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Leigh Anenson, “Reforming Teacher Pensions”

Gurdip Bakshi, “Understanding the Economic Sources of the Decline in Entrepreneurial and IPO Activities”

Shijun Cheng, “Business volatility and the separation between controlling shareholders’ voting and cash flow rights”

Michael Faulkender, “Compensation Peer Groups at Banks During the Financial Crisis”

Brent Goldfarb, “How does patenting aspect the growth, acquisitions and financing of startup firms?”

Rebecca Hann, “Aggregate Earnings Surprises, Stock Returns, and Macroeconomic Dynamics”

Steve Heston, “Comparing Textual Processing Approaches for Predicting Stock Returns”

Mark Loewenstein, “Does Speculative Activity Have Real Effects?”

Nagpurnanad Prabhala, “Director Elections”

Louiqa Raschid, “Enhancing Financial Datasets with LEI/CICI to Study Risk Propagation”

Haluk Unal, “Money Market Funds and Bank Sponsorship”

Russ Wermers, “Microfinance Peer-Group Mechanisms: The Role of Culture, Community, Project, and Funding Source”


Gurdip Bakshi, “Do financial firms price their shares better? Evidence from accelerated seasoned equity offerings”

Michael Faulkender, “Corporate Financial Decisions and Taxes: The Role of Foreign Tax Havens”

Rebecca Hann and Hanna Lee, “Creditor Coordination Frictions and Distress Risk: The Role of Creditor and Debt Attributes”

Steve Heston, “Comparing Stochastic Volatility, Fat Tails, and Risk Premia in Option Prices”

Mark Loewenstein, “Limits of Arbitrage: The Effect of Market Clearing”

N. R. Prabhala, “Family Matters”

Louiqa Raschid, “Fiscal Policy, Governance, Citizenry and Financial Indicators: Modeling through the Lens of Social Media”

Alexander Triantis, “How Effective are Debt Covenants in Reducing Financial Agency Costs?”

Haluk Ünal, “Long-term performance of government assisted resolutions of failed banks”

Russ Wermers, “The Stability of Money Market Mutual Funds: The Effect of the 2010 Amendments to Rule 2A-7”


Gerald Hoberg and Gordon Phillips, “Conglomerate Industry Spanning”
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Haluk Unal, “Inside Debt, Bank Default Risk and Performance during the Crisis”
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Louiqa Raschid, “The Evolving Role of Financial Information for Risk Monitoring and Regulation”

Gurdip Bakshi, “Riskier Times and Asset Returns”
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N.R. Prabhala, “Venture Capital Communities”
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Steven Heston and Russ Wermers, “Do Mutual Fund Returns Predict Stock Returns?”

Mark Loewenstein, “Money and Asset Prices”

Shijun Cheng, “Loss-shielding in Executive Compensation”

Rebecca Hann, “Forecasting the Macroeconomy: Analysts vs. Economists”
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Gurdip Bakshi, "Capital Inadequacy of Hedge Funds, and the Vulnerability of the Financial System"

Steve Heston, "Intra-Day Patterns in the Cross-Section of Stock Returns”
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Brent Goldfarb and David Kirsch, "When are There Not Bubbles?"
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Lawrence Gordon and Martin Loeb, "The Impact of Cybersecurity Breaches on the Value of Corporation"

Mark Loewenstein, "Speculation and Default"

N.R. Prabhala, "CEO-Director Connections and Corporate Fraud"
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Haluk Ünal, "The Hand of ARMs (and others) in the Subprime Crisis"

Russ Wermers, "Runs on Money Market Mutual Funds"
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