Global Initiatives

Passion For Diversity

Interest in learning about cultures and world events, and taking initiative to seek out more information about local contexts.

Activity Description Eligible
SUSA Club Join a SUSA club that opens your mind to new ways of thinking with a diverse group of classmates. Sophomore
Diversity Empowerment Council Join a diverse group of students as they focus on strengthening unity, student integration and academic excellence at the Smith School. Sophomore
CIBER Case Challenge Participate in an international case challenge with participants from around the world, hosted by UConn. Sophomore

Global Business Savvy

Knowledge of business environments and growth drivers (institutional, geographic, cultural, and economic) that operate in and between countries.

Activity Description Eligible
CIBER Distinguished Speaker Series Attend events showcasing the latest trends in international business and with conversations among students, policy experts, and business executives, including the Emerging Markets Forum in April. Sophomore
International Economics and Finance Society (IEFS) Join the student organization that connects students with professionals in the economics and finance industries from an international viewpoint.  Sophomore
SUSA NYC Trek-International Business Track Take part in the annual SUSA NYC Trek and visit international companies and organizations. All
EY Global Mindset Colloquium Enroll in this 1-credit class that allows you to apply lessons from international legal, tax, human capital, and communication issues to a real-world case with guidance from EY. Sophomore
BMGT463 Learn how cross-cultural differences affect business and develop management and leadership strategies to tackle the challenges. Junior
Major Specialization Courses Enroll in the international course of your major (international finance, international marketing, etc.) for specific implications of the global marketplace in your field.  Junior
Global Consulting Fellows Apply for this two-semester honors program to learn about cross-cultural issues in management and work on real-world projects for actual clients. Sophomore
International Business Majors Develop expertise in international business by majoring in IB - learn how to work in the global economic environment in which we live. Sophomore

Tolerance Of Ambiguity

Ability to navigate unclear or uncertain situations without feeling stress or anxiety. Comfort with vague instructions or information.

Activity Description Eligible
Alternative Breaks Join hundreds of UMD students each year on service-learning trips around the world. Sophomore
Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Participate on a 3-credit 8-21 day course in another country led by a faculty member. Courses have included microfinance in Nicaragua, social entrepreneurship in South Africa, and marketing and design in Paris and Amsterdam. Sophomore
Semester Abroad Study abroad for a semester at a partner institution or program, including with one of our 15 pre-eminent university exchange partners or Maryland-administered programs.  Junior

Passport to Global Mindset

What is Global Mindset?

“…one that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity across countries and markets with a propensity and ability to see common patterns across countries and markets.” – Financial Times

Different authorities may take different approaches to defining global mindset. The important thing to remember is that people with a global mindset can understand differences among cultures and business practices, welcome the opportunity to learn about similarities.

We’ve broken ‘Global Mindset’ into seven competencies – attributes that those with a global mindset exhibit. Click on each one to learn more about how to develop it and discover programs that at the University of Maryland that will help you do so!

And be sure to stop by the OGI office in VMH 2410 for more information or if you have any questions!

Global Mindset Competencies

Tolerance of Ambiguity Ability to navigate unclear or uncertain situations without feeling stress or anxiety. Comfort with vague instructions or information.
Global Business Savvy Knowledge of business environments and growth drivers (institutional, geographic, cultural, and economic) that operate in and between countries.
Passion for Diversity Willingness to seek out and consider diverse viewpoints, appreciate the values and beliefs of others, and collaborate on diverse teams.
Cultural Curiosity Interest in learning about cultures and world events, and taking initiative to seek out more information about local contexts.
Adaptability Ability to overcome challenges and be resourceful when faced with difficult situations.
Self-awareness and Humility Confidence in oneself without overestimating one's abilities while valuing the experience and backgrounds of others.
Relationship Building Eagerness to interact with new people and develop a strong network built on communication, empathy, and mutual respect.

Smith Freshmen Go Global

Every year, the town of College Park, Md., sees an influx of thousands of new students from every corner of the nation and even the world. You step into a classroom and you may find a student from Minnesota, Japan or Panama. The teachers that mold and inspire the great minds of the future here at UMD come from all parts of the globe: Lebanon, Germany, India, China, Romania, Nigeria, the list goes on and on. The companies and organizations that are studied meticulously in the classroom, from Pepsi to Apple, from KPMG to Samsung, are global entities with a global workforce and global assets. Take a stroll through Van Munching Hall, and you’re guaranteed to hear more than just the English language. So why is the global mindset so important? The answer is much closer to home than you think.

Poster Specifications

Technical Requirements

  • Computer generated
  • Size: 30” wide x 36” high (portrait only). Make these your dimensions with the Page Setup button on the Design tab.
  • File name: Save your document using the following naming scheme: [Last Name][First Name][Contact information]. For example, [DonnellyC3014050200.pptx]. Contact information will make it possible to be in touch if there are problems printing your poster.
  • SAVE as you go along. In addition to submitting a copy, make sure you have a backup copy should your submission be lost.
  • If your poster is designed with a Mac, do not submit a PowerPoint document. Instead, save the file as a PDF. Verify that the PDF of your file has the proper dimensions; otherwise, it will print as a small image in the center of a 30” x 36” poster.
  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and PowerPoint are recommended to complete the presentations. Photoshop is not advised. 

Poster Text Guidelines

  • A poster should be readable from at least three feet away.
  • Use standard fonts (otherwise there is some risk the printer will not generate readable text)
  • Text should be no smaller than 18-point font, preferably 24-point.
  • Headings should be 36-point or larger
  • Designers recommend no more than three font types on one document.
  • A three- or five-column layout is pleasing to the eye.

Poster Images/Pictures Guidelines

  • Do not embed Quicktime data as images. They will be unreadable.
  • Images should have a minimum DPI of 150 at any size
  • Do not destroy any image’s aspect ratio. Make sure “Lock aspect ratio” is selected if you resize.
  • Label any pictures, graphs or tables.

Required components for all posters

  • The Office of Global Initiatives' logo should be in the top, left-hand corner. Download.
  • The CIBER logo should be in the top, right-hand corner. Download.
  • Project title
  • Your name and email address
  • Your Global Program (be accurate), and your academic major
  • Check your spelling. Your credibility diminishes significantly if there are typographic errors on your poster. 
  • View a sample template created in PowerPoint.
  • Student poster presentation examples (topics vary):

Poster Board Presentation

Poster Board Teams: Students will be responsible for creating a poster board with a team of 1-5 students. Teams must be made up of students who studied abroad in the same location. Note: One $500 scholarship will be awarded per poster category, regardless of the number of people who created the poster board.

$2,500 in Scholarship Awards: One (1) $500 Scholarship will be awarded in each of the categories below, in addition to a “Fan Favorite” award, which will be given based off of audience votes for a total of $2,500.

Students may choose the topic of their poster board to be one of the following: (Note: Poster board topics must be pre-approved by OGI. Each poster may focus on one country or be a comparison between 2 countries.)

Poster Categories

1) Social Economics
Students should choose a topic that addresses the relationship between society, economy, institutions and markets, and ethical and moral considerations in a social and historical context of one country OR students should conduct a comparison of two countries.

2) Doing Business in <Country>
Students should focus on the practices, opportunities and challenges faced by businesses and/or industries and the professionals managing and operating them. Students may limit their focus to the business in one country or compare two countries.

3) Enterprise & Innovation
Students should focus on a country's ability to encourage entrepreneurial thinking as a way to create products, processes and/or services, with an emphasis on identifying innovative ways of addressing needs (either economic, social and/or political). Students may limit their focus to business in one country or compare two countries.

4) Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Businesses

Students should explore opportunities and challenges for U.S. companies that conduct business (or hope to conduct business) in a country, including the influence of current economic, political and social situation(s). Students may limit their focus to one country or compare two countries

Deadlines (midnight):

Wednesday, February 10: One person from each team will need to register the poster presentation team members by this date.

Monday, February 15: A first draft of poster submissions due. Submit to with “Global Showcase” in the subject line.

Monday, February 22: Final poster submissions due. Submit to with “Global Showcase” in the subject line.

Monday, February 29: Members of the public are encouraged to RSVP for the event by this date.  The RSVP link will be posted shortly. Student poster presenters will not need to complete the form.

Judging Rubric:

Posters will be assessed based on the following:

1)    Knowledge: How effectively do the presenters know and address the content area?

2)    Professionalism: Does the visual address the topic? Are the presenters able to clearly express their ideas in a professional manner?

3)    Communication: Can the presenters answer follow-up questions about the topic and elaborate upon ideas shared?

Poster Specifications:  For detailed requirements, click here. Registrations are due by Wednesday, February 10. A first draft of poster board will be due by midnight on Monday, February 15. Students will be sent feedback and final submissions will be due by 5 p.m. on Monday, February 22.

Global Showcase

The Office of Global Initiatives (OGI) and the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at the Robert H. Smith School of Business welcome everyone to the 1st Annual Global Showcase on Thursday, March 3, from 6-8 p.m. in VMH1520 – Frank Auditorium and Atrium.  

This event celebrates global learning by all business students who studied abroad during the 2015 fall semester or during the 2016 winter break. There will be student poster board presentations, a guest speaker, catered hors d'oeuvres and the awarding of $2,500 in Global Scholarships. All are invited – friends, family, faculty, staff and global alumni.

Come to the Global Showcase if you want to:

  • Share your global experience
  • Win a $500 scholarship for presentation of a global poster board (Students – see participation details below)
  • Learn about study abroad opportunities offered by the Smith School
  • Reunite with your travel colleagues
  • Network and speak with students who have travelled all over the globe

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Robie Samanta Roy is the vice president of Technology and Innovation at Lockheed Martin. He leads the corporation's enterprise-level technology innovation strategy to ensure its continued ability to develop and leverage new technologies to help solve customers' most challenging problems. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Dr. Samanta Roy was a professional staff member with the Senate Armed Services Committee with the portfolio of the Department of Defense's science and technology-related activities. He came to that position from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy where he was the assistant director for Space and Aeronautics from 2005 to 2009. Dr. Samanta Roy was responsible for space and aeronautics activities ranging from human space flight to the Next Generation Air Transportation System. In addition, he works with Lockheed Martin's university program with the goal of fostering and transitioning research from leading U.S. research universities and is broadly experienced in international relations through his work at NASA and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Please RSVP:

To attend as a guest (NOT as a student presenter), please RSVP before midnight on February 29.

To attend as a student presenter, please contact to register your team. Students may register in groups of 2-5 people.

Click here for poster board presentation details.


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