Rules & Guidelines


Glory, and $2,000 for best high school team; $2,000 for best university team, and $500 to 2 runners up, $250 for 4th place.


The competition is open to all high school and post-secondary students enrolled at an accredited Maryland high school or college. To be eligible, the student must be registered for at least one course in the Spring 2015 semester. Students enrolled in a Maryland DLLR EARN health technology workforce development program or Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) funded Workforce Development Program at an accredited university are also eligible.

Team Composition

Each team will be composed of up to 10 students from eligible schools. Students from multiple high schools can partner.

Challenge Structure

The Challenge will be divided into two rounds. All registered teams will submit the Deliverables to the organizers for initial evaluation. A panel of expert judges will evaluate the responses based on the judging criteria listed below. Up to eight teams will be invited to attend the final round at the Maryland Health IT Conference and Expo being held June 4th, 2015.  We expect to select finalists from across Maryland. Finalists will be required to present (up to 10 minutes) the solution and business strategy at the Expo.

External Resources and Input

Teams will be provided with mentors from the Maryland health technology community. Teams may also receive advice and guidance from faculty, mentors, and third-party consultants. All experts consulted for the solution must be clearly documented in a Works Cited section at the end of the slide deck. Each team is allowed to reference and use an unlimited number of books, magazines, newspapers, compendiums, readers, collections of articles, and publicly available Internet resources.

Scoring and Judging Criteria

Potential of solution to improve health and/or reduce costs




Prototype design


Quality of presentation