About Us

The Smith School CIBER is a national resource center for teaching, research and outreach in international business and related fields. It was established on July 1, 2006 with a $1.42 million, four-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education and 100% matching funds from the Smith School and University of Maryland. The Smith CIBER grant was renewed in 2014 with a $1 million four-year grant. With the new grant, the Smith CIBER will focus research activities on national needs brought to the fore by the recent economic crisis, which transformed the business landscape in significant ways. 

Our activities are designed to:

  • Provide a rich array of international experiences for students
  • Support top quality research on international business topics
  • Build critical knowledge and international skills of area executives
  • Contribute to our community’s understanding of international affairs


The Smith CIBER has major initiatives focused on the following themes:

  1. Government Policy
  2. Emerging Markets
  3. Global Entrepreneurship
  4. Sustainability

We have clusters of activities surrounding each theme.