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Smith Students Bring Passion and Business Together in Social Innovation Fellows
Now in its fourth year at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, Social Innovation Fellows (SIF) welcomed a new face of the program this Fall. Professor David Kirsch has taken on the SIF curriculum and breathed a new energy into the program.

Students Get Real about Social Entrepreneurship in New Lab
This Fall, the Social Entrepreneurship Lab (SE Lab) was piloted at the Robert H. Smith School of Business under the leadership of Professor Christine Beckman and Adjunct Professor Sara Herald. The Lab is an active learning environment where students test hypotheses around the creation of social ventures, and thereby develop a first-hand understanding of how the field works.

Students Advance Sustainability on Campus at UMD Sustainability Jam
A movement of "Jammers" convened at the University of Maryland to build sustainable solutions for our UMD community. The 3rd annual Sustainability Jam united students from diverse backgrounds to create new, real-world ideas that promote and advance Sustainability on campus. Students also collaborated with UMD staff on how to make their ideas a reality at UMD.