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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, sustainability and social value creation are becoming core components of organizational strategy. The Center for Social Value Creation prepares students with the resources, opportunities and contacts they need to be successful in their career goals.

“Every single social and global issue of our day is a business opportunity in disguise.” Peter F. Drucker

Jobs in the social value creation space tend to be forward-looking and may not follow typical on-campus recruitment paths. Job seekers need to be creative, proactive and start early in their search. Knowing where you want to go and building a targeted knowledge base is essential to success.

Here are some tips to get you on track:

NARROW YOUR SEARCH. Experts at More than Money Careers have put their knowledge to work in developing a career matrix to help job seekers focus their job scope.

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The career matrix below developed by More than Money Careers can help you get a handle on the range of job options and decide where in the spectrum you best fit. Consider also picking up a copy of “Profession and Purpose: A Resource Guide for MBA Careers in Sustainability”, by Katie Kross.

  Government Traditional Nonprofit Nonprofit Generating Revenue For-Profit Social Enterprise Sustainable Business Business Practicing CSR
Examples of Organizations US Dept. of Education
VA Dept. of Business Assistance
Detroit Economic Growth Corp.
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Global Impact Investing Network
LA Regional Food Bank
Goodwill Industries
Echoing Green
State Employee Credit Union
TOMs Shoes
Harbour City Svcs
Mission Measurement
New Resource Bank
Stonyfield Farm
Eileen Fisher
Seventh Generation
Calvert Social Investment Fund
Campbell Soup
General Electric
State St Bank
Resources to Find Organizations in the US Agency Directory
State Government Directory
Local Government Directory
Foundation Center
Yahoo Directory
Social Capitalists
Draper Richards Kaplan Fdn Directory
Draper Richards Kaplan Fdn Directory
GiveToGet Jobs Database
Inc500 | 5000
CCI List
SVN Directory
B Corp Directory
Inc500 | 5000
BSR Directory
Resources to Find Organizations Abroad Opportunities Abroad for US Citizen
Check Your Country’s Department of Foreign Affairs
Directory of Development Organizations
Think Tank Directory 
Draper Richards Kaplan Fdn Directory 
Ashoka Directory 
Microfinance Gateway
EcoBusiness Directory
EVPA Directory

STAY CURRENT ON TRENDS. Read everything you can get your hands on including books, articles, research reports, and blogs. The center maintains a resource library with many of the leading books and publications in these fields, and can refer interested job seekers to numerous other resources as well.

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JOIN CLUBS. Build professional and peer networks, and gain valuable leadership opportunities.

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In addition to the student clubs offered at Smith and across the UMD campus there are a variety of professional groups in the D.C. area including:

Net Impact D.C. Professional Chapter
At the crossroads of business, public policy and sustainability, the D.C. Professional Chapter works to inspire, educate and equip professionals to use the power of business to make the vision of a more socially and environmentally responsible world a reality.

HUB DC aims to bring together diverse communities within Washington, D.C., for greater impact, bridging sectorial and cultural divides to promote creativity, build stronger communities, and support initiatives that address the world’s critical social, economic, and environmental issues by connecting world class resources to bottom-up ideas and movements.

#SocEntDC, a monthly happy hour series for the DC social enterprise community to connect, collaborate, and get to know one another.

NetSquared DC
NetSquared DC exists at the intersection of social change and technology. Part of a global NetSquared movement, the group is focused on creating impact through combining a hunger for change with powerful new technologies.

ATTEND CONFERENCES. Conferences are a great way to develop industry knowledge and open up opportunities for internships and job interviews. The Center for Social Value Creation hosts one of the largest on-campus conferences each spring, the Social Enterprise Symposium.

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The symposium brings together professionals and thought leaders from a range of sectors and industries. Students coordinators that help plan symposium content earn the added benefit of resume-enhancing involvement and a direct connection to industry experts, often resulting in jobs or internships. This and a sampling of other conferences are listed below to get you started.

USE JOB BOARDS AND SOCIAL NETWORKING. Leveraging job boards and social networking can mean a world of opportunity for job seekers willing to do their homework.

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Websites like Net Impact, Idealist and JustMeans enable job seekers to connect with others and browse posted job opportunities. In today’s world though that may not be enough. Using LinkedIn for your job search enables you to brand your best attributes and market your skills to recruiters, companies and industry professionals in a network more than 150 million strong. Check out “Link In to That Dream Gig: Everything You Need to Know About How to Use LinkedIn” for a rundown of what college students should know about using this resource.

MEET WITH A CAREER COACH. Whether undergraduate or graduate, the Smith School’s Office of Career Services has a complete set of professional development programs and tools available.

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Additionally, the center is helping the Office of Career Services integrate social value considerations across all industries. For assistance, contact Kasandra Gunter Robinson, expert industry advisor, at 301-405-8234.

GET HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE. The classroom is essential, but hands-on experience sets you apart and can add significant value to your resume while still in school.

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The center offers a number of experiential learning opportunities for students to explore their interests, including the Social Venture Consulting Program, global field projects, the Terp Changemaker team, Social Enterprise Symposium, and more. Review Programs and Clubs and Extracurriculars for more information.