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Executive Education

Recent corporate partners include:

Lockheed Martin, CSX, McCormick, SAIC, U.S. Department of Defense, T.RowePrice, China Development Bank, Indian Revenue Service, U.S. Government Printing Office, Jones Lang LaSalle, University of Maryland Medical Center, Randstad, Legal & General America, Stanley Black & Decker, Marriott, and National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

For more information about Executive Education at Smith, visit: www.rhsmith.umd.edu/programs/executive-education.

Donor List

Lifetime giving of $100,000 or more as of June 30, 2014

Anonymous (6)


Accenture Foundation, Inc.

Alexus International, Inc.

William N. Apollony +

AT&T Corporation

ATK Mission Systems

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause

Forrest S. Baker, Jr.

Bank of America

BB&T Charitable Foundation

BB&T Corporation

James R. Beers

Stanley H. Bennett*

Eric F. Billings

Robert E. Butman

Capital One Bank

James Edward Miller Chapman Education Foundation

Mary Gray Cobey*


Computer Associates International, Inc.

Francis A. and Betty Contino

David A. Covington

Credit Suisse Group

Cupid Foundation, Inc.

Deloitte and Touche LLP

Deloitte Foundation

Deloitte Services LP

Robert L. DePiro

Michael D. Dingman

Ed and Loretta Downey

Allan M. + and Denise M. Edelson

Robert L. * and Gertrude K. * Edwards

Ernst & Young Foundation

Ernst & Young, LLP

ExxonMobil Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Carly and Frank Fiorina Family Fund

Howard and Jane Frank

Chad M. Gillenwater +

Goldsmith Family Foundation Inc.

Walter L. Green*

David C. Hancock*

Harris IT Services

LeRoy J. Herbert, Jr.*

Hewlett Packard Company

Robert G. Hisaoka +

IBM Corporation

Intelliworks, Incorporated

Intermodal Association of North America

International Children's Digital Library

Robert G. + and Linda Auslander Isaman

Robert L. Johnson, Jr. +

Betty H. Jolson*

Robert D. Kashan

Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Henry and Elaine Kaufman Foundation

Clifford M. and Camille E. Kendall Family Fund

Floyd F. Koch

KPMG Foundation

Albert M. + and Kristen D. Krall

Allen J. Krowe

John M. LaPides

Legg Mason & Co., LLC

Legg Mason, Inc.

Leidos, Inc.

Lockheed Martin Corporation

William A. + and Martha* Longbrake

M&T Bank

M&T Charitable Foundation

Make Change! Trust

Manhattan Associates

Manugistics, Inc.

J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Alice Marriott*

Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Fund Inc.

Maruko USA Inc.

Raymond A. Mason

Kathy Mayer

William E. Mayer +

McCormick & Co., Inc.

Microsoft Corporation

Margaret J. Miller*

William A. Millichap

Monsanto Company

Montgomery County Community Foundation

Morgan Stanley

Jean C. Mullan

Paul H. Mullan

National Defense Transportation Assn

New York Mercantile Exchange

Richard L. and Laura K. Novak

Oracle Corp.

The Rosendo & Cheryl Parra Foundation

PepsiCo Foundation

Jane Story Phillips*

Kevin A. Plank

James A. Poulos

Warren K. Reed*

Maurice M. Reeder*


Deborah S. and Jay E. Ricks

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Marilyn H. Rose

The Rouse Company Foundation

Royal Thai Embassy

Paul Budd Rubin*

Safeway, Inc.

Sanders Family Charitable Foundation


David C. Saunders

Michael J. Schwab

Signal Companies Inc.

Julian L. Simon*

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Robert H. Smith Family Foundation

Alfred H. Smith, Jr.*

Michelle Smith

Robert H. * and Clarice Smith

Sprint Nextel Corp.

Terry L. and Anita Steen

The Stempler Family Foundation

Sun Microsystems Inc.

Thomson Reuters

TIBCO Software, Inc.

James S. Tighe

Ralph J. Tyser*

Peggy and Leo Van Munching, Jr.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Joseph and Madeline Wikler Fund

Gary B. Williams +

William L. Witzel

Dennis R. Wraase

X D B Systems Inc.

Donorsof $1,000 or more

Anonymous (3)

Ritu Agarwal

Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC.

Anand Anandalingam, Ph.D.

Jeffrey L. Antoon

William N. Apollony +

ATK Space Systems

Bruce D. Azus

Andrew J. Baer +

Donald H. Baker

Bakery Express - Mid Atlantic, Inc.

Michael O. Ball

Bank of America United Way Campaign

Philip B. Bass

Sarah J. Bauder

BB&T Corporation


Becton Dickinson & Company

Karen H. Benway

Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District

Robert H. Billig, C.P.A. +

Eric and Marianne Billings Foundation


Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Bottling Group, LLC

Bowles Fluidics Corporation

Todd M. Boyle

William J. Boyle and Janet L. Lewis

Espey T. Browning, Jr.

Waldo H. Burnside

Robert E. Butman

Anthony T. Calderazzi +

Phyllis + and Barry Caldwell Charitable Gift Fund

Denise H. Calore


Capital One

John E. Chickering +

Lisa J. Cines,C.PA. +


Cobey Family Fund

Mary Gray Cobey*

Rose Horan Cohen +


Contino Family Foundation

Thomas M. Corsi

David A. Covington

Robert E. Creager

Crews Control Corporation

Cupid Foundation, Inc.

George J. D'Angelo, II

Christopher Dann

Betty F. and James K. Davis

H. Phillip Davis

Deloitte Foundation

Deloitte Services LP

Helene M. and Daniel W. Demmer

Andrew J. DePhillips +

Robert L. DePiro

Adam M. Derechin and Wendy Lesser-Derechin

Michael D. Devlin

Dixon Hughes Goodman Foundation, Inc.

Kevin F. Donohoe

DORMA Americas

Sandra and Charles E. Drimal, Jr.

William B. Dudley, Jr.


Eco Energy Finance

Stephen J. Edelmann

Allan + and Denise Edelson Family Foundation

Fred R. Ehrlich

Alan R. Einhorn

David Emerson

Ernst & Young Foundation

ExxonMobil Foundation


Reese K. Feuerman +

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Fidelity Investments

Brett E. Flowers

Eric S. Francis

Freiman Family Foundation

David E. and Laura H. Freitag

Robert L. and Jeanne R. Gable

Richard C. Garner

Harry L. Geller

Chad M. Gillenwater +

Rita Golub


Lawrence A. Gordon

W. R. Grace Foundation, Inc.

Grant Thornton Foundation

Wendy L. and Marc S. Greenberg, C.P.A. +

William M. Greenblatt, Esq. +

Dennis M. and Carolyn S. Gurtz

F. Carter Heim and Doreen A. Heim

The Hershey Company


Robert G. Hisaoka +

Bruce S. Hoffberger

Cecil V. Hornbaker, II

David B. Horwitz and John Francis McGrath

Sydney J. Hutchinson

Teresa E. Iannaconi +

IBM Corporation

IBM International Foundation

Institute for Policy Studies

Edward S. Ionni

Robert G. + and Linda Auslander Isaman

J.W. McCartin, Insurance, Inc.

Robert L. Johnson, Jr. +

Surita Jolly

Michael A. Kahn +

Anthony J. and Karen Kamerick

Zev E. Kaplan

Robert D. Kashan

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Henry and Elaine Kaufman Foundation

Laura Hertzlich Kauls

Andrea R. Keating

Iver D. and Alexandra B. Kessler +

David A. Kessler +

Wayne D. Kimmel +

KPMG Foundation

Albert M. + and Kristen D. Krall

Allen J. Krowe

Rudolph P. Lamone

John M. LaPides

LEAD-Program in Business Inc.

Richard B. Leber

Lee Foundation

Mark J. Levine and Sara Imershein

Mark K. + and Donna K. Lewis

Eleanor A. Litwin Rutland

Lockheed Martin

Normand and Denise E. Long

William A. Longbrake +

William P. Loomis +

Henry C. Lucas, Jr., Ph.D.

Thomas J. Luginbill

Donald R. and Margaret G. Lyons

Mack Trucks, Inc.

Make Change! Trust

Nancy M. Mann

Patty and Mark Manoff + Foundation

Kenneth T. Marceron

William E. Mayer

Michael J. McCartin

McCormick & Co., Inc.

Gemma and Samuel P. Medile

Harry E. Merriken, III and Mary Merriken

Microsoft Federal

Millennium Eng. and Integration Co.

William A. Millichap

Paul H. Mullan

Paul R. Murphy, Jr.

The Muse Foundation

Ellen P. and Nathan James Myerberg

Terry and Lawrence Myers

National Collegiate Inventor & Innovators Alliance

National Philanthropic Trust DAF

NewDay Financial, LLC

NewMarket Foundation

Nexight Group, LLC

The Northrop Grumman Foundation

Richard L. and Laura K. Novak

Ocean City Charitable Lead

Theodore A. Offit

Optimal Solutions Group, LLC

Jason M. Osiecki

Meera and Sujal M. Patel +

Susan Rogers Pearson, Ph.D. +

PepsiCo, Inc.

Donna Mandel Perlmutter and Richard Perlmutter + Charitable Trust

Nam D. Pham, Ph.D.

David J. Piper

T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

Kenneth R. Rehmann +

Remain Home Solutions LLC


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Marilyn H. Rose

Joyce E. A. Russell

S&P Capital IQ

Jack B. Sacks Foundation Inc.



Elizabeth C. Sara

Saul Ewing LLP

Michael J. Schwab

Jacqueline and Neal A. Shear +

Robert M. Sheehan, Jr., Ph.D.

Mark M. Shores +

Deborah Slaner Larkin

Robert H. Smith Family Foundation

Steven O. Smith

James T. Spalding

Spectrum Foods

J. Richard and Deborah N. Stamm

Stanton Chase International


Edward S. Stein +

Margaret A. and Russell E. Strand, C.P.A.

Robert S. and Patricia K. Strickland

Arun Subhas

George A. Suter, Jr.

Sylvan/Laureate Foundation Inc.

Gregory A. Tacchetti

Thomas N. and Raina Rose Tagle +

Tata Sons Limited


Thales Communications Inc.

William B. Thompson

Windsor Healthcare Equities, LLC

Thomson Reuters

James S. Tighe

Alexander J. Triantis, Jr.

Tulkoff Food Products Co Inc.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Anonymous (9)

Ahmed Abdel saheb

Juris E. Abolins

Frankie Abralind

William J. Abrams

Accounting & Business Association

Dakia Kelly Adams

Harold B. Adams

M. Noel Adams

Brent F. Adler

Rukhe Olusola Aghomo

Air Products and Chemicals Inc.

Air Products Foundation

Adeyinka A. Akinladenu

Mariam K. Aladdin

Oscar H. Aldana

Jeffrey A. Aldrich

Marcia M. Allen

Olukolade Alliafoke

Elena H. Allman

W. Lorenzo Alston

Collins Russell Alt

Frank B. Alt

Larry J. Alverson

Michael L. Amanuel

Nicole P. and Paul R. Amyot

Angelique R. Anderson

Troy R. Anderson and Christine E. Anderson

Daryl C. Anderson

Jason P. Andrick

Jerry Antosh and Renee S. Antosh

Andrew N. Apollony

Karen L. Apollony

Apple Inc.

Vinayak Gopinath Aras

Alissa Arford

Mert Arinc

Pamela K. Armstrong

Melanie N. Ashton

Robert Astrove

Jamie C. Athey

Reed A. Atkin

William C. Austin, Jr.

Tom Autrey

Margaret R. Ayanian

Mitchell R. Ayes

Ejigayehu Azmera

Anne-Lyse Badou-James

Allen Baer

Greg M. Baesa

Amanda N. Bailey

Joseph P. Bailey

Paul C. and Julie A. Bailey

Matthew H. Bailin

Shara C. Bain

Charlotte M. Baker

Melissa M. Baker

Joseph J. Ball

Baltimore Aircoil Co.

Bank of the West

Lisa A. Barnard

John Douglas Barnes

Sean L. Barnes, Ph.D.

Thomas Barrett

Roosevelt C. Barros

Brian Bartholomay

Kathryn M. Bartol

Lea L. Bartolome

Shawn C. Bassett

Progyan Basu

Sam P. Battaglia

Edward C. Bauer

Mark J. Baumgardner

Thomas M. Bausch

Carla P. and John C. Becker

Jeremy Becker

Christine M. Beckman

Charles M. Beggs

Adam S. Bell

Theron A. Bell

Rebecca L. Bellinger

John S. Bennett

Stephen M. Bennett

Danielle Francesca Bennings

Joseph T. and Susan A. Bergstrom

Marcia Berman

Barbara L. and Michael E. Berman

Kevin M. Berry and Denise Parker Berry

Linda L. Berry

Jacquelyn S. Besoner

Chad C. Beynon

Simit Bhandari

Karan Bhatt

Pammi Kaur Bhullar

Peyton Biggs

Margret Bjarnadottir, Ph.D.

Justina L. Blanco

Robert H. and Renee O. Bliss

Paul Boivin

Nina J. Bonis

Beth S. Bonita

Latasha Deshe Boone

Sharon L. Booye

Edward A. Bortnick

Robert M. Bosma*

Kimberly A. Boulmetis +

Carol C. Bove

Thomas M. and Anne E. Boyce

G. Graham Boyce

Howard N. Boyer

Connie H. and Robert M. Boykin, III

Pamela Ann Boyle

Kristie C. Bradford

John R. Brantley, Jr.

Tramaine Lisa Brathwaite

Stephen A. and Jennifer Joanna Braud

Nancy E. Brazerol

Gavin T. Brennan

Barry I. Bricken

Ross Brindle

Paul M. Brock, Jr.

Eldridge Eugene Brown

Richard Lee Brown

Roger D. Brown

Stephen Brown

Gary and Anita D. Buchheim

Robert F. and Anne M. Buck

Bernard R. and Carol W. Buczynski

Gary F. Bulmash

Lyubomira V. Buresch

Wilhelm W. Burger

Kathleen J. and Patrick Michael Burke

Jolly Burks

Betsy H. and Thomas Burrowes, Jr.

Manon L. Butt

Timothy W. Byrne

Jerome D. and Terry L. Byrnes

Lindsay C. Cabrera

Anthony S. Cagiano

Matthew J. Calderone

Lawrence M. Call, Jr.

Anthony R. Cammarata

James T. Campbell

Jay H. Cao

Capital One Services LLC

John Caponiti, Jr.

Lisa Capuzzi

Patty Carocci

Letitia C. Carolina-Powell

Charles G. Carr

Brian J. Carreira

Melissa K. Carrier

Steven Carrillo

Stephanie L. Cary

Rodolfo Casasola

James T. and Jennifer J. Castle

Joseph S. and Jo A. Cavallo

Kenneth H. Cermak

Mayming P. Chan and Ping Keung Cheung

Su-Mei Y. Chang

Tigist B. Channyalew

Brian Marc Charmatz

Brad E. Chase

Jessica Mary Che-Mponda

Mingchao Chen

Wei and Ning Cheng

Zhi-Long Chen

Christopher J. Cherry

William W. Cheung

Doris A. Chew

Daniel J. Chilcoat

Stewart K. Cho and Carolyn Leonard Cho

Woohyun Cho

William W. Choi

Anju Chopra

Kam K. Chu

Martha I. Chu

Marc W. Ciagne

Kelly A. Cimino

Daniel A. Citrenbaum

Peter M. Clancy

Jill A. Clark

Lamont M. Clark

Patricia L. Cleveland

Richard C. Clinton

Moneca R. Clyburn

Susan M. Coelho

Brandon N. Coffey

Gary A. and Amy N. Cohen

Gary J. Cohen

Jamie A. Cohen

Moshe B. Cohen

Samantha K. Cohen

J. Gregory and Gail Asenath Colahan

William E. Cole, Jr.

William R. Collier, Jr.

Jeremy Colville, CPA

Lucette B. Comer

Communications Distributors, LLC

Calvin L. Compton, Jr.

Sarah Conboy

Maria L. Concepcion

Brian C. Coniglio

Patrick M. Conway

Edward M. Cook

Nicole M. Coomber, Ph.D.

Neil C. Cooper

Letha N. and Terry G. Cope

Todd A. Copeland

Nichelle P. Corbett

Harold L. Corona, Jr.

Karmin Cortes

Thomas V. Costantino

Darlene Cotten

Jovandra Cox

Brester G. and Tiki Y. Creech

Armando C. and Brigetta Cremata

John Cherokee Crittenden, III

Robin L. Cromie, M.B.A.

Carol E. Cron

Mark D. Crotzer

Chadwick L. Crouch

Kenyon Crowley

Kristi Cruzat

Denise M. Cuffie

J. Rob Culp

Michael W. and Carol H. Cummings

Linda K. Daelemans

Glenn M. and Mary S. D'Amore

David R. Dana

B. Gary Dando

Han-Hoan Duc Dang

Jennifer P. and Frank Charles Daniels, III

Melissa R. Darmody

Protiti Dastidar

Jessica D. Davies

Joseph M. Davies

Francis H. Davis

Gwendolyn S. and James Alan Davis

Melissa E. Davis, M.B.A.

Robert C. Davis

Camille Andrea Dawson

Patricia A. Day

Brenda R. De Castro

Davy and Holly Noelle DeArmond

Christopher Donald Decker

Musse F. Degafu

Leo J. DeLeon

David E. and Gina A. Delgado

Dell, Inc.

Michael J. Demchuk, Jr., C.P.A.

William A. Dempsey

Donald A. Denkhaus, C.P.A.

Melissa Margo Dent

Virginia Der

Lorraine C. DeSalvo

Joey R. DeSanto Jones and Jason W. Jones

Desroches Ventures LLC

Michael A. Devito

Cristian Dezso, Ph.D.

Andrea W. Diamond

Ilir and Alma Dibra

Barbara W. and Harold W. Diehl, Jr.

James R. Diercksen

Kelly F. Dieter, M.B.A.

Rebecca L. Dieter

Robert M. Dieter

Waverly Ding

Yi Lun Ding

Emily C. Doane

Claudia C. Donnelly

Craig E. Donnelly

Christopher P. Donovan

Joel R. Dorfman

Yevgeniy Dorokhov

Teresa N. Dorsey

Akinola Kabir Dosunmu

Nancy B. Douglas

Karen M. and John C. Dowdy, III

Philip B. Down

Terrill L. Drake, M.B.A.

Martin E. Dresner

Peter J. Drury

Thomas J. Dubnicka

Kathryn Duffy

James C. Dugan

Patrick R. Duley

Michael P. Dunn

Louis J. and Cynthia K. Dupski

Richard P. Dutton, M.D., M.B.A.

Andrew S. Dworin

Robert F. Dyer

Christopher C. Eastman

John H. Eaton, Jr.

Robert E. L. Eaton, Jr.

Victor J. and Wendy L. Edgar

Carolyn C. Edgarton

Jayne W. Edge

Kokou A. Edoh

John M. Edwards

Shelley L. and Jeffrey R. Edwards

Ann C. Eilers, CPA, CISA, CIDA

Rebecca Eisen

Michael A. Emrich

Alexander English

Charles R. and Gloria L. Enis

Ronald J. and Kathy Ensor

Asher Epstein

John H. Eurich, IV

Lanta L. Evans-Motte and Charles Motte

Theresa M. Ewing

Andrew J. Fabula

Lisa J. Fall

Joseph Famoso

Fannie Mae SERVE Matching Gift Donations

Timothy J. and Christine Fargo

Sarah G. Farnand

Allan P. Farrar

Daega S. Fatah

Michael Faulkender, Ph.D.

John C. Fawsett

Richard A. and Teresa M. Fazio

Michael S. Febrey

Debra Gordon Feinberg

Ilene L. Feldberg

Stephen B. Ferber

Joanne Ferchland-Parella

Scott D. Ferguson

Steve A. Ferouz

John M. and Pamela W. Ferrari

Roman D. Ferrer

Jerry D. and Darlene K. Ficklin

Steven D. Field

Elana R. Fine

Jeanne M. Fineran

Paul L. Fink

Diane R. Finnblade

Joseph A. Firschein

Andrew M. Fischer

Sandra K. Fischer

Charles Martin Fisher Fund

William J. Fisher, Sr.

David W. Fitzgerald

Elizabeth B. Fitzgerald

Arthur E. Flach

Eric Flamer

Cynthia A. Flanders

Kenneth J. Fleisher and Lisa D. Unger

Miguel A. Flores

Robert P. Flowers

Michael D. Fontz

Christopher L. Forbes

Nathaniel E. Forgotson

Karen Forsyth

Mary S. Forsythe

Jennifer N. Fortini

Michael A. and Linda A. Fortini

Antoine D. Foster

Dean G. Fowler

Laurie Denise Fox, C.P.A.

Meg J. Fraim

Francine L. Frankel

James A. Franklin

Sonja T. Frazier

Peter Christian Frederick

Allan S. Freedman

Melissa N. Freedman, M.A.

Laura C. Freeland

Malcolm K. Freeney, Sr.

Steven H. Fried

Steven J. Freiman

Ansa E. French

Placido S. Freni

Charles B. Frey

Avi M. Friedman

Bruce L. Friedman

Stephen and Sharon Einbinder Friedman

Edward B. Frigillana

Anthony M. Fritche

Alex M. and Karen M. Frum

Michael C. Fu

Youzhong Fu

Ebony T. Fullwood

Wendy J. Futterweit-Ashby, Esq.

John Warren Gaddi

William J. and Jill A. Gaebl

Catherine E. Galgano

Harvey and Norma I. Galinn

Michael G. and Susan Gallerizzo

Rajesh Ganapathy

Devang H. and Bhargavi Gandhi

Guodong Gao, Ph.D.

Patricia D. and Larry K. Garcia

David J. Gardner

Munish Kumar Garg

Graham P. Garlinghouse

Lindsey M. Garst

Gartner, Inc.

Todd M. Gartner

GE Foundation

Clarence C. Geibel

Lorilee Barrick Geisweidt

Scott H. Gelbs

Adam R. Geldhof

Brett J. Gellman

General Electric Company

David C. Gent

Merena George

Sarah M. George

Paul S. and Alexandra T. Ghamar

James S. Gibbons

Gabrielle G. Gibson

Paul J. Giles, Jr.

Valorie Jenean Gillespie

Adam J. and Melissa J. Ginsberg

Welson E. Giovanini

Joyce M. Girukwigomba

Luke J. Glasgow

Emily L. Glasser

Christopher M. Gleeson

Kimberlee Robertella Glinka

John S. Gloss

Matthew E. Gluck

Leslie S. and Paul J. Gnatt

Michael H. Goland

Goldberg & Company LLC

Justin S. Goldberg

Daniel L. Goldberger

Titilayo H. Golden

Brent Goldfarb

Marissa Goldner

Joy B. Goldsmith

Mark A. Goldstein

Stephen P. Goldstein

Kylie K. Goodell

Steven B. Gorgei

Jeffery T. and Sherry L. Gosnell

David P. Gould

Stephen L. Gould

Lawrence J. Gramling

Clarence A. Grant, Jr., M.B.A.

Thomas P. Gray

Zane M. Gray

Max S. Green, M.B.A.

Arthur G. Greenberg

Barbara D. Greenblatt

Duty D. Greene

Robert S. and Romualda E. Greenfield

Lester C. and Elizabeth S. Grimm

E. Bulkeley Griswold

Amy F. and Ronald P. Gross

Barbara A. Grover

James R. and Mary H. Gruber

Brian P. Guerin, C.P.A.

Valerie Guffey-Defay

Jennifer Riesberg Gugick and Jeff Gugick

Richard Guldin

Amadeo M. Guloy

Kasandra S. Gunter Robinson

Anil K. Gupta

Vinesh Gupta

H and H Bindery, Inc.

Young-Lyol Ha

Ronald L. Haas

Barry M. and Danielle L. Haffner

Ruth P. Hakulin

Jeffery W. Hale

Nina Di Sandro Haley

Kerry B. Hall

Stephanie J. Hall

John E. Halley

Stephen F. Halligan

Karen S. Hallows

Evan A. and Carrie L. Halpern

Fengqiu Han

Jennifer and Jeffrey Scott Hanas

Carolyn A. Handwerker

Jennifer S. Hankin

Il-Horn Hann, Ph.D.

Rebecca Hann

Beth A. Hanneman

Stephen A. Hanssen

Ranetta N. Hardin

Steven D. Harowitz

Erika C. Harrigan

William S. and Elizabeth M. Harrington

John A. Harvill

Henry D. Haslinger

Thomas R. Haslinger

Louis M. Hause, Jr.

Douglas J. Havas

Mitchell B. Haven

Xiaoqing Liang and Jing He

Richard L. Healy

Shane M. Hedges

Sean H. and Melissa S. Heitt

Paul Helderman

Lesley J. Heller

Sara E. Herald

Jeffrey M. Herskowitz

John Hetherington

Ulrich Hewer

Robert A. Hickey, Jr.

Margaret Hicks

David S. and Marcia L. Hill

Thomas A. Hewitt and Mary Lynda Hill

Elizabeth A. Hitchman

Miss Anh N. Hoang

Gerald T. Hoberg

Michael J. Hoberman

Stephen R. Hodgson, Ed.D.

Camille R. Hoff

William R. Hoffman

Neil S. Hofman

Thomas H. Hogan, Jr.

Dawn M. Holder

Joshua E. Hollander

Charles R. Holler

Mark A. and Linda L. Holles

John E. Holman, III

Deborah L. Holt

Gerald I. Holtz

Alan Holzer

Stephanie H. Holzer, C.P.A.

Marcia C. Hooks

Brian R. Hopman

Brian L. Horick

Joseph T. Horning

Matthew J. Horowitz

R. Diane Horowitz

Sandra W. and Robert E. Horst, Jr.

LTC Jeffrey B. House

Joseph R. Houser, Jr.

Thomas L. Howard

Leigh T. Howe

HSBC Matching Gift Program

James M. Huber

Elinor S. and Wheaton Hudson, Jr.

Hughes Network Systems, LLC

Donald K. Hughes, Sr.

Harry L. Hughes

Gregory James Hull

Myles P. Hungerford

Suzanne Yee Hurley

Matthew T. Hussion

James H. Hutchison

Edwige A. Hyousseu

Menfo A. and Abimbola Imoisili

Incapital LLC

Patricia M. Innocenti

Pandora Ioannou

Daryl N. Jackson

Morgan M. Jaffe

Siddhartha Jain

Daryl H. James

Gerald A. James

Dori M. Jamison

Marielle Jan de Beur

Carolyn M. Jarratt

Brian N. Jefferson, C.P.A.

Katherine W. Jenkins

Lucas M. Jennings

Russell R. and Linda M. Jennings

Jewish Communal Fund

Youfeng Jiang

Zhenya Jiang

Vladimir Jirinec

Kimberly D. John

Carol J. Johnson

Kathryn B. Johnson

Jill and Lawrence Johnson

Monica E. Johnson

Paulette B. Johnson

Kelly Ann Jonak

Elizabeth C. Jones, M.D.

Evan Hugh Jones

Kimberly Lauren Jones

Martha B. and Robert L. Jones, C.P.A.

Richard L. Jones, Jr.

Yogesh V. Joshi

Joseph B. and B. Judith McCabe

Frederick W. Kacher, III

Sandra F. and David F. Kagen

Jayesh B. Kakkad

Marcel K. Kakwata, II

Spiros J. Kallinikos

Roch J. Kallmyer

Catherine M. Kan

Glen A. Kan

Leslie J. Kania

Narasimhan Kannan

P. K. Kannan

Elliot Kantor

Victoria L. Kanyan

Michele D. Kaplan

Joseph Kariampuzha

Pauline S. Karpowicz

David I. Kass, Ph.D.

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State Street Matching Gift Program

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Steven J. Zuraf

+ 2013-2014 Smith School Advisory Board Member


A gift acknowledged: As the son of a single mother, Khalil Pettus ’15 worried about paying for college. “I knew the financial burden could be pretty heavy for the two of us,” he says. Fortunately, a scholarship funded by alumni donors has enabled Pettus to focus on academics during his Smith journey. He has made the most of his time, serving as president of the Smith Undergraduate Student Association and participating on the Dean’s Student Advisory Council. He also has completed a Goldman Sachs internship that could lead to full-time employment after graduation. “Without my scholarship, I might not be where I am today,” Pettus says. “I am very thankful for all of the opportunities made possible by alumni donors.” 

$475,000 in need and merit scholarships awarded to Smith undergraduates in fiscal year 2013-14.

$1.3 million in unmet need from qualified Smith undergraduates who applied for scholarships in fiscal year 2013-14. 


How the Smith School compares to other Big 10 business schools.


Give to Smith.



Research to Practice: A social media forum is a terrible thing to waste. Yet market researchers rarely know what to do with the consumer commentary that abounds online. Smith marketing Professor Wendy Moe is helping to change that with a new approach described in the August 2014 issue of The Journal of Marketing Research.  “Companies can navigate the noise that dominates the Internet and extract timely, inexpensive and accurate data when they control for basic human tendencies that shape online conversations,” says Moe, winner of the 2014 Robert D. Buzzell Marketing Science Institute Best Paper Award. As academic director of Smith’s Master of Science in Marketing Analytics program, Moe also shares her findings with her students. “They do not have to wait until research is published,” she says. “At the Smith School our students have access to the latest business knowledge as it develops.” 

Smith School research rankings

4 Academic excellence and business research (CEOWorld, 2014)

6 Research contributions (University of Texas at Dallas, 2014)

14 Intellectual capital (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012)

24 Research (Financial Times, 2014) 

Smith School Scholar-Teachers

The Distinguished Scholar-Teachers program, established in 1978, honors University of Maryland professors who have demonstrated success in scholarship and teaching. Overall, the Smith School has produced 16 award recipients.

2014-2015: Gilad Chen

2013-2014: Michel Wedel

2011-2012: Ritu Agarwal

2010-2011: Curt Grimm

2004-2005: Michael Fu

2002-2003: M. Susan Taylor

2000-2001: Bruce Golden

1998-1999: Saul Gass

1997-1998: Anil Gupta

1995-1996: Ken Smith

1994-1995: Maryam Alavi

1993-1994: Lee Preston

1989-1990: Kathryn Bartol

1984-1985: Samuel Kotz

1983-1984: Edwin A. Locke

1979-1980: Stephen Carroll


Big 10 Business Schools

Comparison of full-time MBA programs (Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S News & World Report are U.S. rankings; Financial Times is global).





Northwestern (Kellogg)




Michigan (Ross)




Indiana (Kelley)




Maryland (Smith)




Ohio State (Fisher)








Minnesota (Carlson)




Michigan State (Broad)




Penn State (Smeal)








Purdue (Krannert)




Iowa (Tippie)












Other key rankings:

2 Student satisfaction (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012)

2 Student satisfaction (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012)

2 Career services (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012)

2 Teachers (Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 2012)

4 Online MBA, U.S. (Poets & Quants)

11 PhD program, world (Financial Times, 2014)

18 Undergraduate program, U.S. (2014 U.S. News & Report, 2013)

22 Part-time MBA program, U.S. (2015 U.S. News & Report, 2014)

Full list of rankings.

2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

Big Year for New Big Ten School

Big Ten membership will bring a new level of athletic competition for the University of Maryland. The conference realignment also means new opportunities to collaborate and compete in academics. The Robert H. Smith School of Business welcomes the challenge and has kept busy in recent months preparing for an exciting era of growth. Here are 10 big headlines from the new Big Ten school, covering the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2014. 

1. New dean: Finance Professor Alex Triantis becomes the school’s eighth dean on Sept. 1, 2013.

2. Marketing analytics: Smith adds a fifth Master of Science specialization in fall 2013.

3. Distance learning: The school launches an Online MBA in January 2014, which soon earns a No. 4 ranking in the United States from Poets & Quants.

4. Research prowess: Smith ranks No. 6 worldwide in research rankings updated April 3, 2014, from the University of Texas at Dallas.

5. Top programs: Undergraduate, MBA and Ph.D. programs all earn top 25 rankings from major publications.

6. Major client: U.S. Customs and Border Protection brings its Leadership Institute to Smith under a $7.2 million, five-year agreement.

7. Center of Excellence: Smith partners with the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences to create the Center for the Study of Business Ethics, Regulation and Crime (C-BERC).

8. G.I. concierge: The school adds a dedicated staff member to help military students.

9. Application spike: Recruiters generate a 30 percent increase in MBA applications for fall 2014.

10. Women’s empowerment: Smith becomes one of six new schools to join the Forté Foundation, an alliance for women in the workplace.

Download PDF of the 2014 annual report.


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