Leadership Fellows

Dr. Hui Liao Dr. Hui Liao
Human resources, organizational behavior, leadership, service quality, organizational justice, inclusion, industrial-organizational psychology, creativity, cross-cultural management
Dr. Joyce E. A. Russell Dr. Joyce E. A. Russell
Industrial and organizational psychology, leadership, management development, negotiation tactics, executive coaching, change management, human resource management, performance improvement
Dr. Cynthia Kay Stevens Dr. Cynthia Kay Stevens
Industrial-organizational psychology, executive coaching, change management, negotiating corporate change, managing employee burnout, conflict management, leadership development, team building
Dr. J. Gerald Suarez Dr. J. Gerald Suarez
Organizational design, systems thinking, quality management, systems thinking, organizational redesign, social responsibility
Dr. Alexander J. Triantis Dr. Alexander J. Triantis
Financial strategy, corporate finance, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, executive training, risk management