CIBER provides faculty and PhD students with research grants. In 2013, CIBER supported five faculty members and PhD students with summer research awards:

Wilbur Chung – “Agglomeration, Congestion, and Firm Strategy: A Simulation Approach

Vojislav Maksimovic – Business Conditions in Developing countries and the Life-Cycle of Firms

Bennet Zelner, “Identifying Archetypes: An Empirical Study of Business Group Structure in 16 Developed Economies”

•Austin Starkweather – “Strategies that Firms Should Take When Investing Abroad”

•Jiban Khuntia – “Service Augmentation and Customer Satisfaction: An Analysis of Cell Phone Services in Base-Of-The-Pyramid Markets”


In 2014, CIBER is supporting research for two more PhD candidates:

•Jorge Mejia from the Decision, Operations and Information Technologies department. His work focuses on the entrepreneur’s pre-entry and incubator experience on the outcome of their firms; and,

•Bryan Stroube from the Management and Organization Department. His research looks at markets as cultural phenomena, especially in China.