-1999 2002 Paper
Shin-yi Wu, Pei-yu Chen & G. Anandalingam Optimal Pricing Scheme for Information Services 2002 Paper
G. Anandalingam, R. Kwon, L.H. Ungar An Efficient Approximation Algorithm for Combinatorial Auctions 2002 Paper
Laura Bright & Louiqa Raschid A Framework for Profile-Based Data Access on the WWW 2001 Abstract
N. Keon & G. Anandalingam A New Pricing Model for Competitive Telecommunications Services Using Congestion Discounts 2001 Paper
Roland T. Rust & Katharine N. Lemon E-Service and the Consumer 2001 Abstract
Laura Bright, Samrat Bhattacharjee & Louiqa Raschid Improving Mobile Data Access Using Client Profiles 2001 Abstract
Thomas Vossen & Michael Ball Optimization and Mediated Bartering Models for Ground Delay Programs 2001 Paper
Xing Pan, Brian T. Ratchford & Venkatesh Shankar Why Aren't the Prices of the Same Item the Same at and Drivers of Price Dispersion Among E-Tailers 2001 Abstract
Bruce Golden Algorithms, Logistics, and the New Economy 2000 Presentation
Shankar, Venkatesh, Amy K. Smith, & Arvind Rangaswamy Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Online and Offline Environments 2000 Paper
Joseph Bailey, Jose Nagel, & S. Raghavan Ex-Post Internet Charging 2000 Paper
Gruser, Jean-Robert, Louiqa Raschid, Vladimir Zadorozhny, & Tao Zhan Learning Response Time for WebSources using Query Feedback and Application in Query Optimization 2000 Paper
Mihaila, George A., Louiqa Raschid, & Anthony Tomasic Locating and Accessing Data Repositories with WebSemantics 2000 Paper
Lucas, Henry C., Jr. & Richard Sylla The Global Impact of the Internet: Widening the Economic Gap between Wealthy and Poor Nations? 2000 Paper
Shankar, Venkatesh, Arvind Rangaswamy & Michael Pusateri Customer Price Sensitivity and the Online Medium 1999 Paper
Franklin, M., G. Mihaila., L. Raschid, T. Urhan, M. W. Vidal & V. Zadorozhny Searching and Querying Wide-Area Distributed Collections 1999 Paper
Bailey, Joseph P. Internet Price Discrimination: Self-Regulation, Public Policy, and Global Electronic Commerce 1998 Paper
Bailey, Joseph P. & J. Yannis Bakos An Exploratory Study of the Emerging Role of Electronic Intermediaries 1997 Paper