Citation Requirements

To earn a College Park Scholars BSE citation, you must model good community citizenship and complete 20 credits with an overall GPA of 3.0 in designated College Park Scholars courses, including ENGL 101. If you are exempt from ENGL 101, you must complete 17 credits. These credits must be satisfied during the two-year period (four semesters) of the College Park Scholars program.


Semester 1:
CPSP 118B: Colloquium (1 credit)
BMGT 110S: Intro to Business and Management (3 credits)

Semester 2:
CPSP 118B: Colloquium (1 credit)
ENGL 101: Composition (3 credits) (if not exempt)
ECON 200: Principles of Micro-Economics (4 credits)
Supporting Course (3-4 credits)

Semester 3:
CPSP 218B: Colloquium (1 credit)
Supporting Course (3-4 credits)

Semester 4:
CPSP 318B: Colloquium (1 credit)
Supporting Course (3-4 credits) (if not completed in semester 3)