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Course Selection & Academic Calendar

TestudoUndergraduates must register for twelve credits (usually this will be four courses) and MBA exchange students must register for at least nine credits at the Robert H. Smith School of Business (twelve credits is a typical load). This is a visa requirement. We recommend that undergraduates and graduates not take more than 15 credits.

Course listings and the academic calendar are available on our registration Web site. Click on "schedule of classes", then on the appropriate semester, and then follow the directions below:

Undergraduates may choose from courses listed on Testudo as "BMGT" from levels 500 and below. The courses BMGT494 and BMGT495 , and courses with an “F” or “N” are reserved for Smith students only. Please choose at least 7 options; we recommend listing 8-9 course choices. Please feel free to indicate an order of preference. Please include the section number as well, for example, 0101, 0102, etc.

Graduates may choose from courses listed on Testudo as BUDT (Information Technology), BUMK (Marketing), BULM (Logistics), BUAC (Accounting), BUFN (Finance), BUMO (Management and Organization), and BUSI (General) at the 700 level and above. Please choose at least 6 options; we recommend listing 7-8 course choices. Please feel free to indicate an order of preference. Please include the section number as well, for example, 0101, 0102, etc.

Please be advised that graduate courses are offered in four different locations. You will want to take courses listed as held in Van Munching Hall (sections 0101, 0201, etc). You may consider courses held in Washington, D.C. (sections DC01, Dc06, etc.); there is a metro stop right inside the classroom building. You would need a car to get to the other locations, Shady Grove and Baltimore. Do not choose courses listed as BA01, BA02, etc., or SGI or SGII - these indicate Baltimore and Shady Grove.

Another way to determine that a course is held in College Park or Washington, D.C. is to look for "VMH" and "DC".

Examples of appropriate section numbers :

0101(09927) Avramov, D. (Seats=60, Open=43, Waitlist=0) Books

TuTh...... 3:30pm- 4:45pm (VMH 1202)

DC01(09928) STAFF (Seats=35, Open=25, Waitlist=0) Books
Tu........ 4:00pm- 6:40pm (DC 330A)

Prerequisite classes are listed in the course posting. Please make sure you have fulfilled these requirements with similar courses at home and are ready to take your indicated class.

You are able to request classes that are already full (shown in gray on testudo). We will waitlist you for those classes and explain how the waitlist works. Unfortunately, you cannot be in one section and waitlisted for another section so you will need to decide if you want to go for the sure thing or take a risk with a preferred (waitlisted) section.


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates will have the option to live on campus, and should receive housing forms with this package or shortly thereafter. Please return these forms as quickly as possible to ensure a space. It is your responsibility to return these forms quickly in order to have on campus accommodations. Most of our residence halls require that you purchase a meal plan. There are few self-catering units available with kitchens where you would be exempted from the meal plan. Please remember that our residence halls do not include pillows, linens or blankets. Please see Residence Life for details about residence halls and current costs. Also on the international site study abroad site there are links for housing options.

Graduate Students

Graduate students must find their own accommodations. We understand very well the challenges of finding short-term leases, but unfortunately there is not enough housing on campus to accommodate everyone. The best place to start your search is

Dining Services

There are many food options on campus available at

Estimated Expenses

As part of your application process you will need to certify that you have sufficient available funds for the expenses not expressly provided by the exchange. Please complete and submit with your application the Certification of Finances Form. You will need to include a letter from your bank verifying their ability to provide you with these funds. If you are to be supported by your government enclosed a verification of the arrangement.

You must submit a bank statement showing an available balance of a minimum of:

  • $14,625 for the year
  • $6,500 for the semester

Note: If the bank statement has someone else's name on it, you must include a letter from that person stating that he/she will support you with the required amount listed above. You cannot use an investment account. It has to be a regular checking or savings account that you (or the person listed on the account) can withdraw from at any time. 

Sample Bank Letter [ Word Doc ]

Download Certification of Finances Form:

How to Apply

Exchange students

Welcome to University of Maryland! If you are a prospective student, we encourage you to learn about the Smith School and our excellent offerings. If you have already been accepted, we are excited to have you be a part of our vibrant academic environment, and we look forward to your contributions and varying perspectives on business practices.

If you are a prospective exchange student, please ensure first with your exchange program coordinator that you are attending a partner school. We will help you with the Smith registration process as a team. Any questions, please email Chris Olson.

I. Application Procedures

For application procedures, please refer to our University of Maryland Education Abroad website.

Please note that all materials should be sent to:

Chris Olson
University of Maryland
Robert H. Smith School of Business
Office of Global Initiatives
2410 Van Munching Hall
College Park, Maryland 20742
United States

II. Administrative Issues

The University of Maryland is a large school and many arrangements are handled by computer. Once you are admitted, you may receive routine mailings asking for deposits or payment of bills. You may disregard these.

At a later date we will be sending you more specific information regarding arrival, orientation, course and registration information, and housing application forms.

After your application process has been completed we will send you the DS-2019 with which you can obtain your visa.

Please see visit the Testudo Web site for the academic calendar.

Web sites of interest for UMD incoming students:

Incoming Students

Incoming International Students

The University of Maryland is an energetic place with classes and activities to serve a student body of about 50,000 students. We are located an easy 20 minute metro ride from downtown Washington, D.C., and the campus benefits from the close proximity to the broader Washington and Baltimore metropolitan communities.

Maryland provides an academic environment that stimulates and challenges students both inside and outside the classroom, and exchange students are encouraged to take advantage of our diverse community.

We have a gorgeous gym, a beautiful performing arts center, and all of the free activities available in Washington, D.C., such as concerts, museums, the zoo and more.



Jung Whan Lee

"I had found that UMD, especially its business school has good reputation for its famous faculty members and great facilities. One of former exchange students of my home school recommended me Smith school strongly. Also being close to DC and New York City attracted me. I have found diversified students with different backgrounds and it has been very unique experience, which was the very reason why I wanted to study abroad as an exchange student at the first time. Beautiful campus, great facilities such as recreation center and the events such as football games are exciting too."

- Jung Whan Lee


Financing Study Abroad

For Undergraduate Students Only

Studying abroad takes a financial commitment and the University of Maryland and the Robert H. Smith School of Business are working together to make it affordable for everyone. Scholarships for all 1st-time abroad students are available*, as are funds based strictly on need and/or merit. Students currently receiving financial aid may be able to apply all, or some, of it towards study abroad.

*Global Scholarships for 2014-15 are available for students who have not previously earned credits from a UM global program and/or transferred in any credits from a foreign university.  Students may participate in any UM global, for-credit program and are eligible if they are a student in either: 1) the Robert H. Smith School of Business, 2) QUEST, or 3) the College Park Scholars Business, Society & the Economy (BSE) program.

Click here to apply:  Global Scholarship Application

  • $1,000 Scholarship for UM Semester Abroad Program                                                                                  
  • $450 Scholarship for Faculty-Led Short-Term Global Course

Please note that there is a Global Leadership & Service requirement for all scholarship recipients. Details on application. 

Faculty-led Short-term Study Abroad Courses

Course program fees, ranging from $1,900 - $3,200, include UMD tuition for 3 credits; lodging in  shared accommodations; transportation to/from scheduled activities; on-site support and orientation; costs for any mandatory academic and cultural excursions and/or activities; most group meals; professor and partner fees; pre- and post-departure meetings and excursions; UM Education Abroad services; and international health insurance. Not included: international airfare, personal expenses, some meals and optional trip insurance.  Students are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own visa and/or entry fee where applicable.

Find a list of short-term courses for 2014-15 by clicking here.

Semester Programs

Exchange Program: Students pay what they currently pay for UMD tuition (whether that be In-State or Out-of-State). Students are billed by the University of Maryland as they normally would any other semester. There is no additional program fee. On-the-ground costs (such as housing and meals) will be paid either to the partner university or individually, depending upon the partner’s policies.

Find a list of exchange programs by clicking here.

Maryland-in and/or a Smith-in Program: There is a flat program fee, which usually includes tuition, housing, orientation, and excursions. Students should check the details of the particular program to view what is covered.

Direct-Enroll Program: All financial arrangements will be made directly with the institution by any student who direct enrolls at an AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) or Equis (European Quality Improvement System) accredited university.

Funding Sources for Maryland-in and/or a Smith-in Program Programs (Spring 2015):

Other Study Abroad Financial Aid Sources


Summer Programs




Looking for a way to enrich your summer? Can’t fit a semester abroad in your schedule? Want to gain professional and academic experience in Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, or Latin America? Enroll in an one of the summer programs below and earn up to nine credits!

If you are a Pell Grant recipient, you are able to apply for up to a $5,000 in Gilman Scholarship for all programs on this page except the England/Germany course. Full details and application:


Smith School Australia Internship Program

May 27 – August 8, 2015
DEADLINE: February 1, 2015

Apply now:

Program Cost: $7,950 Scholarships available!

Spend the summer of a lifetime with a 3 credit two-week BMGT course in Melbourne and a 6 credit eight-week internship in Sydney, Australia!

The program starts with a 2-week short-term course, BMGT454 (Global Marketing) for 3 credits taught by Mary Harms, a Smith School faculty member. Site visits and meetings with Australian and multinational companies in Sydney will give participants a sense of doing business in Australia.

The course will be followed with a guaranteed 8-week internship that will provide students with a first-hand look at what a career in Australia might look like and how their chosen industry works. Based in Sydney, Australia, the internship program will give students an international experience that is invaluable for building their professional development and resumes, while supplementing their current course of academic study at the Smith School.

If you are a Pell Grant recipient, you are able to apply for up to a $5,000 in Gilman Scholarship. Full details and application:


2014 Programs


Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps - Dominican Republic 

June 23 – August 16, 2014

Full details and application:

Join the Social Entrepreneur Corps (SEC) program and combat poverty in the Caribbean by supporting small community-based businesses. This unique eight week, nine credit study and internship program will teach you to basic principles of social entrepreneurship through courses, case studies, discussions, and hands-on, practical experience. You will work side-by-side with SEC development professionals and local field based entrepreneurs to develop self-sustaining micro-consignment businesses in the Dominican Republic. You will have the opportunity to make a profound community impact while gaining an in-depth knowledge of rural economic development work. Smith School Professor Susan White is the faculty lead for this experience.

All students are guaranteed a $2,000 scholarship for this course. If you are a Pell Grant recipient, you are able to apply for up to a $5,000 in Gilman Scholarship. Full details and application:


Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps - Nicaragua 

May 25 – July 18, 2014

Full details and application:

Join the Social Entrepreneur Corps (SEC) program and combat poverty in Central America by supporting small community-based businesses. This unique eight week, nine credit study and internship program will teach you to basic principles of social entrepreneurship through courses, case studies, discussions, and hands-on, practical experience. You will work side-by-side with SEC development professionals and local field based entrepreneurs to develop self-sustaining micro-consignment businesses in Nicaragua. You will have the opportunity to make a profound community impact while gaining an in-depth knowledge of rural economic development work. Smith School Professor Susan White is the faculty lead for this experience.

All students are guaranteed a $2,000 scholarship for this course. If you are a Pell Grant recipient, you are able to apply for up to a $5,000 in Gilman Scholarship. Full details and application:



Doing Business in Germany and the United Kingdom: European Entrepreneurship

May 23 - June 1, 2014

Full details: Click here

This course will give real-life insight into the entrepreneurial and business culture of England and Germany. Students will have the opportunity to experience two different European cultures on this course. Among other locations, students will visit Munich -- Germany's entrepreneurial hotbed. We have visits planned to the BMW production facility and we will meet with German entrepreneurship students of the Technical University of Munich for an interactive workshop, Last year’s session was considered by most students the highlight of the course. As part of the business visits we have scheduled time at the Bavarian Economic Development agency to explore how US companies do business in Germany. Students receive 3 BMGT credits for participating in this class.

Smith students are eligible for up to $2,000 in scholarship assistance for this course. 

Other Options

For partner program summer opportunities, the application process is managed by the partner institution, but students must seek approval for each program through UMD’s Education Abroad Office. The programs listed below are entirely run by partners, so students must abide by deadlines, requirements, and restrictions that are set by the partner.

Some programs are listed in UMD’s study abroad directory, while others are not. If the program in which a student is interested is listed on the list of UMD approved programs on this website, the student should first apply on myEA to get approval from the University of Maryland.

If the program is not listed, students must file a Non-UM program petition to get approval from Education Abroad. The process is not difficult but must be completed by March 15.

To receive approval to transfer business credits, students must also speak with their Smith School academic advisor. The Smith School cannot guarantee that courses will transfer or apply to students’ degree program.

Please note that in addition to the individual program fees, students will be required to pay up to $250 in a study abroad fee and will automatically be enrolled in international health insurance approx. $33/month.

MBA Exchange

MBA StudentsThe Smith School encourages MBA students who are able to fit a study abroad experience into their coursework to take advantage of this opportunity. Part-time MBAs are able to go after finishing the core courses, and full-time students are able to go abroad during the second year. Full-time students please note that you will transfer 9 credits; take an extra class during the semester or a winter term/summer 1/summer 2 class to stay on schedule for graduation Also, you will need to make provisions for the ethics ELM. The MBA office will help you determine how best to fulfill that requirement.

In order to apply to study abroad, please contact the Office of Global Programs well in advance of the deadline to obtain the forms and schedule an interview.

Objectives for graduate exchanges:

  • To develop an understanding of business and cultural environment in other countries.
  • To demonstrate ability to work effectively in an international setting.
  • Where applicable, to acquire the ability to communicate in the world's major business languages.
  • To adapt to conditions in the world's most important business centers.
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Australian Flag
Guanghua School of Management Chinese flag
Copenhagen Business School Denmark Flag
SKEMA French flag
WHU - Koblenz German flag
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Hong Kong Flag
Hong Kong
National Taiwan University Taiwan flag

Undergraduate 'Maryland-in'

The University of Maryland's nine "Maryland-in" programs provide a great way to spend a semester abroad with more support than an exchange semester, semester abroad through a provider, or by direct enrolling. Often there is resident credit available (classes will appear on your transcript as if you took them here). Business students in particular should review the London, Rome, and Barcelona programs for how they might fit in with your academic plan, as these programs have a substantial number of business courses available in English.


Barcelona Collage

Make a city unlike any other your own through the Maryland-in-Barcelona study abroad program. Spain’s second largest city and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is truly Mediterranean in culture, temperament, and history. Founded in the second century BC, it is now a thriving, culturally rich metropolis known for its modernist architecture, gorgeous beaches, mountains overlooking the sea, and a largely preserved Gothic city center. Barcelona is a city that has earned its reputation and lives up to the hype – an ideal place to live, study, and experience European life. [ LEARN MORE ]



Searching for Common Ground Spend a semester in a city where you can experience Israel’s rich and diverse mosaic of cultures. Your classroom will be the land of Israel, a country that is vibrantly modern, yet simultaneously steeped in history. Live and learn in a beautiful city on a gorgeous campus, just minutes from Carmel National Forest, Israel’s largest park. Work on your Hebrew or Arabic with the friends you have made from around the world and watch the sun rise over the hills of the Galilee and set over the Mediterranean Sea. Play a role in the search for common ground and mutual understanding in this fascinating part of the world. [ LEARN MORE ]


London Collage

If you are looking to live and learn in one of the world's most vibrant, exciting, and globally important cities, Maryland-in-London is the program for you. Maryland-in-London is the University of Maryland's oldest study abroad program and offers students an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the cosmopolitan hub of England. London is a world leader in business and finance, fashion, art, theater, and music, and an ideal place to study history, politics, and literature. [ LEARN MORE ]



Maryland-in-Rome is based at the American University of Rome (AUR), the oldest independent, four-year, degree-granting American institution of higher learning in Rome. AUR offers a rigorous academic program that is dedicated to excellence in education and promotes cross-cultural exchange. Students in the Maryland-in-Rome program will live and learn in a stimulating, intellectually vibrant environment, with classmates and faculty from around the world. There is an emphasis on active learning, a goal that AUR’s small faculty to student ratio helps to facilitate. The language of instruction is English and Maryland students have access to a wide range of courses offered for resident credit, including courses that will fulfill major, minor, Honors, and CORE requirements. [ LEARN MORE ]


United Arab Emirates

Shopping malls and souks; skyscrapers and desert dunes; modern and traditional. The United Arab Emirates is a country of contrasts, and there is no better place to experience one of the most globally-minded nations in the world than at the Smith-in-UAE program. Partnering with CIEE and the American University of Sharjah (AUS), the Robert H. Smith School of Business offers students the opportunity to study in Sharjah, the traditional culture capital of the UAE and down the road from Dubai. Students have the opportunity to explore dynamic Dubai and its cultural attractions, nightlife, and world-famous architecture. Students can choose from many available business courses at AUS’s College of Business and Management, accredited by AACSB, in addition to courses throughout the university.


Students enroll in 15-16 credits at CIEE/AUS. All courses are taught in English by AUS faculty. Students direct enroll in AUS courses alongside regular students.

Electives – A wide range of business courses. Courses are evaluated at UMD as transfer credit.

Language Course (optional) – All levels of Arabic; students are strongly encouraged to take a foreign language.

Internship – Internships may be available through an AUS internship coordinator.

Download course equivalencies


Students live in on-campus housing at AUS. Residence halls are grouped according to gender. Most rooms include a small kitchenette and bathroom facilities. Each residence hall also offers shared kitchens, computer labs, exercise rooms, and other common rooms.

Program Fees (estimated)

Program Fee: $17,050 (includes housing, orientation, excursions)

Study Abroad Fee: $400

Scholarships are available from the University of Maryland Education Abroad office, TEAN, and other sources. 

Dates and Deadlines

Spring: January - May (Deadline October 1)

Fall: September – January (Deadline March 1)

Eligibility & How to Apply

The Smith-in-UAE program is open to any undergraduate student interested in the UAE, the Middle East, and business. This program is not restricted to Smith School students and students from other schools are encouraged to apply. Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Admission to the program is made on a rolling basis and early application is strongly encouraged. Please contact Chris Olson at or 301.405.4824 for more information.


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