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CHIDS’ core team consists of faculty, fellows and students involved in the day-to-day operations and management of the center. In addition to the core team, CHIDS affiliated faculty, the advisory board, and Smith School staff members play key roles for the center in various activities. The CHIDS student fellows provide support in the research process and also lead independent research projects.

Ritu Agarwal is the founder and director of CHIDS and professor and the dean’s chair of information systems at the Smith School.

Gordon Gao is co-director of CHIDS, and associate professor in DO&IT at the Smith School. His research interests in the healthcare management area related to quality and transparency, health 2.0 and the business and economic value of IT in healthcare. 

P. Kenyon Crowley is deputy director of CHIDS. Kenyon is a passionate health IT advocate and a leader of the University of Maryland's health IT agenda. At CHIDS, he manages programs to research, analyze, and recommend solutions to challenges surrounding the introduction and integration of digital technologies into the health care system. His research has explored health information exchange performance and sustainability, electronic health record (EHR) design and usability, health information system maturity models, EHRs to support clinical research, pay-for-performance schemes, health 2.0 technologies, and innovative applications of health IT for consumer and clinical use. His experience includes health IT strategy with Johnson & Johnson, business strategy consulting as founder of Carolina Business & Investment Services and he was a Fortune 500 commercial banker and venture capital consultant, respectively. He has over 12 years experience managing multi-disciplinary projects for both commercial and government clients. When he’s not working to accelerate health care transformation, you’ll likely find him on a soccer field or at a concert. Email:

Faye Baker is the program coordinator for the center. She has extensive experience in coordination roles at the Smith School and elsewhere. Currently she is responsible for the administrative support and the communication portfolio for the Center. Email:

Barney Corwin is a CHIDS senior fellow and a lecturer at the Smith School. He has more than two decades of experience, and served most recently as the chief information officer for the District of Columbia department of health. He is involved in the member relations and outreach functions for the Center and teaches health IT curriculum. Email: