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The following questions are among those most commonly asked by prospective donors to the Smith School. For more information, or to arrange a confidential discussion, please email or call one of our development staff.

Do I have different options in making a gift to the Smith School?

 You may choose the type of asset (cash or non-cash) to contribute, the giving method (direct or planned), and the initiative you would like to support (a fund, program, scholarship, department, and so on).

May I pledge a gift and spread it out over a period of time?

Pledges to the Smith School Annual Fund must be paid by June 30th of the fiscal year in which the gift was made.  Gifts for other purposes in excess of $5,000 can be paid in a maximum of five years.

How can I give online?

Gifts to the Smith School Annual Fund may be made on line quickly and securely.  Contact person for gifts other than online gifts: Jessica Davies at 301-405-9460

How should I make my gift to Smith School?

Credit card gifts can be made online or by calling the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 301-405-9456.

Checks should be made out to University of Maryland College Park Foundation, with a notation that the gift is designated to the Smith School of Business.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Contributions to the University of Maryland are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  Please see your tax advisor for details.

The University of Maryland is a state institution and receives public funding. Does my tax money and tuition cover your costs?

Over the last three decades, national and state funding for higher education has decreased steadily. Currently, support from the state of Maryland provides less than 26 percent of the university’s annual operating budget. Like most large public universities (i.e., Michigan and Ohio State) alumni and friends are committing a significant portion of the school’s operating budget through philanthropic gifts.

I was an MBA at the Smith School. How can I financially support the Smith School as an alumnus?

Alumni of the Smith School are comprised of both undergrads and graduate students. Every alumnus plays a critical role in our future success and the value of their degree.   We ask all alumni to support the Smith School Annual Fund and whatever additional area of interest he or she may have such as scholarships, faculty enrichment opportunities or academic program growth.

May I make a gift to recognize or memorialize someone?

Yes, you may make your gift in recognition of a special loved one, friend, or colleague, or to memorialize someone who is deceased.

How can I make a gift that will last forever as a tribute to someone?

You may endow your gift so that it lives in perpetuity. The gift's principal will be invested soundly and a percentage of the income generated will be designated as you wish.

May I make a gift through my estate or will?

There are numerous ways to use your estate as a means to take care of loved ones after you're gone, while realizing your philanthropic goals. The Office of Development and Alumni Relations is happy to work with you, your attorney, and financial advisors regarding these opportunities.

Are there other tax breaks or income-producing opportunities for me through my gift?

There are various ways of structuring your gift whereby you will be provided with a stream of income in addition to a tax break. Please contact your finance or tax professional directly, please e-mail or call one of our development staff.

THANK YOU! It’s largely because of generous alumni and friends like you that the Smith School can recruit and retain the world’s leading faculty experts, provide scholarships and a first-tier business education to talented students, and graduate the next generation of business leaders who serve their organizations and communities.


Planned Giving

Make a Difference for the Future

Did you know there are creative ways to support the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and your loved ones at the same time?  Planned giving is a process of considering what and when to give, as well as how to structure charitable gifts to meet personal financial goals.

Through planned giving, it is possible to:

  1. Make gifts to Maryland larger than you can afford through immediate outright contributions
  2. Retain control and use of assets you plan to donate later
  3. Receive lifetime income for yourself and your family
  4. Reduce income taxes, gift taxes or estate taxes.

To leave the Smith School in your will, click here for bequest language.

To learn more about planned giving opportunities, please contact John McKee at 301-405-0320.

About Us

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations furthers the vision of the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland by:

  • Engaging alumni, families, friends, corporations and foundations in the life of the Smith School,
  • Nurturing lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships throughout the Smith community,
  • Building and supporting an active, connected and dynamic Smith School community, and
  • Promoting a vibrant culture of philanthropy and securing financial resources.

Our work supports the needs of our outstanding alumni and students, and fuels the future success of our world class business school, respected faculty, and centers of excellence.

Why Give?

Make a Gift!

The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business depends on support from alumni and friends to provide students with an exceptional education in business management. State support is not enough to keep Smith competitive among fellow business schools and private donations fill the gaps where public funding stops short. Your gift can make a difference in the lives of students every day and we depend on our community to answer the call. The Smith community gratefully thanks those who invested in the future of the Smith School! 

As we look to a future fundraising initiative some common themes emerge:

  • Growing the Smith School Annual Fund
  • Providing enhanced learning opportunities for our students
  • Increasing the number of scholarships available, particularly for our MBA and graduate students
  • Offering stronger levels of compensation to recruit and retain our talented faculty
  • Supporting our currently established academic centers to the fullest degree possible

If these or any other area of philanthropic need is of interest to you, please click here to explore how to make a gift or contact the development office at 301-405-7869.

Dingman in New York

Can you spot a budding entrepreneur or the next great business idea? Find out when the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship comes to NYC to showcase Terp startups for SmithNY Alumni. 

Dingman in New York 
Thursday, October 1, 2015 
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
250 W 39th Street 
New York, NY 10018

Cocktails and appetizers will be served

October 1, 2015 - 11:00pm to October 2, 2015 - 1:00am

Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps Forum (Postponed)

This past summer, 24 UMD undergraduate students traveled to Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador through the Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps (MSEC) program. They deeply impacted communities across both countries by supporting the creation of businesses selling life changing products, including eye glasses, cook stoves and water filtration systems. At this Showcase & Celebration students will share the transformative experience of working with entrepreneurs in a unique economic and cultural environment.

October 13, 2015 - 10:00pm to October 14, 2015 - 12:00am

Stay Connected

Got Time? Make it TerpTime.

The average human lives 28,835 days. Of those days, 23,360 will be spent working, doing household chores, sleeping and eating. You're a Smith alum, do the math - that means you have 2,740 days left and not all of it can be used updating your Facebook status, tweeting, blogging or texting your friends. Terps, we have an awesome idea for you... use some of that time engage with Smith; inspire our students; and influence the world. Volunteer your time and talent as a Smith Alum.

If any of the volunteer opportunities below interest you, let us know by completing this form or contacting Danielle Krizan at dkrizan@rhsmith.umd.edu or 301.405.4095.

Alumni Profile

Your Time: One hour
Your Talent: Don't miss your opportunity to share with the world, well the Smith world, how amazing your job is and the cool stuff you do. We want to hear and share your success with the rest of the Smith community. So tell us your story, and we'll make sure all of Smith knows about it. We'll post it on the alumni website with links to social media sites too. Your name will be up in lights - Smith lights that is.

Alumni Advisor

Your Time: One to four hours per semester
Your Talent: Everyone needs help navigating their road to career success. Our students are eager to learn from you. Be available via email or phone to help our students: share your experiences, how you moved from your parents' home into your own place, and how you plotted the steps in your career path.

Summer Programs/Trips Abroad

Your Time: Two to four hours (coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner)
Your Talent: Smith alumni are worldwide adn so are the students. Take this opportunity to meet students during their travel, either touring your workplace or joining the Smith delegation for dinner.

Alumni Event Participant

Your Time: Two to four hours per semester
Your Talent: Come back to College Park, see how much has changed (and how much has stayed the same) for undergraduate and graduate student events, chat with students and share your experiences.

Class/Panel Speaker

Your Time: One to four hours per semester
Your Talent: Share your experiences working in a specific industry and how you manage to work hard and play even harder.

Alumni Career Host

Your Time: Half or full day per semester
Your Talent: Host a group of students (up to 25 or 30) in your office to let them see a day in the life and hear about career opportunities in a specific company or industry.

Case Competition Judge

Your Time: Half or full day per semester
Your Talent: Come back and put the students through their paces while they compete for money, prizes or just bragging rights while reviewing real-life business cases.

Recruiting/Mock Interviews

Your Time: Half day per semester
Your Talent: Assist the Office of Career Services in preparing students for the business world. Ask them the tough questions you were asked and get them ready for their big interviews!

LEAD Alumni

Your Time: Half or full day per summer term
Your Talent: Leadership, Education, and Development (LEAD) Program needs alumni to introduce principles and skills needed for careers in business.

Event Host Committee

Your Time: Three months prior to event, participate in conference calls and meetings (five to six)
Your Talent: Utilize your love of networking and your party planning skills to assist the Office of Alumni Relations with ideas for hosting and promoting cool new events for alumni.

SmithSMART Mentor Program

Your Time: Five to 10 hours per month
Your Talent: Smith students and alumni work as a trifecta in the spirit of "Terps Helping Terps".
SmithSMART Advisor: Has at least three years work experience post graduation
SmithSMART Lead: Has at least 10 years work experience post graduation

Alumni Club Leader (New York & Baltimore)

Your Time: Five to 10 hours per month
Your Talent: Work with amazing alumni in your region to make the regional club the best club for Smith alumni by planning/hosting events and programming opportunities.

Alumni Chapter Board Member

Your Time: 10 to 20 hours per month
Your Talent: Become a leader within the Smith alumni community by partnering with the Office of Alumni Relations and other dedicated alumni to advise and create alumni engagement programs.

For more information, contact Danielle Krizan, assistant director of alumni relations, at dkrizan@rhsmith.umd.edu.


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