2008 - CPS Service Day

The Business, Society & Economy students were greeted by the staff and given an intro to the services provided by Progress Place and the Shepherd's Table in downtown Silver Spring. Then they went to work landscaping the outside front and side of the building - weeding, mulching and planting flowers. Inside, several students reorganized the pantry facility by removing all the items from the shelves, cleaning the shelves, labeling each space and restocking each item in an appropriate place.

Several students tackled the bathrooms with ammonia, scrub brushes and sponges, leaving it shining from floor to ceiling. In the adjoining storage shed, students went through piles of unusable items, discarded junk, rearranged tools and supplies, swept the area and organized shelves. When the Scholars left in the afternoon, they were drenched from the rain, tired from the work and satisfied that they had contributed to Interfaith Works-Montgomery County, an organization that helps the homeless every day.

BSE Students helped Pyramid Atlantic move its artwork and displays into its new gallery. For nearly 25 years, Pyramid has been a non-profit arts center located in downtown Silver Spring dedicated to the creation and appreciation of hand papermaking, printmaking, digital arts, and the art of the book. The organization depends on volunteers and Executive Director Jose Dominguez was very appreciative of the students hard labor throughout the rainy day.