Application Process

Submission Deadlines

Application materials should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness (VMH 2516K) no later than June 30, 2014 at 5 p.m.

Please submit materials physically or via e-mail to: Please ensure that the documents are scanned to show all necessary signatures.

Application Materials

Supervisor’s nomination and strong letter of support

The supervisor and/or senior leader’s letter of support should be in Microsoft Word format and include the following:

  • A strong recommendation for your staff member's participation
  • A description of how your staff member will add value to the departmental unit or college
  • High commitment to the Robert H. Smith School of Business, its purpose and values

Official application to include a written statement of interest from the employee (500 words or less)

The written statement of interest must include the following:

  • A description of how your participation will add value to the department, division or college, and the university
  • A description of how the academy will add value to your professional endeavors
  • A description of your current and past experiences along with your significant professional accomplishments

Official Application Form

Robert H. Smith School of Business Employees Only:

  1. Verify with your supervisor that you are eligible to participate in the UMD-Smith Leadership Academy (See Eligibility Criteria)
  2. Complete and submit application materials by the application deadline to Smith School Human Resources at For questions, contact
  3. Application must be completed and signed by applicant, supervisor and/or senior leader
  4. The Leadership Academy Selection Committee will review applications and make participant selections based on selection criteria.

UMD College Park Employees not affiliated with the Robert H. Smith School of Business:

  1. Nominations must be made by the major unit heads and their leadership teams.
  2. The nominee must be complete and submit the application materials, including their “statement of interest” detailing how he/she will benefit from his/her participation in the Leadership Academy and how the university will benefit as well.

Suggested Process for UMD College Park:

  • Vice-Presidents may decide to request that each direct report (department head) provide them with at least one nominee from their unit (with full and complete package of the nomination forms and application materials) by early June 2014.
  • Rising and mid-level leaders, who aspire to grow professionally and develop their leadership skills are the likely candidates for the academy. The program is appropriate for both managers as well as individual contributors working on projects that have an impact across departments.
  • Each Vice-President will select the final participant(s) to forward to the Leadership Academy Selection Committee by June 30, 2014 (based on the allotted spaces).
  • Contact your VP’s office/Provost’s office or Cyn Tromly Allen at to learn more about how your division is selecting participants.

Selection Committee Process

The UMD-Smith Leadership Academy selection committee is comprised of both Smith School and University Human Resources. All discussions about the application pool and selection process are kept confidential within the committee. The selection committee will evaluate each nomination solely on the merit of criteria presented.