The Smith School CIBER supports research that promotes the international competitiveness of American businesses and strengthens the international aspects of business and professional education. In particular, it supports research on emerging markets, which will be critical to America's future. To this end, CIBER provides faculty and PhD students with research grants.

In 2014, CIBER supported research for two PhD candidates:

Jorge Mejia from the Decision, Operations and Information Technologies department. His work focuses on the entrepreneur’s pre-entry and incubator experience on the outcome of their firms; and,

Bryan Stroube from the Management and Organization Department. His research looks at markets as cultural phenomena, especially in China.

In 2013, CIBER supported five faculty members and PhD students with summer research awards:

Wilbur Chung, “Agglomeration, Congestion, and Firm Strategy: A Simulation Approach"

Vojislav Maksimovic, "Business Conditions in Developing countries and the Life-Cycle of Firms"

Bennet Zelner, “Identifying Archetypes: An Empirical Study of Business Group Structure in 16 Developed Economies”

Austin Starkweather, “Strategies that Firms Should Take When Investing Abroad”

•Jiban Khuntia, “Service Augmentation and Customer Satisfaction: An Analysis of Cell Phone Services in Base-Of-The-Pyramid Markets”