Students Leaders

BSE Student Advisory Board

The College Park Scholars Student Advisory Board provides a unique leadership opportunity for students to serve their peers, their programs, and their community. Each Scholars Program has two seats on the Board - one freshman and one sophomore. The Student Advisory Board assumes multiple roles within the Cambridge Community, including:

  • Providing student voices to the Scholars Executive Director and Central Staff;
  • Communicating curricular, extracurricular, and noteworthy components of their program experiences to the Executive Director and to other board members;
  • Assisting in the management of Scholars-wide events, such as: Service Day, Citation Ceremony, Terrapin Pride Day, the annual Charity Softball Tournament and its fundraising efforts;
  • Responding to incidents, concerns, or issues within the Cambridge Community or on campus.

For more information, please visit the College Park Scholars Student Advisory Board Web site.

BSE Student Ambassadors

BSE Student Ambassadors work closely with the Dean and the Office of Academic Programs to assist in the areas of recruitment, public relations and educational outreach.