Global Initiatives

Professional Staff

Rebecca Bellinger
Managing Director

Phone: 301-405-6171

Marina Augoustidis
Assistant Director, CIBER Programs

Phone: 301-405-9477

Elizabeth Burzenski

Phone: 301-405-8822

Olivia Nouailletas
Program Manager, Graduate Programs
Phone: 301-405-9575

Christopher Olson
Program Manager, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 301-405-4824
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Gregory Rafal
Program Manager, Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 301-405-8849

Smith Freshmen Go Global

Every year, the town of College Park, Md., sees an influx of thousands of new students from every corner of the nation and even the world. You step into a classroom and you may find a student from Minnesota, Japan or Panama. The teachers that mold and inspire the great minds of the future here at UMD come from all parts of the globe: Lebanon, Germany, India, China, Romania, Nigeria, the list goes on and on. The companies and organizations that are studied meticulously in the classroom, from Pepsi to Apple, from KPMG to Samsung, are global entities with a global workforce and global assets. Take a stroll through Van Munching Hall, and you’re guaranteed to hear more than just the English language. So why is the global mindset so important? The answer is much closer to home than you think.


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